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Stunning Wedding Dresses Don’t Have To Cost the World

Stunning Wedding Dresses Don’t Have To Cost the WorldWeddings for most people, particular ladies, are the most important days of their lives.  One of the most essential elements to any dream wedding is having the dream dress.  However, wedding dresses are often very expensive.  This does not make planning your big day easy if you have a very limited budget to spend on that all the dress for the main event.

That is not to say you can’t find a wedding dress that make you feel special and that will remind your bridegroom why he decided to propose to you in the first place without spending a fortune. is one site that all brides and wedding attendees should visit for great bargains on beautiful and well-crafted dresses.


One great example of the type of offers available from GBridal is the beautiful A-line style trendy dress made from organza at  Not only is it very beautiful, but at under $200 dollars it’s an absolute steal!

If you are looking for a less traditional dress there are plenty to choose from as well like dresses at that would suit a beach wedding or the great selection of plus size dresses at for ladies with a fuller figure.


Although wedding dresses are their speciality, there are also a wide array of prom dresses, evening dresses and lots of accessories all at great prices.  If you want to avoid having to visit a handful of physical stores or websites trying to find that one stunning dress that falls within your budget, you could save a lot of effort, hassle and money by heading to GBridal and choosing something from their huge selection.

If you are worried that a cheaper dress may not be as stunning as a really expensive one and that everyone will know that your dress didn’t cost very much, don’t.  GBridal have done a sterling job of only stocking well-made and presented dresses that will appeal to even women of more discerning tastes.

Family Matters: How To Deal With Your Parents Aging

440967632_9bc1703095_zPedro Ribeiro Simões

When your parents begin to get old, it can be a troubling time. There is nothing nice about watching your parents age, but age catches up with everybody in the end. One thing that nobody ever tells you is that there are many issues age can cause your parents and your family. When people get older, they begin to lose their independence. That means that your parents might become reliant on your for support as they get old. For many people, the realization that their parents are aging is tough. Here are some of the ways in which you can deal with your parents getting older.

Driving problems

There comes a time in everybody’s life when driving is no longer safe. As their child, you are responsible for ensuring that your parents are safe. That means that you need to make sure that your parents still drive in a safe way as they get old. When you see your parents driving, you should check whether they seem safe. If one or both of your parents are losing their eyesight, it is unsafe for them to drive. Telling somebody you love that you think their driving is unsafe will be hard. Your parent is likely to take the news in a bad way. Make sure that you break the news to them in a nice manner.

Health issues

Dealing with health issues in your parents is difficult. We all want our parents to live good, long lives. You should make sure that your parents have a comprehensive health insurance policy. Having access to the best medical care will mean that your parents can get the right treatment when they need it. Your parents might not like it, but you should insist that they get regular check-ups at the hospital. As people age, they tend to avoid going to the doctors because they fear bad news. Your parents need to know about any health issues they have, and so you should make sure that they go to the doctors.

Traveling and vacations

When people get to a certain age, they will find it hard to get travel insurance. That means that it may no longer be safe for them to travel. When you decide to take a trip with your parents, you should make sure that you can get insurance for them before you book. If you can’t get insurance, that is because the insurer believes that the journey won’t be safe for your parents. Make sure that you see whether you can get insurance before booking a huge family vacation.

Housing problems

If your parents are struggling to cope in their home, you can try and offer them some support. Make sure that you make regular visits to your parents so that you can help them with their daily tasks. If you don’t live near to your parents, you might want to consider moving so that you can be close to them. If there comes a time when you can’t help your parents as much as they need, look into senior living housing for them. In a retirement home, your parents will get all the attention they need.

Memory loss

When a parent starts to lose their memory, it can be heartbreaking. It can feel as though your parent is slipping away from you bit by bit. When you notice that one of your parents is having trouble remembering things, you must get medical help for them. Often you can help reduce memory loss with some expert help. See a doctor, who specializes in memory loss. Doing so will mean that your parent gets the best help.

Looking for Skin Care Products that Actually Work


Lots of people are looking for skin care products with anti-aging properties, but how to sort through all of options out there to find one that actually works?

First things first—I’m a fairly skeptical person. I don’t accept everything manufacturers say about their products hook, line and sinker. In other words, I won’t substitute my judgement for a company’s judgement—particularly if their opinion relates to their own products. To get me to open my wallet, companies need to show me rather than just tell me.

I’ve personally combed over various websites to look for products with anti-aging ingredients, and I’ve stumbled across lots of sites making all sorts of claims.

