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Why You Should Consider Made to Measure Work Dresses from Sumissura

We all want to look our best at work, don’t we ladies? Even if your workplace has a very loose and laidback, casual even, approach to work attire, you’re unlikely to head to the office without giving much thought to your outfit. It can be hard to find great looking clothes that fit comfortably enough, while looking smart enough for you to wear them to work though. Often, even if you do find something that’s smart, it may not be comfortable enough to wear fort a full shift. Or if it’s comfortable, it doesn’t have quite the right style for your business. One way to solve this problem is to buy custom work clothes that are made to measure.

What is Sumissura?

One company who have come up with a solution to that problem is Sumissura. Sumissura, if you’ve not heard of them before, are a company that has been featured on CNBC, Buzzfeed, HuffPost and Elle and who sell made-to-measure womenswear. That includes work clothing, and for the purpose of our blog post, work dresses.

If you’ve never bought custom-made clothing before, you may not be totally sold on the idea just yet. So why are we head over heels in love with the concept of made to measure work dresses from Sumissura? There are several reasons.

Choice of Dress Style

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and thought ‘It’s nice, I like the colour and the way the top half of the dress sits on my body, but would prefer a different bottom half’? If so, you’ll love Sumissura, as they give you full control over the styling of your dress. You can select a choice of different tops including Wrapped, High Waisted Sheath, Sheath and Shift. That means you can look and feel like the hard-working fashionista you truly are, without worrying about the dress being unflattering.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also choose from a staggering number of different necklines. Do you prefer halter neck dresses or are you more of a simple V-neck girl? Whatever you like, Sumissura have you covered. You can even choose the very classy V-neck deep to show off your curves a little. This will suit you if you are involved in the entertainment or catering industry and want to flaunt your curves.

Once you’ve figured out the top half and neckline, you then have various options for the sleeves, or you can simply get rid of the sleeves if you’d prefer. The fun doesn’t stop there either because you have the choice of various bottom halves to finish that stunning and unique work dress off perfectly. So, if you’re a woman that loves a midi pencil wrapped tulip-style dress or a short and simple A-line wrapped, you can choose the best design for your body shape and personality.

Variety of Colours Available

The only thing that’s left now is to choose the colour. As well as offering a wide array of colours to choose from, you also have the option to have the top and bottom halves in completely different colours.

Whether you decide to give made to measure work clothes a try is down to you. In our opinion though, if you really want to make a good impression and to look and feel great at work, there’s no better way than having the full control over your dress that Sumissura offer.

Different Ways to Wear Maxi Skirt

Good news to those who love lengthy dresses, because maxi clothes are back in fashion now! For the past couple of years, the trending fashion of the past century is becoming much in vogue again. In the 1990’s, Maxi skirts went out of fashion to welcome mini skirts, especially in denim. In the early decades of the 18th century, maxi skirts were very popular among women. From women who used to work all day to women of aristocratic society, all preferred to wear fashionable maxi skirts. Now, it’s back again! From Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow, from Emma Watson to Jessica Alba, all the girls in Hollywood are rocking it! and there are beautiful maxi dresses online for you to choose from. So, read below to know the many ways you can sport maxi skirts and be in fashion!

Denim Maxi Skirts

Denim, let’s be real, is always in fashion! Although, short denim skirts are very popular among school students and teenagers, now girls of every age loves a longer denim skirt. Denim maxi skirts with one side or both sides slit are very popular among the youngsters. Denim skirts with buttons look cute and casual! Denim, as usual, looks really cool with minimalistic top. Try not to wear tops with too much designs or complicated prints. Single colored basic tees tucked into the skirt will surely give you that casual chic look that you want!

Flared Maxi Skirts

Flared Maxi Skirts can never fail you if you want to look classy. But to be honest, not everyone can pull it off. If you want that classy, princess – y look for your special day, be it the prom night at your school, or your office party, be it a wedding ceremony of your friend, you can always count on a Flared Maxi Skirt if you count on it!

