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Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is an interesting thing that you may have seen more and more in skincare and cosmetic lines. What is it and what are the main benefits of using products that use argan oil? That is what we are going to discuss briefly in the following post.

What Actually is it?

First things first, Argan Oil is a curious ingredient that is both high in linoleic and oleic (both omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids respectively). Why is that important to know? Both those essential fatty acids are great for skin that is prone to acne. Argan oil is derived from Argan tree kernels and is exclusively found in Morocco. The use of Argan oil has been popular throughout the world though, and not just for dealing with acne.

For the rest of the post, we are going to focus on some of the amazing benefits that come from using products containing Argan Oil.

Effective Night Moisturiser

Compared to many other skincare products out there, argan skin care products are a great choice as a moisturiser before bed because argan oil is absorbed quickly and does not leave any oily residue. After you have used an all-natural cleanser, take a single drop of Argan Oil and warm it in the palm of your hand, before applying directly onto your neck and face in a circular motion and then you are good to settle down for the night.

Vitamin E and A from the oil can help to reduce the fine lines around your eyes.


Although you may have been put off making your own exfoliants in the past, they are not as difficult as you make think. Homemade exfoliators are actually less expensive than those you would buy in the store.

If you want to get the benefit of using argan oil as an exfoliant, follow this simple method:

  • Mix a couple of drops of the beneficial oil with a tablespoon of brown sugar in your hand
  • Rub the mixture into your facial skin using a circular motion for at least 2 to 4 minutes
  • Make sure you pay close attention to any areas prone to acne or dryness
  • Finish by rinsing the mixture off with warm water and pat your skin dry.

As you probably know, regular exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. All of this can give you a fresher, younger complexion. Brown sugar makes it easier for the essential nutrients found in argan oil to be absorbed by your skin.

Whole-Body Moisturiser

It’s not just your face that argan oil can be used as a moisturiser, as it will also work well for your whole body. You may already use a very natural and organic moisturiser on your body like coconut oil. By just adding a few drops of argan oil to your preferred food-grade carrier oil, like sesame, sweet almond, jojoba, olive, or coconut, you will instantly get the full benefits of this natural oil. It will be especially great in areas where you have dry patches such as elbows and heels.

All You Need to Know About Microblading

In recent years microblading has become a widely talked-about procedure. What is it, and why do you need to know about it? In the following article we explain what microblading is all about and why you might want to consider it, so settle back and read on!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a revolution in cosmetic procedures. Effectively, it’s similar to having a tattoo that enhances the eyebrows. However, it is done so finely that it does not appear as a tattoo, more like an extension to the eyebrow. This is the major bonus of what is a fine art.

It is performed using microblading blades and is a procedure that, when described, sounds painful! However, the artist performing the procedure will apply numbing cream to the skin. There may be a slight amount of pain but for most people it is a practically painless procedure.

In short, the artist makes small superficial cuts in the surface of the skin with the microblades. They will then apply what are known as doreme pigments into the skin, carefully blended to match your skin tone. The procedure is a tried and tested one and will be performed by an experienced microblading artist who has been fully trained.

The entire procedure will take a few hours. This includes the initial consultation, the numbing, and the routine of microblading itself. Once done, you may be required to return for a touch-up session a few weeks after the microblading has been done.

Is Microblading Permanent?

Microblading is regarded as a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. As it is essentially a tattoo it will remain for your lifetime, but it will fade. Depending on the individual fading can start at around a year or may be as far away as two years. However, you don’t need to worry as all you need to do is book in with your microblading artist and get the pigments retouched.

The great thing about microblading is that the cuts are so fine they are indistinguishable from your natural eyebrows. To all intents and purposes they replicate the eyebrows perfectly, hence the popularity of the procedure. You can talk to a practitioner about the results you want to achieve and they will take into account every aspect of your situation from your skin colour and type to your eyebrows as they are naturally, and provide you with perfect enhancement as you require it.

Should you consider microblading? If you want your eyebrows to look stunning all the time, we suggest you check out what is a safe and tested procedure by getting in touch with a microblading practitioner near you. This is a routine that is becoming more popular all the time so you will be sure to find a salon or clinic that performs microblading near you, and they will be happy to explain the procedure to you in more detail. Start looking now or ask your friends and family if they can recommend someone, and you’ll soon have stunning eyebrows!


