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Which Egg Donation Clinic in Spain Should I Choose?   


Spain is one of the most frequently chosen locations for IVF with egg donation. Patients are drawn to the Iberian Peninsula by the clinics’ experience, high success rates and a large number and variety of egg donors. However, the cost of treatment in Spain isn’t the lowest in Europe. One cycle of IVF with egg donation costs approximately 7,500 EUR. Having said that, you can find egg donation treatment in Spain for as little as 5,000 EUR or as much as 10,000 EUR.

Egg donation clinics in Spain

There are 166 egg donation clinics in Spain. Most of them are located in large towns such as Barcelona, Madrid or Alicante. With such a large number of IVF clinics available, choosing the right one isn’t easy. When searching for a clinic most patients take into consideration the cost of treatment, success rates and location. There are also other factors to look into such as whether the clinic has an international medical team. After all, even the best doctor can’t help you if you won’t be able to communicate.

A good place to start when looking for an IVF clinic is a large and trustworthy internet database. If you are interested in egg donation in Spain make sure to check out It’s a great website with loads of information about egg donation abroad, including Spain. Most of all, it’s probably the biggest database of clinics with egg donation programs in the world.

Comparing egg donation clinics in Spain

To start you off in your search, we have found some egg donation clinics in Spain which are worth recommending. Read on to see what you should have in mind when researching fertility clinics abroad.

IMFER – Instituto Murciano de Fertilida

This patient-friendly IVF clinic is definitely an experienced one. It was founded in 1998 by dr Antonio Collizo who had been working in the field of infertility long before the clinic was established. IMFER is a good choice for international patients since it has a special department devoted solely to foreign patients. Each international patient at the clinic gets an assigned treatment coordinator who is there to support and help the person throughout treatment, as well as acts as an interpreter during visits. The International Coordination Department can also help you arrange your trip and stay in Spain.

ProcreaTec Clinic

ProcreaTec is a good choice for patients looking for a clinic in a convenient location, since it is placed in the capital of Spain – Madrid. The clinic offers treatment at a very high standard and has many awards and certificates, including the Merck Serono Award for Innovation, Quality and Image in Assisted Reproduction and ISO accreditation. Procreatec treats international patients with great pleasure and professionalism. Since its opening in 2008 more than half of the Clinic’s patients have been from abroad.

IVF Spain

IVF Spain has an experienced and multilingual medical team with years of experience in treating international patients. It is located in the center of Alicante with hotels and restaurants near the Clinic. IVF Spain offers a free on-line in vitro test and skype consultation to provide you with answers regarding fertility treatment and the most suitable type of treatment for you. The Clinic specializes in most types of assisted reproduction techniques including IVF, egg donation and PGD.

7 Proven Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy after 35

7 Proven Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy after 35

Having children is not an easy decision for any woman to make. Some women will be able to decide very early in their lives, others will want to wait until later in life to be sure that it is the right decision for them.

Either way, it is very important for every woman to have a healthy pregnancy. Even though age can make this a little more difficult for some women, there are a lot of ways to ensure a great pregnancy at any age. Here are seven proven tips for a healthy pregnancy after 35.

Seek the help of a professional

Having professional help is essential in many cases when women are trying to conceive for the first time. It is a good idea to go to a Utah center for reproductive medicine and get tested for genetic diseases and other issues that may interfere with a healthy pregnancy.

Get a jumpstart on prenatal care

Before a woman is even pregnant, it is a good idea for them to get ahead of the game with some great prenatal care. This can include just taking a prenatal vitamin regularly or even have preconception counseling with a healthcare professional to make sure a woman is ready for the big step she is undertaking.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet is important in any stage of life. For women who want to get pregnant, eating healthy will help keep their immune system in check and allow them to give their baby the best start possible once they are pregnant. This is a simple life change that everyone can make for their health.

Avoid stress

Stress is a very common part of everyone’s lives. It is essential for women who are trying to get pregnant to find a way to relieve stress and deal with stress triggers as they happen. This will help regulate a woman’s hormones and help her produce the best results that will lead to conception.

Stay active

It is common for pregnant woman to think that they should remain inactive while they are pregnant to protect the baby. Even though bedrest is prescribed in some cases, most women will find it more beneficial to maintain some level of physical activity while they are carrying their baby.

Learn how to gain weight in a healthy way

Weight gain is an essential part of any pregnancy, but it can be difficult for women to gauge what is healthy weight gain and what is not while they are pregnant. Speaking with a doctor will help anyone confirm what the normal rates are based on their body and learn how to maintain healthy weight gain throughout the pregnancy.

Give it time when trying to conceive

For most women after 35, conceiving can take a little longer than normal. Women older than 35 who have even had children before might find that it can take a little bit longer than it did in the past. Every woman should be patient and give the process some time to work.


Here’s Why You Need A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner In Your Life!