One that caught my eye, though, was the Alleure site that sells Alleure Anti-Aging Creme and Alleure Anti-Aging Eye Serum. One of the things that led me to investigate more was the fact that the Alleure products are considerably less expensive than most high-end anti-aging creams that have many of the same ingredients. But what good are cheaper products if they don’t work? So I needed to dig a little bit deeper.

After doing some additional research, I discovered that the Alleure products both include an ingredient called black diamond powder. This ingredient penetrates pores and crevasses, absorbs fluorescent light and, as a result, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It’s supposed to leave skill feeling smoother and more radiant.

As well as black diamond powder, the products also include natural extracts, antioxidants, oils and more to hydrate skin so that it stays healthy and firm, and so that it can ward off wrinkles.

Though I still have a healthy dose of skepticism, I have to admit, after verifying on other sites that the ingredients like black diamond powder do provide the benefits advertised on the Alleure site, that there may be something to the Alleure products after all.

Alleure Anti-Aging Eye Serum is designed to target and eliminate the dark circles and fine lines that typically form around the eyes. The ingredients have properties that help with collagen strength, hydration and skin protection from things like toxins and free radicals. It also contains two types of plant-based hydrolized proteins that provide benefits like nourished skin, a natural shine and protection against skin damage that typically happens at various stages of life. Meanwhile, Alleure Anti-Aging Creme is designed to specifically remove blemishes that usually appear on the forehead and around the lips. Its ingredient list also gets a passing grade since I’ve been able to cross reference it with non-affiliated websites that cover these types of ingredients.

I’m serious considering giving them a try. Alleure’s risk-free trial is one motivation for trying them out. If they don’t work, I’ll quit post-trial.

If any of you have used the black diamond powder-based products before, please post your comments so that I and your fellow readers can consider your first-hand assessment.

Holidays Are Coming: Throw a Fabulous Christmas Party With These Tips!

If you love Christmas and getting in the festive spirit, there’s no better way to do it than throwing a party. You can invite your family, friends, and even your children’s friends and their parents – spread the festive cheer as far as possible! If this sounds like something you’d like to do, follow these tips:

Putting Together Your Decor

First of all, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right kind of decor. It isn’t a Christmas party without Christmas decorations! However, don’t go OTT. This is a mistake that many people make. You should maybe have 4 larger decorations to create focal points; the tree, a set table, tinsel, a fireplace for example. These can help to set the scene without looking like a Christmas decoration store exploded in your home. Try to keep the colour scheme minimal too, for example, red and white. This will look much better than mish mashing all of the colours.

Setting the Tone

Setting the tone of the party is important, as it’ll get everybody in the party mood. Have a playlist containing a mixture of songs. Have classic Christmas songs and regular songs mixed together. Make sure you choose a selection of regular songs to suit everybody, so that everybody gets in the spirit of things.

Purchasing Enough Drinks

You’ll need to make sure your guests have enough to drink. You can always invite them to bring their own booze if you’re on a budget though. However, this is your party, and you invited them, so you should be the one to get them drunk…or just hydrated with non alcoholic beverages for the children. The average person will drink about 4 glasses of wine, but then you need to take the big drinkers into account. You may also want to serve a cocktail and a mocktail for the designated drivers. Have something nice like carbonated water and elderflower cordial for the kids. Always buy a little more than you think you need, just in case.

Serving Food

You’ll want to serve finger food to help soak up the alcohol. Don’t serve full on meals whatever you do – you could end up with a nice gravy stain on your cream carpet, especially when guests are balancing their drinks too. Serve simple dishes that are tasty but easy to eat. Make sure you have plenty of wholesale candy for the kids too. Try not to restrict them too much – it’s Christmas, after all!

Planning the Goodbyes

Many people worry about kicking people out when they have a Christmas party. With a little careful planning, you won’t have to worry about this at all. Many people overstay their welcome, but there are many ways you can overcome this. One idea is to state the time the party starts and ends on the invite, so they know when they should be heading home. You can also order their taxis for them in advance, as it may be very busy when they come to call them in the evening. This way, you’ll have your house back to yourself in no time!

If you’d like to throw a Christmas party and invite your children’s friends, this guide should be useful to you. Have fun!

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Inside fashion: all grown up

Inside fashion all grown upBefore we get into the detail of the article, I really want to thank the team here for letting me post here with them.  It means a lot to be able to get something published for my Home Design Blog at great site like this.