Eyelash Extensions – Here’s What You Need to Know

Among all the available beauty treatments are many that are there to help make our lives easier. Put simply, we can be a lazy lot, so saving time, effort and money is always an attractive option! How does this work with eyelash extensions? They do a job that many of us can’t be bothered to work at, and give us beautiful, long and lush lashes to die for! If you’re looking for eyelash extensions London check that out, while below we’ll tell you what you need to know about eyelash extensions.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

It might seem an obvious question but when you think about, what actually are they? Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are glued onto the existing lashes individually. That’s where they differ to the cheap ‘strip’ lashes that you can DIY at home. This is a precise process that needs an experienced hand to get right. When done correctly, eyelash extensions look very real, more than you will actually believe.

As they are individually placed, you can have your beautician customise your lashes how you want. They will be able to advise you in advance as to what will work best with your lashes, and you’ll find them very helpful when it comes to having beautiful lashes.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

You need to take care of your eyelash extensions if you want them to last the longest time. Maintenance includes regular gentle brushing, washing with specified solutions that don’t affect the adhesive, and keeping an eye on your extensions to make sure none are missing. Kept well, extensions will last between six and eight weeks, which is the lifespan of the natural lashes they are attached to – after this, they simply fall out.

However, the benefit of this is that you can return to your beauty parlour of choice whenever you need lashes adding, so it’s possible to make them a permanent feature if you follow your care routine carefully.

Should I Have Eyelash Extensions?

There is no reason why not! Eyelash extensions are safe, the glue is harmless – although do check with your beautician as to the adhesive they use and make sure it is formaldehyde free, a good and experienced eyelash expert will be happy to show you this – and if you use an experienced and licensed practitioner it’s an effect that you will certainly appreciate.

There is a specific art to applying extensions so please choose your salon carefully. The London salon we linked to earlier has a great reputation for excellent results and many satisfied clients, so they are worth checking out and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Eyelash extensions make a lot of sense, and it’s a painless procedure that is done entirely by hand, so find the right people to look after your lashes and start looking beautiful right now! You know it makes sense to get up to ready-made gorgeous lashes, and it’s not expensive either.


Benefits of Novelty T-shirts as Gifts

For most of us, there are people in our lives that are incredibly easy to buy gifts for. You know the kind, those you take five, possibly even ten minutes to come up with a great idea. You know they will love it and it’s just a stress-free experience. If only that were the case with everyone you need to buy presents for in your life, even though we know it’s not. There are some people, who are extremely difficult to buy gifts for.

They either have everything they could ever want or need or have very peculiar and hard-to-pin-down tastes. They are the kind of people who even those of us who like a good challenge, curl up into a ball and cower when considering the prospect of trying to buy something they’ll love. Perhaps that’s a little extreme, but you know what we mean.

If you are stuck for ideas though, have you considered buying some novelty t-shirts, like cute family bear shirts. Before you protest at such a ludicrous idea. Hear us out. Consider some of the benefits.

Novelty T-Shirts Are Fun

Who said all presents must have a deep meaning? Why can’t buy something because it makes us smile or giggle? So, if you have someone in your family that’s difficult to buy for, but who enjoys a good joke or two (or bad ones) you could get them a novelty t-shirt like one of these family bear shirts. These are especially good if you are looking to kill two birds with one stone and buy two gifts for troublesome relatives.

Great For Photo Opportunities

Are you the kind of family that likes taking those naff (we mean beautifully staged and handsome, of course) family photos, particularly around the holiday season? Why not up your family portrait game a little with matching t-shirts? You could buy a King, Queen, Prince and Princess for a family consisting of a mom, dad, son and daughter as just one great example.

Helps Highlight a Special Relationship

Family themed novelty t-shirts are also a great way to highlight a special relationship between two members of the same family unit. How about the ever-so-slightly-sarcastic-but-hilarious pair of t-shirts that read “The Most Okayest Sister” and “The Most Okayest Brother”? Well, we found it funny anyway.


Who doesn’t like having a gazillion tees in their wardrobe? T-shirts are one of those clothing staples that just about everyone wears at some point. Grannies, grandpas, dads, moms, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, girls and boys all wear t-shirts. A novelty t-shirt may take a lot more guts to wear, depending on what is emblazoned across the front of it (or back!). However, it is still a functional piece of clothing that can pair well with a multitude of different clothes, such as pants, shorts, skirts and jeans.