Pleated Maxi Skirts

Pleated Maxi Skirts are back again to be on top in the fashion game. Pleated semi-Flared Maxi Skirt gives a very rich look especially if you team it up off shoulder tops and a thin necklace. Pleated maxi shirts are usually made with a kind of glossy fabric which makes you stand out in a crowd. It is a perfect piece of garment to give yourself a classy chic look.

Maxi Skirts with Slits

Maxi skirts with slits on either side, on both sides or in the middle are unbelievably sexy! They look well on a beach as much as they look well in a cocktail party! Body hugging maxi skirts with slits are very much in fashion and you can be as imaginative as you want to be with it!

Maxi skirts usually look good with most body types. Depending on your body type, you should choose the kind of maxi skirt you would want to wear. For curvy women, straight skirts with slits really bring out the curves, whereas, thinner girls may go for flared skirts.

Choosing the Right Running Shoes for Women

If you are serious about running you will know that footwear needs to be chosen carefully. Your running shoes will be put to the test over long distances, so you need not only comfort and fit, but also durability. With so many great brands out there – you might have your preferred manufacturer – it can be a difficult process finding the right shoes, so before we go on to give you our tips, we advise you to click here for a great idea of some of the options.

Long distance running needs a different sort of shoe to short distance, and you might also want to look at the best selection of lightweight running shoes for women if you are only, for example, jogging for exercise. As with many products these days, shopping online can provide you with major savings on high street prices, even when it comes to name brands.

Different Types of Running Shoe

Now, this is where it might become a little complicated. There are, in fact, three distinct types of running shoe, each of which has its own attributes. The different types are designed to provide the runner with the best level of support for the shape of feet they happen to have. Let’s have a look at each type:

  • Neutral Running Shoes – these are designed for people with feet that have a high arch; they offer support for high-arched feet with built-in support at the side of the arches, thus making life more comfortable when running.
  • Stability Running Shoes – these are for people who walk with mild overpronation; overpronation is the act of the arches rolling inwards or downwards when walking or running, and is very common in mild form. Indeed, with support provided at the arch side of the midsoles, these are suitable for people with normal arches, or medium arched feet.
  • Motion Control Running Shoes – if you suffer from severe overpronation it can affect your running, so motion control shoes are what you need. These provide the very best support for people with this problem, and with flat feet, and are strongly recommended if this applies to you.

Lightweight Running Shoes

As mentioned above, if you are not an avid runner – perhaps you simply like to jog a couple of times a week, enjoy a walk or run occasionally, then you might want to look at lightweight running shoes as the best choice.

These are also a great choice for daily wear, if you want something that is affordable and durable as well as comfortable. There are plenty of different options, but please ensure you read the information at the link provided as there is much about the shape of your foot and the type or brand of shoe you will be best with.

Running, whether you are a serious runner or a casual one, is great exercise and can be very rewarding, so have a look now and buy some comfortable running shoes that are right for your feet.

Six Awesome Hacks to be Trendy


Have you ever been in a conundrum standing in front of your closet full of attires in the morning and thinking about what to wear? We all have been there. Sometimes it gets hard to decide what to wear. Other times it could be the mood that kills the zest in selecting an outfit. Dressing up every day could be fun. If only you know the act of it. Dressing up to be trendy every day is not an art. It could be practiced. Here are six awesome hacks that you can use in your daily life and be trendy all the time.

  1. Balance Your Outfit

As top fashion consultants and designers say, your outfit should be balanced to compliment your body type. If you are wearing a loose top, balance it with a slim pair of jeans. A straight fit or loose fit can make you look wider than you actually are. Don’t match up the colors in a typical manner. You can take help from a color wheel. The opposite colors on the wheel are complementary colors. Mix patterns and prints for a balanced look. Color balance is equally important. Be colorful, but not obscurely. Balance your colors to make a look for the day, every day. The objective is to appear what you are. You don’t want to look like a bear when you actually are a cat. Unless you wish to imitate.