Maturity — it’s not what you automatically think of when discussing London fashion, but our best fashion talents are growing up. They have been through the rebellious and experimental teenage phase and are now doing adult things such as opening shops (Christopher Kane and Roksanda Ilincic) and signing to big international brands (JW Anderson at the LVMH brand Loewe). As the London fashion corps munched chicken balls at a Downing Street reception, there was a tipsy sense of pride when Samantha Cameron announced that the British fashion industry had grown from £21bn in 2009 to £26bn this year.

What gives London fashion its edge? Clothes that are interesting yet wearable. That’s what appeals to a broad global audience bored with homogeneous brands and hungry for new things. JW Anderson’s time in Paris working for Loewe is clearly rubbing off. “My collection was an ode to playful French femininity, which is highly inspired by Jacques Tati,” he said before the show. The models wore huge, floppy sunhats in kinky black leather with beautifully cut button-back sailor pants, short skirt suits and rain macs with exaggerated rounded lapels. Anderson said the biggest lesson he had learnt from working with the luxury giant, which has invested in his own label, was “never compromise”. He certainly didn’t on style. Elegant and accomplished, these were clothes for women with refined taste.

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, clapped enthusiastically from the front row. He acknowledged her mentorship, saying: “Anna is very good because she’s blunt. She tells you how things are and gives you advice that is raw and real.” There was nothing raw about this collection. It was as polished as they come.

Polished, too, was Christopher Kane, whose company was bought by the luxury giant Kering last year. “It’s always good to have a point of view to stand out,” he said at his show, which was dedicated to the late Louise Wilson, the influential professor at Central Saint Martins, and based on ideas he had found in old college notebooks. Kane is known for making eye-catching clothes with strong motifs. Here, twisted rope patterns coiled down fluted dresses, and the designer described giant metal staples, which fixed swags of fabric onto skirts and dresses, as “that Christopher Kane thing. We are good at our components, our ingredients,” before breaking off to greet Dakota Johnson, the elegant Fifty Shades of Gray star who was being shown around fashion week by American Vogue.

Mary Katrantzou showed her best collection to date. Based on the movement of tectonic plates, lavishly embellished panels of fabric collided to create something that looked new. Erdem, too, had a great season, producing an exquisite collection of lace and appliqué dresses that managed to be delicate and edgy at the same time (a combination peculiar to London).

Some things never change. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne dashed past the paps to their seats on the front row at the Burberry show, which started promptly at 1pm. It was streamed live to a global audience, and viewers could buy the colourful trenches, sheer party dresses and shrunken denim jackets via Twitter — a fashion first. In that moment, all eyes were on London.

This post was contributed by the who is a regular poster both here on their own blog.  You can catch them on twitter, facebook or even their very popular youtube channel.


4 Fun Recipes to Make With Your Kids


Every mom wants to spend more quality time with her kids, but you feel like there are so many little things to do around the house that you barely have time to spend with your family. You are not alone if you are a mom that struggles with this issue, but there are some great ways for you to solve this problem.

4 Fun Recipes to Make With Your KidsYou can turn your productive time around the house into family time as well. Have your kids help with cleaning and home maintenance to keep them active and focused. For fun, you can have your kids help you with the cooking of a few easy and fun meals. This is a great way to teach your kids how to work together, how to cook for themselves, and how to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. Here are four fun recipes that you can make with your kids today.

Mummy wraps

This is a great Halloween recipe that your kids will love to replicate all year long. It’s the perfect lunch time activity that will satisfy your kids’ hunger and creatively engage them. Simply roll lunch meat into a long cylinder and wrap it with cheese and a tortilla, just like a mummy. You can even make fun faces for your mummy wraps with nuts and seeds to give your kids a fun meal that’s easy and healthy.

Cheese lover’s mac and cheese

This delicious Sargento Cheese Recipes favorite is sure to please every kid you have at your dinner table. Your kids can have fun putting this meal together and watching it bubble in the oven as it bakes. Cook the macaroni and let your kids stack layers of the noodles and the cheese of their choice into a baking dish. Pop it in the oven until everything melts together and enjoy a delicious comfort food with your kids.

French bread pizzas

Pizza is a great way to create a meal that everyone in the family will enjoy, because you can personalize it for everyone’s specific tastes. Cut out the time of making a pizza crust and use French bread slices instead. Let each child make their own, topping with whatever sauce and topping they choose. It is a crowd pleaser that you can make quickly and easily.

Cheesy pull-apart bread

What is better than fresh baked bread? Fresh baked bread stuffed with cheese of course! Your kids will have a blast rolling and kneading the dough and stuffing the cheese inside to create a delectable treat. You can decorate with extra pieces of cheese and dough to make special designs or write initials on top of the bread right before you place it in the oven to make a personal creation for your kids to be proud of. All of these recipes are sure to create laughs and great quality time between you and your kids.