So, rather than fretting over what you are going to buy that tricky recipient in your family, why not choose them a stylish and hilarious t-shirt? Even if it’s not stylish, you could take exquisite delight knowing they will be forced to wear it out of politeness.


Knowing about Maternity Dresses

Being out of shape does not necessarily mean that you have to bother wearing shapeless clothes too. In fact, it is a very old-fashioned concept. In today’s world, people have become increasingly conscious about their body image, and body shape is the one criterion that comes in the first line of body image. During pregnancy, women become ever more concerned about their body shape due to a growing waistline in the progressive days.

In the good old times, women used to wear one-piece dresses as maternity clothes during their pregnancy. Those maternity clothes were generally varied in their colors and sizes. Some of them might come with ribbons or frills to make them more attractive.

Changing Trend

In recent days, there are designers who basically do their research on white maternity dress. These maternity clothes do not only come in varied shapes and sizes but also, they are designed scientifically in order to ensure the safer delivery of the child.

Research has shown the dressing style and pattern influence a mother’s psychological health during pregnancy profoundly, which eventually affects the fetus in question. It is seen that a psychologically unhappy and uncomfortable woman during her pregnancy is at higher risk for giving birth to an unhealthy child. So, the appropriate selection of maternity clothes during pregnancy is extremely important for the healthy well-being of the mother and the safe delivery of a healthy child as well.


Psychological Perspective

In the first six months of pregnancy, the fetus increases in its size, so is the mother’s waistline. Since the baby is developing within the body, many hormonal changes occur within the mother’s body. This change in hormone levels contributes to different types of psychological changes such as mood swings in the mother.

In fact, the mother goes through a wide variety of mood swings concerning her experience during pregnancy. In this period, a mother is highly vulnerable to experience depression and anxiety regarding her body image. Once she is able to adjust to the changes of these times and feels happy with her appearance, everything goes out smoothly. Wearing good fit maternity dresses offers them a psychological satisfaction about their body image.

Social Perspective

In the old days, women were not so socially active, especially during their pregnancy period. The scenario has changed quite significantly in modern days when women are socially engaged and do not wish to cut down their social connection only due to the pregnancy. Considering this aspect, the maternity clothes designers make their maternity clothes simply outstanding.

The availability of maternity clothes in today’s market is also remarkable since most of the departmental stores display a separate section for maternity clothes. The fact is that maternity clothes are not only a requirement during pregnancy days, but it is essential for the post-birth period as well, say for the next couple of months. This specially designed dress ensures the needs and comfort of the mothers.


AmyandRose creates beautiful maternity dresses for modern moms. She also helps parents through her parenting and nursing blog.

Why You Should Choose Clothing as Gifts

We all love giving gifts almost as much as we love receiving them. There is an amazing joy that comes from choosing something for someone you love, knowing they are going to really like it and seeing their face when they do. However, it’s not always easy. This is something we can all attest to. There are always those people in our lives…whether they are relatives, close or distant or close friends and acquaintances.

It can turn the whole lovely experience of buying for those important people in your life a lot more stressful. Especially if they are the type of people who really seem to have everything. If you are in a bind though, we may have a great idea in the form of matching clothing.

A Great Gift To Highlight a Great Relationship

Matching clothes are a great way to highlight a strong relationship between members of the same family. You can get lots of different options for different people and different relationships. Got and uncle or aunt who has a close relationship with their niece or nephew? You could bring attention to their special relationship with t-shirts that have their title on two halves of the same love heart. So that when they are together it makes a complete heart.

Very cute and very appealing to family members who have a deep affection for one another and a close bond.

T-Shirts and Clothing With Humour

If that sounds way too sappy, you could instead opt for something that includes a humorous sentiment. Without going too far in the other end of the spectrum, it still encapsulates the strong relationship, but with more of a funny side to it. For instance, there are matching clothes for a mother and daughter. With the mom’s version saying, ‘Mother of a Princess’ and the daughter equivalent with ‘Daughter of a Queen’ emblazoned on it.

Other fun options would be to have t-shirts for children, whether it’s nieces, nephews, sons or daughters that say humorous statements like ‘Don’t make me call my (insert family member title)’

Even Couples Are Catered For

It’s not just children and their adult relatives who are catered for with these fun matching clothes gifts. Couples are catered for too with matching t-shirts like the ones that say ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey’ on the front. Although they don’t always have to wear them together at the same time, we must admit it does look rather awesome and more than a bit adorable when they do.