  1. Trend Is Age-dependent

Everyone is conscious of their age. Wearing a shrink-top when you’ve turned thirty, doesn’t sound trendy. Rather it may seem obscene to some. Make sure whatever you wear is meant for your age. If you are tinies, most of it out there works for you, if not all. If you are middle-aged, choose your colors and patterns that are not too childish. You need your clothing to bear the tag of your maturity. There is a sense of respect that everyone demands after a certain age. And your outfit will get you that. Age has to do a lot with your dressing sense. Although dressing sense evolves with age, there are times when we all wish to appear younger than we are. Your color selection can help you with that. Select a tank top that stretches up to your waistline, just above the navel. No-one wants to be uncomfortable with their age. So it’s absolutely fine. Flaunt your age with what you wear and you’ll never be embarrassed by your age or your dressing sense.

  1. State Your Own Jewelry Quotient

You don’t want to call unnecessary attention. If you have a bulgy body, wear a short necklace or a necktie pendant. Long chains and bulky pendants will rest on your body, awkwardly. For those who prefer a conservative look in their jewelry, David Chapman from Frost recommends a Cuban link style chain for a sleek and subtle touch. Wear lighter earrings, such as pearls. The shape of earrings also has its play. Wearing long earrings can make your face look slimmer. Likewise, if you have a round face, you should try studs and short earrings. Oddly speaking, gold compliments all, is a myth. Rather its the shape that matters more. Of course, the color of your jewelry should be contrasting with your dress, it does not necessarily mean to match. A mannequin looks great in whatever it wears but you don’t.

  1. White Shirts Are Always Classy

Oohhh! White shirts are sexy! There’s a class to them. Wear one under a dark coat, or with a pair of plain jeans. It works just the same with everything. Isn’t it awesome? A classic white shirt is a must-have for you. It’s always trendy. A neatly ironed white shirt can make you look cheerful. Yes, colors have an impact on your mood. Not only yours but also the people around you. And white has always been the best in setting the mood right for everything. You can wear a bold lipstick with a pure white shirt, not ivory, and it’ll make your face look brighter. Wear no makeup and voila, you’re set for your vacation. Put a black blazer over it, and you are an executive now. No matter what you pair it with or how you wear it, it feels awesome every time. But, you should keep in mind that the shirt should be fit. It should not have any pull-ups in front or back. The shoulder seam should line up with your shoulders. Shoulders shouldn’t be slacking down. Do not dry-clean them. To maintain their brightness, launder them the same as men’s shirt.

  1. Spend More On Staples

Hooks, buttons, tees, whatever it is, you can always find them at cheap rates. But are they worth it? Buying a $20 sweater that will lose it’s shape after a few washes is not at all smart. Compare the total expenses that you do on replacing or repairing a cheap piece of clothing against buying a quality one for a few extra dollars. You can surely calculate the difference. The best practice would be to buy less of in number but more of quality clothes. A quality shirt would last longer without losing it’s shape or fading away than a cheap one. Especially when you are buying clothes like blazers, investing in good quality wool would be smarter than investing in cashmere or cheap replacements.

  1. What Kind Of A Bra Are You Wearing?

Your breasts make a lot of how your cloth fits you. If you are wearing a fitting bra that does not bulge and snugs properly, it means that your silhouette will make you look trimmer from every angle. Select your bra accordingly. There should be no wrinkles or gapping in between the cups. If you’ve found a bra that snugs your breasts properly and rests them somewhere in between your elbows and shoulders, then you have scored one. The best way to know if it fits you without suffocating is to slip two fingers under the band. See if they can squeeze in. The flatter the front panel appears, the more it’ll adorn you. Don’t leave them drooping. A firm chest will always depict your confidence. This is the reason that designers stress on the bra so much. After all, with women, it is an important part of your overall appearance.

After all the hacks that I have just told you, none is the one that could be ignored, if you are looking for that perfect look. Apart from all these, you can always add up more. Accessorize your clothes with belts and bangles. You can wear a hat or a cap depending upon what you are wearing around your torso. Everyone wishes to show off their toned arms or flat belly or their smooth skin. It’s just that with wrong dressing sense, your flaunting turns into haunting. A body-hugging dress with clear hem and necklines would get you more attention than a short skirt just above the knees. Reveal your skin as per your dress. Wearing a low-cut dress, you should focus more on your cleavage than the legs. Accessories are fun. You can play with different colors and textures. Your footwear is the one that completes your attire. Sneakers with raised jeans, tip-toes with robust clothing and high heels with dresses and gowns, these are the best combinations that one can make with their footwear and what they wear above feet. Nevertheless, these hacks will definitely raise brows in surprise. The next time you go shopping, make sure you know what you want to wear and shop accordingly.