Almost all households use vacuum cleaners. It’s a popular and well-used invention that dates back to the middle of the 19th century. As you can imagine, today’s vacuum cleaning devices come in all shapes and sizes. The technology used in them means they are more efficient than their predecessors. And they use less electricity too.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are also gaining ground in the popularity stakes. They are versatile, easy to use and have long battery lives. Many homes have these handheld devices in addition to conventional corded models.


Image Source

If you don’t already have a handheld vacuum cleaner, why should you buy one? After all, your existing corded one does the job just fine, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out there are plenty of reasons to get one of these versatile devices in your life! If you still need convincing, let me give you a few examples:

They are lightweight

When the first handheld vacuums got offered on the market, they were heavy and cumbersome devices.

Nowadays, they are known for their lightweight construction. As you can see from the photo above, you only need to hold them with one hand. In fact, anyone can easily hold them.

You can use them anywhere

Because they aren’t heavy, handheld vacuum cleaners can get used in a variety of applications. For example, you can use them to clean your chairs, curtains and walls as well as your carpets. And if you’re out washing your car, you can use them to clean the interior seats, carpets and roofs too!

Today’s models are of a compact size. This gives you the flexibility to store them without any obstacles getting created. Despite their smaller sizes, the models you can buy nowadays still have a large capacity. So you need not worry about having to empty the container every couple of minutes.

There are plenty of models on the market

When thinking of handheld vacuum cleaners, some of you might recall the iconic Black & Decker Dustbuster.

Of course, there are plenty of other models on the market that you can select. In fact, the Household Appliance Judge website has some excellent stuff on the best handheld vacuum reviews for 2015. Don’t assume that you’ve only got a limited choice of products!

They are cheap to buy

It’s no secret that some of the best corded vacuum cleaners on the market cost a small fortune. The good news is that price rule doesn’t apply to their cordless handheld brothers! Even high-end models are still within most people’s reach.

Are you planning to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner soon? If so, you should check online for deals on the particular make and model you wish to get. In many cases, it’s cheaper to buy them online from a retailer like Amazon. But, sometimes you can get good deals locally – especially when a sale is on!

So, now you know the benefits of owning a handheld vacuum cleaner, when will you be buying one for your home?

Why Staycations Have Made Britain Great Again


When the dreaded credit crunch hit Europe, and the most of the world in all honesty, it left people wondering just how they could enjoy themselves still without it costing a fortune. Belts were being forcibly tightened and luxuries were resigned to dreams or celebrities for whom money was no object anyway.

Since those days, a lucky few have found themselves playing football at the highest level or appearing on the countless reality shows, making a living out of doing nothing at all. Yet for the rest of us it’s still a chore to cobble enough money together to help us to have a good time when we really need to.

Holidays are just one prime example of where we’ve been hit, and hit hard. The days of jetting off to warmer climes and feeling the warm sand between your toes, sipping cocktails and lounging by the pool have gone for most of us and the days of family holidays are just a distant memory.

Yet, in true British fashion, we’ve made the best of a bad situation – it’s just what we do!

Rather than sitting at home sulking when our friends, family and colleagues are posting pictures of their latest beach break on Facebook and Instagram while we sit there watching it rain, checking out the best bingo sites and offers in the UK and indulging ourselves in our favourite soaps; we’ve taken to ‘staycations.’

So instead of spending hundreds, even thousands, of our hard-earned and hard-saved money on an exotic overseas holiday, many of us are now choosing to stay in the UK and to see the very best of what Britain has to offer both inland and on the coast. An article by Lauren Davidson in the Telegraph earlier this year quoted statistics from Visit England which revealed that “Brits are taking 16% less foreign holidays today than before the recession.”

These staycations have exploded in popularity in the past few years, mostly because the tourist boards in the local area have realised what is happening in terms of holiday trends and reacted by investing much-needed money into redeveloping the main attractions.

For example, the British seaside resort (as a whole), was tired and run down. The piers were great for walking along but having reached the cafe at the end it was often disappointing to find that it had closed down years before.

Now, the attractions are being spruced up and the theme parks like Blackpool Pleasure Beach are being revamped to keep the visitors coming and even to keep them increasing. Expedia released their annual beach report which showed the most popular seaside destinations to be Jersey, Bournemouth, Blackpool, Torquay and the Isle of Wight.

City breaks are also ‘in’ again, with British residents looking to find out more about the cities they’ve never visited despite them never being more than a few hours away by road or rail (or air if they so wish).


The likes of London and Edinburgh have always been popular with overseas tourists because of their history and traditions, but now the two capitals are growing in popularity with UK-based holiday makers too.


Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, York, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Norwich are also growing in popularity with people venturing to take in the sights, marvel in the history and to finally tick the venue off their “must go” list.