Don’t forget the Family Pet

You can even get funny dog and cat-specific clothing these days as great gifts for the animal lovers in your life.

The great thing about buying clothes as a gift for people is that not only do, they convey a loving and positive sentiment, but they are also incredibly practical too. We all need clothes and one that has been chosen specifically that pertains specifically to a person can make a bigger impact. We certainly can never have enough t-shirts and other pieces of clothing. If this sounds like a good idea for the next gifts you need to buy, see here.


Why You Should Consider Made to Measure Work Dresses from Sumissura

We all want to look our best at work, don’t we ladies? Even if your workplace has a very loose and laidback, casual even, approach to work attire, you’re unlikely to head to the office without giving much thought to your outfit. It can be hard to find great looking clothes that fit comfortably enough, while looking smart enough for you to wear them to work though. Often, even if you do find something that’s smart, it may not be comfortable enough to wear fort a full shift. Or if it’s comfortable, it doesn’t have quite the right style for your business. One way to solve this problem is to buy custom work clothes that are made to measure.

What is Sumissura?

One company who have come up with a solution to that problem is Sumissura. Sumissura, if you’ve not heard of them before, are a company that has been featured on CNBC, Buzzfeed, HuffPost and Elle and who sell made-to-measure womenswear. That includes work clothing, and for the purpose of our blog post, work dresses.

If you’ve never bought custom-made clothing before, you may not be totally sold on the idea just yet. So why are we head over heels in love with the concept of made to measure work dresses from Sumissura? There are several reasons.

Choice of Dress Style

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and thought ‘It’s nice, I like the colour and the way the top half of the dress sits on my body, but would prefer a different bottom half’? If so, you’ll love Sumissura, as they give you full control over the styling of your dress. You can select a choice of different tops including Wrapped, High Waisted Sheath, Sheath and Shift. That means you can look and feel like the hard-working fashionista you truly are, without worrying about the dress being unflattering.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also choose from a staggering number of different necklines. Do you prefer halter neck dresses or are you more of a simple V-neck girl? Whatever you like, Sumissura have you covered. You can even choose the very classy V-neck deep to show off your curves a little. This will suit you if you are involved in the entertainment or catering industry and want to flaunt your curves.

Once you’ve figured out the top half and neckline, you then have various options for the sleeves, or you can simply get rid of the sleeves if you’d prefer. The fun doesn’t stop there either because you have the choice of various bottom halves to finish that stunning and unique work dress off perfectly. So, if you’re a woman that loves a midi pencil wrapped tulip-style dress or a short and simple A-line wrapped, you can choose the best design for your body shape and personality.

Variety of Colours Available

The only thing that’s left now is to choose the colour. As well as offering a wide array of colours to choose from, you also have the option to have the top and bottom halves in completely different colours.

Whether you decide to give made to measure work clothes a try is down to you. In our opinion though, if you really want to make a good impression and to look and feel great at work, there’s no better way than having the full control over your dress that Sumissura offer.

Different Ways to Wear Maxi Skirt

Good news to those who love lengthy dresses, because maxi clothes are back in fashion now! For the past couple of years, the trending fashion of the past century is becoming much in vogue again. In the 1990’s, Maxi skirts went out of fashion to welcome mini skirts, especially in denim. In the early decades of the 18th century, maxi skirts were very popular among women. From women who used to work all day to women of aristocratic society, all preferred to wear fashionable maxi skirts. Now, it’s back again! From Jennifer Aniston to Gwyneth Paltrow, from Emma Watson to Jessica Alba, all the girls in Hollywood are rocking it! and there are beautiful maxi dresses online for you to choose from. So, read below to know the many ways you can sport maxi skirts and be in fashion!

Denim Maxi Skirts

Denim, let’s be real, is always in fashion! Although, short denim skirts are very popular among school students and teenagers, now girls of every age loves a longer denim skirt. Denim maxi skirts with one side or both sides slit are very popular among the youngsters. Denim skirts with buttons look cute and casual! Denim, as usual, looks really cool with minimalistic top. Try not to wear tops with too much designs or complicated prints. Single colored basic tees tucked into the skirt will surely give you that casual chic look that you want!

Flared Maxi Skirts

Flared Maxi Skirts can never fail you if you want to look classy. But to be honest, not everyone can pull it off. If you want that classy, princess – y look for your special day, be it the prom night at your school, or your office party, be it a wedding ceremony of your friend, you can always count on a Flared Maxi Skirt if you count on it!