Inexpensive Baby Products | Best Price Guarantee

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful and exciting experiences for parents, and also for the rest of the family, yet it is also an expensive one! Babies need looking after, and that takes up a lot of your time, but they also need a lot of stuff you have to buy! You will want to start equipping the nursery and getting in the essential equipment in the months before baby is due to arrive, and you will find that the sheer choice of items, and the competition between supplies, makes it a chore when it should be something you enjoy.

For example, your new baby will need clothes, clothes which he or she will grow out of very quickly indeed. So, you might want to buy a few sets of clothes in increasing sized, just to be prepared. The nursery will need decorating, and you want it to be cheerful and bright for your new arrival, so you need to find a supplier with a great range of baby toys and accessories. You’ll need a stroller for when you take baby out and about to be admired and for trips to the shops, and a lot more. Where can you find all of this in one handy online shop? That’s what we’re going to tell you in a moment!

Stuff for Mom Too!

Of course, it’s not just baby who needs a load of new stuff, but mom will, too. You’ll need a quality nappy bag for those changes when you’re out and about, and bottles, pacifiers and more so you can keep baby happy at all times. In the home, you’ll want to think about securing cupboard and fridge doors for when the little one starts getting mobile, and many other safety ideas too.

If you want an online store that offers a fabulous selection of quality, original and stylish baby gear, yet one that is also inexpensive and in fact offers you a best price guarantee, you really need to check out DD Jade, a great store created to provide parents of new-borns, or those expecting, with a wonderful range of products covering every single aspect of bringing up baby, and with friendly and professional service every time.

Clothes and Accessories

A great range of clothing for new-borns and older babies is the core of the range, but you’ll also find a fantastic selection of accessories that are both practical and decorative, and some superb ideas for baby toys, all safe and certified for this use, and at truly great prices that will certainly impress.

The safe and secure online payment system is a reassurance, and we recommend you look at the site regularly for excellent sale and discount items. DD Jade is the sort of online shop that you visit once and know you will return for more, so why not check them out now, and make sure you are prepared for your new arrival, and for the months of growth that follow.

What’s the Best Sewing Machine for Beginners?

Sewing machines are one of those household items that have never gone out of fashion. You might remember your mother – or for the younger readers perhaps your grandmother – using a machine on a stand with a treadle operated by her foot. These are now collectible machines – although still used by some people – and have been replaced by more sophisticated, electronically powered machines that are quite sophisticated and highly capable.

There are many different brands competing in the sewing machine market, each of which has its own range of impressive machines, but for beginners, the decision as to which one is best for you can be difficult. You need to take into account the capability of the machine – in particular whether or not it can handle the sort of sewing you will be indulging in – as well as the cost, as you will undoubtedly have a budget.

Choosing for a Beginner

Choosing a machine for a beginner means looking for one that is at the right price, is easy to use and does the basics plus perhaps a little more. A beginner does not necessarily need some of the more complex functions that some of the most impressive sewing machines have, as these will not be used and will therefore be extra cost for nothing. What they do need is a well-made machine, with excellent customer reviews from users, and with the ability to cover a wide variety of actions.

There is plenty of detailed information on sewing machines for beginners online, and we recommend you check out the reviews and specifications carefully, and draw up a shortlist of those machines that fit the bill. There are some basics you need to check out, such as adjustable speeds and perhaps automatic bobbin loading to make things easier, but when it comes down to it, choosing from a list of the best brands and their more basic models is the route to take.

What to Look For

First, this is one product where we will recommend you look for a name brand, preferably a household name. One such name is Singer – the name that was most likely on your grandma’s old sewing machine – as they have been in the business for many years and offer a wide variety of electric machines that are very well regarded, including at beginners level. Another name is Brother, who are perhaps the leading name in sewing machines these days, and who have some very easy to use beginner’s models that are perfect for the job, and sensibly priced, too.