Sargento covered the costs of the ingredients used in these recipes, but the opinions are my own.

7 Steps To Child Proofing Your Home

7 Steps To Child Proofing Your HomeThere are so many emotions that come when you’re expecting a baby, doesn’t matter if it is your first or your fifth. You worry about the crib and the sheets and you pick out the baby’s first outfit and their first pacifier. However, you should be focused on your baby’s safety at home. About 2.3 million children each year are injured from an accident occurring in the home. All of these accidents could have been avoided if proper childproofing had been done.

#1. Get Down And Dirty

In order to see what your toddler or infant can get into, you have to get down to their level. Yes, that’s right. Get on your hands and knees in every room and just spend a few minutes crawling around. You might hit your head on the coffee table or use the oven door to lift your self up; both of these could cause serious injuries for your child.

#2. Protect Your Outlets

This is one of the most common childproofing tips, but it is still just as important. Those old school plug in plastic clips just are not cutting it anymore. Children can easily pop those out and put then in their mouth and then continue to play with the socket. Instead, try replacing the entire socket; they now sell ones with sliding doors on them that cover the entire outlet, worth the extra money.

#3. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Secure

Almost everyone keeps cleaning supplies underneath their sink, and your toddler will probably find its way into that cabinet as you’re cooking dinner. You have two options, you can find a locking mechanism for those cabinets or you can move them into a higher cabinet or storage facility.

#4. Make Use Of Gates

Many people use childproof gates to protect their children from going up and down the stairs. However, you can use them to sort of corral your children into one room. You can keep one room closed off that you know is baby proof at all times and keep your child there in quick moments.

#5. The Bathroom

This may seem like an unlikely place for children to get hurt, but as you may know anything can happen when it comes to toddlers. Covering the faucet with something soft is always a good idea, to make so your child doesn’t hurt itself in the chance that they fall.

#6. Windows

Window treatments can be very dangerous for a baby. And you may be thinking to yourself, well duh everyone knows that. But there will be a day when you things just aren’t going your way and you are thinking about too many things and you might forget to keep your toddler away from the window. Just to prevent any accidents from happening make sure that any strings or knobs used to open and close blinds are securely stored high and out of reach from your toddler.

#7. Security

You can never be too sure about keeping your entire family safe. Doing some research I found that now supplies alarm systems that can arm rooms individually, which means you can arm your child’s room when they are napping and not have to worry about their safety while you are in the kitchen our bathroom.

Just following a few quick tips can help you keep your child out of silly risks that can cause big problems.

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8 Ways You Can Spend More Time With Your Kids

We can all be guilty of not spending enough time together as a family. Kids soon grow up, so it’s important that you spend as much quality time as you can with them while they’re young. This helps to shape them as a person and teach them valuable life lessons/skills. Here are 8 ways you can spend more time with your kids:

Work From Home

Working from home is a great way to spend more time with your kids if they aren’t at school yet. If you have a fantastic idea for a business venture or product, then set out making it  a reality! Watch Dragon’s Den to get inspired.

Hire a Housekeeper

Cleaning the house can take up a whole lot of time, and it can feel like it’s all you do at times. By hiring a housekeeper, you can spend much more time with your kids. You’ll also feel much less stressed as you don’t have as much to do! You can find housekeepers in London from Supacare.

Say No to Over Scheduling

Kids need their own hobbies, but make sure you say no to over scheduling. Allow them one after school activity per day, so that you still get to spend time with them. This will also teach them some valuable lessons, such as making decisions.

Limit TV Time

The TV can sometimes be a great way to help kids learn and keep them entertained, but it might not be a good idea to have it on all the time. Try limiting TV time to one or two hours a day in the week, and use the weekends to spend real quality time together. You could even ban TV through the week!

Read to Them Before Bed

Reading to kids before bed helps to develop their imagination and get them into books. Books are great for helping kids to learn and get them excited about literature. Stories from the likes of Roald Dahl are perfect. They’ll always remember this special time you spent together!

Set Aside Time for a Friday Fun Night

Friday is a great day to have a family fun night, as it marks the end of the working week. You could all get a takeaway on this day and play some of your favourite games. It’s a great way to bond as a family!

Always Eat Dinner Together

Eating dinner together is a great family experience that is not practiced very often these days, unfortunately. Don’t have the TV on, eat dinner around the table, and ban subjects that could cause arguments. This will become a fantastic time for everybody to bond!