Pleated Maxi Skirts

Pleated Maxi Skirts are back again to be on top in the fashion game. Pleated semi-Flared Maxi Skirt gives a very rich look especially if you team it up off shoulder tops and a thin necklace. Pleated maxi shirts are usually made with a kind of glossy fabric which makes you stand out in a crowd. It is a perfect piece of garment to give yourself a classy chic look.

Maxi Skirts with Slits

Maxi skirts with slits on either side, on both sides or in the middle are unbelievably sexy! They look well on a beach as much as they look well in a cocktail party! Body hugging maxi skirts with slits are very much in fashion and you can be as imaginative as you want to be with it!

Maxi skirts usually look good with most body types. Depending on your body type, you should choose the kind of maxi skirt you would want to wear. For curvy women, straight skirts with slits really bring out the curves, whereas, thinner girls may go for flared skirts.

Choosing the Right Running Shoes for Women

If you are serious about running you will know that footwear needs to be chosen carefully. Your running shoes will be put to the test over long distances, so you need not only comfort and fit, but also durability. With so many great brands out there – you might have your preferred manufacturer – it can be a difficult process finding the right shoes, so before we go on to give you our tips, we advise you to click here for a great idea of some of the options.

Long distance running needs a different sort of shoe to short distance, and you might also want to look at the best selection of lightweight running shoes for women if you are only, for example, jogging for exercise. As with many products these days, shopping online can provide you with major savings on high street prices, even when it comes to name brands.

Different Types of Running Shoe

Now, this is where it might become a little complicated. There are, in fact, three distinct types of running shoe, each of which has its own attributes. The different types are designed to provide the runner with the best level of support for the shape of feet they happen to have. Let’s have a look at each type:

  • Neutral Running Shoes – these are designed for people with feet that have a high arch; they offer support for high-arched feet with built-in support at the side of the arches, thus making life more comfortable when running.
  • Stability Running Shoes – these are for people who walk with mild overpronation; overpronation is the act of the arches rolling inwards or downwards when walking or running, and is very common in mild form. Indeed, with support provided at the arch side of the midsoles, these are suitable for people with normal arches, or medium arched feet.
  • Motion Control Running Shoes – if you suffer from severe overpronation it can affect your running, so motion control shoes are what you need. These provide the very best support for people with this problem, and with flat feet, and are strongly recommended if this applies to you.

Lightweight Running Shoes

As mentioned above, if you are not an avid runner – perhaps you simply like to jog a couple of times a week, enjoy a walk or run occasionally, then you might want to look at lightweight running shoes as the best choice.

These are also a great choice for daily wear, if you want something that is affordable and durable as well as comfortable. There are plenty of different options, but please ensure you read the information at the link provided as there is much about the shape of your foot and the type or brand of shoe you will be best with.

Running, whether you are a serious runner or a casual one, is great exercise and can be very rewarding, so have a look now and buy some comfortable running shoes that are right for your feet.

Six Awesome Hacks to be Trendy


Have you ever been in a conundrum standing in front of your closet full of attires in the morning and thinking about what to wear? We all have been there. Sometimes it gets hard to decide what to wear. Other times it could be the mood that kills the zest in selecting an outfit. Dressing up every day could be fun. If only you know the act of it. Dressing up to be trendy every day is not an art. It could be practiced. Here are six awesome hacks that you can use in your daily life and be trendy all the time.

  1. Balance Your Outfit

As top fashion consultants and designers say, your outfit should be balanced to compliment your body type. If you are wearing a loose top, balance it with a slim pair of jeans. A straight fit or loose fit can make you look wider than you actually are. Don’t match up the colors in a typical manner. You can take help from a color wheel. The opposite colors on the wheel are complementary colors. Mix patterns and prints for a balanced look. Color balance is equally important. Be colorful, but not obscurely. Balance your colors to make a look for the day, every day. The objective is to appear what you are. You don’t want to look like a bear when you actually are a cat. Unless you wish to imitate.