Of course, you might want to look for a machine that is a couple of stages above the beginner level, as anyone new to sewing by machine will certainly find it useful, and may want to tackle more complex work in the future. It’s best to check out the specifications of a range of machines, and tick off the functions you want. Have a look at the many models on the market, and make sure you get a good beginner’s sewing machine to learn what it’s all about.


The Most Stylish Swimwear That Lets You Tan Right Through Your Suit



One of the best and easiest ways to really amplify your natural beauty is by getting a natural, even glow. But tanning can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive- between sticky and streaky tanning lotions, costly tanning beds, and awkward tan lines getting an amazing tan can be anything BUT easy. That’s why we are loving the company CoolTanⓇ and their line of TanThrough swimwear that make it easier than ever to get the perfect tan, all while looking amazing.

CoolTan is revolutionizing the tanning game by making swimwear that you can tan through, making getting a tan as easy as hanging out by the pool, walking along the beach, or even just laying out in the sun. The secret is their Microsol V fabric which is specially formulated to create millions of tiny pores that let in around half of the sun’s rays to get you an even tan about as fast as you would with a medium level sunscreen. The porous fabric also lets air and water pass right through the suit so you can stay cool and comfortable while the fabric wicks moisture to dry up to 3x faster than normal fabric. You won’t have to sit around in a wet swimsuit or wait hours and hours for your suit to dry before you can throw it back in your bag anymore. Plus, on even the hottest of days you can ensure that you stay nice and cool with CoolTan’s lightweight fabric.

CoolTan’s swimwear is the perfect choice for taking on vacation- it’s incredibly lightweight so it won’t take up precious packing room and because it is so fast-drying you won’t have to worry about throwing a moldy suit back in your suitcase. Each suit is also machine washable so it’s super easy to keep clean and get out all that salt and sand to make your suit last even longer. CoolTan’s swimsuits are also durably stitched so you can rest assured that your suit won’t fall apart on you whether on vacation or just a trip to the pool or the beach.

CoolTan has a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from and with an amazing Customer Satisfaction Guarantee you can be sure you will find the perfect and most stylish suit for you. They have structured suits, monokinis, tank top suits, string, and halter bikinis to choose from so you can find the most flattering swimsuit that will not only be comfortable but will look amazing and get you the perfect tan all at the same time!

We highly recommend giving CoolTan a try and seeing for yourself just how easy it can be to get the most amazing tan ever, no more tan lines required!

The Importance of a Nursing Bra



The importance of wearing a nursing bra is underestimated.

There are many reasons why some women make a choice of not investing:

  • Don’t know where to purchase nursing bras from
  • Bad experience with fit
  • Lack of funds
  • Unfashionable options
  • Don’t understand the importance of breast health

Nursing bras have come a long way in recent years.  The matronly style of past nursing bras is long gone with many brands producing beautiful functional nursing bras for all budgets that women enjoy wearing.

I recommend that you visit your local lingerie boutique or maternity store and ask them about their nursing bra offering.  They will be more than happy to assist you in finding nursing bras that work for you and your lifestyle.  Going to a specialist fitter will also help ensure you get fitted correctly.

Why you should not wear a normal bra when nursing

  1. Function

The most obvious reason is function.  A normal nursing bra does not provide the basic function of drop down cups.  Drop down cups in a nursing bra allow for easy discrete feeding, that is fuss free.

  1.  Lack of support

Normal nursing bras are not designed to support a heavy milk filled breast.  They tend to be made from weaker more delicate fabrics, lace and mesh.  The straps and accessories are more likely to stretch and strain under the weight because the accessories selected have not designed to support the added weight.

NOTE:  Wearing a bra that is not designed to support the weight can lead to premature sagging and ligament damage.

  1. Lack of comfort

Normal bras do not always consider comfort and tend to be designed for fashion sack.  Laces and other nylon-based fabrics exposed to the skin can cause irritation and discomfort to the wearer.

  1. Restriction

Normal bras are not designed with a fluctuating breast in mind.  They tend to be made from more rigid fabrics that do not allow for movement.  A rigid regular bra will cut into the breast resulting in discomfort and sometimes conditions such as mastitis.