Play Sports Together

If you enjoy keeping fit, there’s no reason your kids can’t join in. Try playing sports and keeping fit together rather than handing them over to a babysitter! You could even just go on long walks. Remember, you must take time for yourself too. Here are 5 fun ways to spend your down time!

Now you and your kids will bond like never before!

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4 Ways to Earn Money Working Online You May Not Have Considered

4 Ways to Earn Money Working Online You May Not Have ConsideredWhether you are a stay at home parent or work in a low paid job, you may be looking for ways to earn extra money to supplement your current income.  Nowadays, there are plenty of money making opportunities online via an internet connection and a personal computer.  Besides the usual things such as selling things through eBay or Amazon and writing blogs, there are still other options out there that you may not have even considered.

Sell Your Own Music

Many years ago you may recall Radiohead making headlines by self-promoting and selling one of their albums ahead of the physical release by offering it through a “name your price” format.  Although your music might not have the same commercial pull as Radiohead, selling your music online can be a great way to build a following and a name for yourself.  By cutting out all the middlemen involved in traditional recording and promotional contracts, the small number of sales you might make might be more than what you would earn doing it the other way.

Work as a Freelance Designer

There are a number of options open to you if you are a particularly creative person and have qualifications and experience working as a designer.  You could either create your own website that showcases your portfolio or work through various existing freelance sites such as oDesk and Freelancer.  Although it may take a bit of time to really get the income flowing by working this way, it is much easier than other options out there and means you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Sell Stock Photos

If you have an interest in photography, you may be able to turn your hobby into a money making enterprise.  Millions of people use search engines every day to find stock photos.   Although you will obviously have to get out and about to take the snaps, it is hardly the most taxing or boring type of work you could be doing.  It should be noted that while you will not earn very much per image and sale, the more images you upload and put up for sale, the more money you will earn on a monthly basis.  One of the best things is that once you have uploaded the photos you don’t really have to do anything else.

Sell Articles or Essays

Writing is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online, well if you enjoy writing that is.  If you have a real skill for writing, you can use that skill to earn money either by writing articles for internet marketers or by working through an essay writing service such as  Millions of people out there are looking for content either for their websites or as part of their coursework for University and are willing to pay good prices for you to do all the hard work.

There are many other ways to earn money online, but we highlighted the ones above as they are particularly interesting methods that you may not have considered before.


Easy Ways to make a Little Extra Cash for Christmas

Easy Ways to make a Little Extra Cash for ChristmasAlthough you (quite rightly) might not be feeling especially Christmassy just yet, the season of joy and giving is creeping up on us slowly but surely. Christmas is such a magical time of year when you’re a parent, but unfortunately, all of that magic comes with a rather large price tag. All of this expense can mean an awful lot of stress, especially if you’re trying to do Christmas on a tight budget. If you want to make a little money in time for Christmas then now is the time to do so.  From selling your unwanted items online to renting out your spare room, here are some easy ideas to make money and help you to save a little extra money to make your holidays extra special.

  1. Rent out Your Spare Room

    No doubt most of you will have heard of websites like airbnb and HomeAway, these websites are a fantastic way of making money by renting out anything from a single room in your home to the entire property. You simply upload a photo or photos of your home, write a brief description, then choose the days that suit you and you set a price. Once your property is listed on the website, people can view it and contact you to book. You opt to share your home, or rent it out whilst you’re away yourself. It’s as simple as that and not only is this a great money making idea, it’s a great way for you to meet people from all around the globe too.

  2. Sell Unwanted Belongings

    Whether it’s an unwanted birthday or Christmas gift or simply an old childhood toy, it seems that just about everything has a value these days. It’s no surprise then that people are listing and selling their belongings via online auction sites such as EBay. Online auction sites are such a simple way to make money you list the item and once the auction is over you simply post it to the highest bidder (once they’ve paid of course). It’s important that your packages get to their recipient swiftly and safely and so using couriers such as TNT guarantee your package will make it there safe and sound. This is the perfect excuse for you to get rid of some of your children’s unwanted gifts from last year to make room for this year’s!

  3. Offer Your Services

    If you’re a stay-at home-mum (or dad), why not make a little extra cash by doing jobs other people don’t have time to do. From dog walking to ironing, there are plenty of jobs you can take on that won’t affect your own chores or time with your children. Starting your own business like this, means you can take on as much or as little as you like and you can make a little extra cash whilst doing things you’re likely to be doing daily anyway.

    These are just a few ideas to help inspire you, but there are plenty of other ways in which you can make a little extra cash before Christmas. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!