  1. Trend Is Age-dependent

Everyone is conscious of their age. Wearing a shrink-top when you’ve turned thirty, doesn’t sound trendy. Rather it may seem obscene to some. Make sure whatever you wear is meant for your age. If you are tinies, most of it out there works for you, if not all. If you are middle-aged, choose your colors and patterns that are not too childish. You need your clothing to bear the tag of your maturity. There is a sense of respect that everyone demands after a certain age. And your outfit will get you that. Age has to do a lot with your dressing sense. Although dressing sense evolves with age, there are times when we all wish to appear younger than we are. Your color selection can help you with that. Select a tank top that stretches up to your waistline, just above the navel. No-one wants to be uncomfortable with their age. So it’s absolutely fine. Flaunt your age with what you wear and you’ll never be embarrassed by your age or your dressing sense.

  1. State Your Own Jewelry Quotient

You don’t want to call unnecessary attention. If you have a bulgy body, wear a short necklace or a necktie pendant. Long chains and bulky pendants will rest on your body, awkwardly. For those who prefer a conservative look in their jewelry, David Chapman from Frost recommends a Cuban link style chain for a sleek and subtle touch. Wear lighter earrings, such as pearls. The shape of earrings also has its play. Wearing long earrings can make your face look slimmer. Likewise, if you have a round face, you should try studs and short earrings. Oddly speaking, gold compliments all, is a myth. Rather its the shape that matters more. Of course, the color of your jewelry should be contrasting with your dress, it does not necessarily mean to match. A mannequin looks great in whatever it wears but you don’t.

  1. White Shirts Are Always Classy

Oohhh! White shirts are sexy! There’s a class to them. Wear one under a dark coat, or with a pair of plain jeans. It works just the same with everything. Isn’t it awesome? A classic white shirt is a must-have for you. It’s always trendy. A neatly ironed white shirt can make you look cheerful. Yes, colors have an impact on your mood. Not only yours but also the people around you. And white has always been the best in setting the mood right for everything. You can wear a bold lipstick with a pure white shirt, not ivory, and it’ll make your face look brighter. Wear no makeup and voila, you’re set for your vacation. Put a black blazer over it, and you are an executive now. No matter what you pair it with or how you wear it, it feels awesome every time. But, you should keep in mind that the shirt should be fit. It should not have any pull-ups in front or back. The shoulder seam should line up with your shoulders. Shoulders shouldn’t be slacking down. Do not dry-clean them. To maintain their brightness, launder them the same as men’s shirt.

  1. Spend More On Staples

Hooks, buttons, tees, whatever it is, you can always find them at cheap rates. But are they worth it? Buying a $20 sweater that will lose it’s shape after a few washes is not at all smart. Compare the total expenses that you do on replacing or repairing a cheap piece of clothing against buying a quality one for a few extra dollars. You can surely calculate the difference. The best practice would be to buy less of in number but more of quality clothes. A quality shirt would last longer without losing it’s shape or fading away than a cheap one. Especially when you are buying clothes like blazers, investing in good quality wool would be smarter than investing in cashmere or cheap replacements.

  1. What Kind Of A Bra Are You Wearing?

Your breasts make a lot of how your cloth fits you. If you are wearing a fitting bra that does not bulge and snugs properly, it means that your silhouette will make you look trimmer from every angle. Select your bra accordingly. There should be no wrinkles or gapping in between the cups. If you’ve found a bra that snugs your breasts properly and rests them somewhere in between your elbows and shoulders, then you have scored one. The best way to know if it fits you without suffocating is to slip two fingers under the band. See if they can squeeze in. The flatter the front panel appears, the more it’ll adorn you. Don’t leave them drooping. A firm chest will always depict your confidence. This is the reason that designers stress on the bra so much. After all, with women, it is an important part of your overall appearance.

After all the hacks that I have just told you, none is the one that could be ignored, if you are looking for that perfect look. Apart from all these, you can always add up more. Accessorize your clothes with belts and bangles. You can wear a hat or a cap depending upon what you are wearing around your torso. Everyone wishes to show off their toned arms or flat belly or their smooth skin. It’s just that with wrong dressing sense, your flaunting turns into haunting. A body-hugging dress with clear hem and necklines would get you more attention than a short skirt just above the knees. Reveal your skin as per your dress. Wearing a low-cut dress, you should focus more on your cleavage than the legs. Accessories are fun. You can play with different colors and textures. Your footwear is the one that completes your attire. Sneakers with raised jeans, tip-toes with robust clothing and high heels with dresses and gowns, these are the best combinations that one can make with their footwear and what they wear above feet. Nevertheless, these hacks will definitely raise brows in surprise. The next time you go shopping, make sure you know what you want to wear and shop accordingly.