Normal bras containing wires are likely to dig into your breast tissue.  This is because the shape of a normal wire is narrower compared with a flexible wire designed for nursing bras.  A rigid, ill-shaped wire can also lead to conditions such as mastitis.

The benefits of a wearing a good nursing bra:

  • Extra support and lift
  • Maximum comfort
  • Function
  • Good shape and separation
  • Discretion when feeding
  • Fuss free

Key features of a good nursing bra


Good nursing bras are made from strong durable fabrics that are designed to provide maximum support.

Reinforced cups

A soft-cupped nursing bra should be reinforced in the lower part of the cup to allow for lift and support.

Flexible wire

Some nursing bras will contain flexible wire that provides support and a flattering shape.  A flexible wire bra is ideal for fuller busted women.

Cotton lining

Cotton lined cups and straps provide added support and a soft luxurious feel against the skin.

Back band

A wide double-layered back band will help to provide added support.  It is less likely to stretch meaning the bra will provide a secure fit for longer.

Hooks and eyes

A good nursing bra will have multiple hooks and eyes for expansion and contraction.  This allows the back band to be adjusted depending on your needs.

Top cup stretch

A small amount of elasticity in the top cup will allow for breast fluctuation without restriction.

Drop down cups

Drop down cups allow for easy discrete feeding.  Attached by an easy one-handed nursing clip the cups can be pulled up or down with ease.

A frame sling

An A frame sling not only provides support by will provide some discretion too when breastfeeding.

Types of nursing bras

There are many different types of nursing bras in the market place.  The old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’.

More expensive nursing bras generally mean it is made from stronger, durable fabrics and accessories.  This bra should wash and wear better than its cheaper counterpart.

Whatever you budget it is recommended that you do invest in nursing bras; no less than three.  One for wear, one for the wash and one for the draw, as nursing bras will help to make breastfeeding an easier more enjoyable experience.

Find a nursing bra that suits your budget and lifestyle:

  • T shirt nursing bra
  • Seamless nursing bra
  • Sports nursing bra
  • Plunge nursing bra
  • Non-wired nursing bra
  • Flexible wired nursing bra
  • Fuller busted nursing bra
  • Fashion nursing bra
  • Contour nursing bra
  • Budget friendly nursing bras

Like many women out there, Tracey Montford is an exceptional multi-tasker! Apart from steering a global business, managing 2 young boys & keeping the clan clean and fed, Tracey still finds time to provide creative inspiration and direction to the exceptional designs of Cake Maternity. From the branding, presentation and delivery, creativity is a big part of what Tracey does so naturally and effectively. Find out more at or catch up with her on social @cakematernity.

Why You Should Consider A Sand-Free Beach Towel From GoBreezie

If you are like most people, you probably enjoy nothing better on a hot summer’s day than taking to the beach. Perhaps you enjoy taking holidays abroad to hot climates, and sitting on the beach to work on your tan. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s fair to say that as human beings, we have a strong affinity with beaches, sand, the sea and the sun.

One of the biggest problems that anyone and everyone who has ever gone to a beach hates, is the fact that sand gets everywhere. This is actually a deal breaker for some people and can put them off going to the beach altogether. We love to sit in the sand, lie in the sand, but we just don’t like the thought of taking all that golden yellow and white coloured stuff home with us. Sometimes, you are still finding sand in shoes, socks, bags and towels many days after you left the beach.

That’s not to say it’s the beach’s fault particularly. The problem usually lies with the type of towel you use. The material used in beach towels is generally not very effective at keeping sand where it should be – on the beach. Which is why you need an alternative, sand-free beach towel when you go on holiday or take a day trip to beach. Investing in a high quality and functional beach towel can transform an okay trip into a great one.

Where do you go to get a functional beach towel that promises to keep the sand out of it? GoBreezie based in California, have perfected the design and manufacturing of such a product with their beach towels. Made from the company’s own exclusive patented BreezieFiber, these towels are guaranteed to last for many years and the company are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Therefore, if you are not satisfied completely with their product after 30 days, they will give you a refund.

If all that wasn’t enough of a selling point, you should consider the fact that these towels have been made to be highly absorbent, so you never need to use them for very long to soak up all that excess water after a dip in the pool or the sea. What’s more, they do not take very long to dry.

Beach towels, as luxurious and comforting as they are, can also be a major hassle when it comes to packing for a trip and packing when you need to go home again. This is another way that GoBreezie has produced a more awesome beach towel than their rivals, in that they can be folded up into very small and compact packages.

So next time you are organising your luggage and deciding what to invest in and pack for your next beach trip, give a sand towel from this company some serious consideration – you won’t regret it. Trips to the beach really shouldn’t be filled with dread and with these sand-free beach towels, they never need to be stressful times again.

The Hottest Spanish Fashion Labels


Spanish designer labels are overtaking Italian and French labels, thanks to their simple, timeless pieces. We’ve put together the hottest Spanish fashion labels.

Spanish fashion is a popular choice for luxury wear, overtaking Italian and French labels!

Italy and France are often cited as the fashion capitals of the world, but Spain is coming to the forefront with the help of luxury, designer fashion Spanish brands. Here are the 5 Spanish brands that you need to keep an eye on this year!

Dainty Delilah

Dainty Delilah is a family run children’s clothing boutique in Essex, specialising in Spanish children’s clothing and baby wear.

Since establishing in 2011, Dainty Delilah have always sourced handmade clothing and accessories from top designers in Spain, who use the finest Spanish pique materials and exquisite Spanish lace and trims. Working closely with big Spanish designers including Miranda and Dolce Petit, Dainty Delilah now have over 20 lines of branded children and baby wear

Browse the online store for traditional girls’ outfits, classic boys’ rompers and Spanish baby dresses – to name but a few!


Sunad (which is ‘dunas’ spelt backwards – the Spanish word for dunes) is a Spanish shirt-only brand, creating designs inspired by nature, deserts and Spain. Sunad was born as a Made In Spain brand and remain that way to this day, as they design, cut and assemble all of their products in Spain.

Two friends, Ana and Palmoma, were inspired by the colours of the desert, so they combined their graphic and interior background to create Sunad. The two madrilènas create beautiful, timeless and classic shirts for women using 100% natural fibres.

The versatile collection includes slouchy shirts, shirt dresses and jumpsuit, made in a variety of patterns and natural materials, and priced between £100-£120.

Nice Things Paloma S.

Nice Things Paloma S. was launched in 1995 by Paloma Santaolalla and Miguel Lanna, and was taken over by their daughter Paloma Lanna in 2012.

Nice Things Paloma S. create clothing for women of all ages and are best known for designing and creating printed shifts, waist-tie and slip dresses, patterned tops and wide-leg trousers. The brand also has an extensive jacket department, with an array of transitional cover-ups, kimono-style jackets and light-weight parkas.

Nice Things also have limited edition ranges that are only available for a short amount of time, which include season-appropriate pieces. For example, the latest limited edition range is based around soft linen and stripes.


Loq was launched in 2015 by Keren Longkumer and Valerie Quant, who met whilst studying footwear design in Los Angeles.

Designed in Los Angeles and made in Spain, Loq stock women’s contemporary footwear to suit any occasion. From dainty string sandals and block heels, to woven mules and suede pumps, there is something for everyone. Longkumer and Quant incorporate soft feminine shades like lime-green, dove-grey and cappuccino-brown into their shoe designs.

The range is also sturdy and practical, which makes the footwear all the more appealing. Prices start at $290 and Loq regularly create seasonal look books with their shoes to show people what outfits can be worn with them.


Cortana is a contemporary and femininity Spanish brand created by designer Rosa Esteva, taking a traditional approach to creating beautiful dresses and jumpsuits that ooze femininity. From daytime pieces to after-hours soirees, Cortana specialise in creating luxury pieces for every occasion.

From romantic evening dresses and linen tops, to floaty trousers and sleek denim, there’s a staple piece for every woman to enjoy. Prices start at £115 for a top and £270 for dresses. There is also a regularly updated look book feature on the site, displaying the seasons latest clothes and accessories designed by Esteva.

Esteva also creates ethereal bridalwear; extremely delicate and light to the touch.