My Amazing Tips for Making Cleaning Less Time-Consuming


Toms Baugis

Cleaning your home is a necessary evil. While some people enjoy, most of us find it boring, at the very least. Even if you’re lucky enough to split the tasks down the middle with your partner or delegate some of the easier ones to the kids, it’s still not fun. It can take up a lot of your spare time, especially if you put it off until the weekend. What should be your free time gets eaten up by all the chores you haven’t done during the week. But you can make cleaning less time-consuming if you know how to do it. Use these techniques to stop cleaning taking over your life.

Don’t Let Clutter Pile Up

Before you get out your cleaning supplies, you have to tidy up all the clutter that has built up during the day and week. But if you don’t let it all build up in the first place, you won’t need to tidy it away. To achieve a magical clutter-free home, everyone has to be more strict with themselves. Don’t just drop a book or magazine onto the coffee table, instead put it away or recycle it. Get the kids into the habit of putting away their toys before they get out another one and have plenty of storage around the house to stow things away, out of sight.

Use the Right Products

What you use to clean could make a huge different to how much effort you have to put in, from your vacuum cleaner to clothes and cleaning solutions. If you use something inadequate, you could end up putting in more effort, cleaning for longer or needing to clean more often. Make sure you invest in a vacuum cleaner that works for you, comparing different products like the Shark Navigator vs. Shark Rotator vs. Shark Rocket. Try out different products and read reviews, as well as looking for tips about the best way to use the products you have. You want to make the most of them.

Clean Little By Little

When it gets to the weekend, and your to-do list is full of enormous tasks, it can feel a bit overwhelming. It’s much better to break down your chores into smaller tasks to make them more manageable, and clean as you go. Instead of writing down “clean the bathroom”, you can split it into cleaning the shower, toilet and basin. It will make a longer list of things to do, but you’ll whizz through each task.

Make Sure Everyone’s Pitching In

In this modern age, it’s not far for the lady of the house to do all the cleaning. Of course, if your partner works full-time and you don’t, you might do a bit more of the housework. But everyone in the house should pitch in to keep things going, whether it’s cleaning or DIY. You can get the kids to help too, even if they’re only small. Little ones can put their toys away, wipe a table or put some of the groceries in the kitchen cupboards.

Housework doesn’t have to control your life. If you feel like it’s eating up all your spare time, use these tips to get your life back.

How To Run A Fantastic Fundraising Campaign For Your Kids School

There are a number of reasons your child’s school may need to make some extra cash. They could be looking to buy some new equipment to improve your child’s education. Or, they may be looking to expand their premises to provide a better education for more children. Either way you may want to do your part. Rather than donate you might volunteer in helping organise fundraising activities. Or, you may think about doing your own fundraising and giving the school your earnings. Let’s look at the best ways you can do this.

Use Your Skills

The easiest way to raise money is to pick something that you are great at. Perhaps your skill lies in the kitchen. If that is the case why not bake some delicious goods for sale? Adults and children alike will loving buying them to make their lunch hours extra tasty. You may be a keen runner during your spare time. In which case you can get people to sponsor you doing an activity such as a marathon. Whatever your forte there is sure to be a way you can use it to make some money for your desired charity.


Make It Fun

If you make fundraising fun, you are more likely to get attention. People are attracted to others getting involved in exciting activities. One example of this is the classic getting sponsored for shaving your hair off. It does not have to be your hair. You can get your kids involved and have them take the leap. They will gain a lot of support from their classmates for doing so and learn that looks are not everything. They will see they can help people by putting others first.

Promote Like Crazy

If you have a blog use it to your advantage. Post about your fundraising activities online. It does not matter if you do not have a website. You can set one up. Or, most of us have FaceBook and Twitter. You can use both of these sites to spread the word and let people know what is happening. You can do this to help your private fundraising activity or let people know your school is looking for donations.

Give People An Incentive To Fund

Think about giving people a reason to donate. You can recommend this to the school. It is human nature to want to be remembered. This is believed this is one of the reasons religion is such a powerful force that people want to believe in. They like the idea of their lives meaning more. A way people make sure they are remembered is literally leaving their mark on the world. You can help them do this by showing their donation for all to see. Check out This service offers to give your donors the chance to have the memory of their input into the charity last forever.

Teach The Children Life Skills

Finally, you can using fundraising to teach your children the value of hard work. You can help them feel good about others and encourage them to help their school and community. It is a fantastic way of getting them more involved in services that help them.

Securing Financing for Your Family Vehicle

New Car 3

Getting a car for your sixteenth birthday may be the best gift ever, but buying a car can be a tedious and difficult process. For most people, buying a car isn’t a simple decision and, aside from a house, it’s probably the most expensive thing a family will ever buy. According to CAR-Research XRM, choosing the right vehicle for the family’s needs and finances means considering a great number of variables. In most cases, people shopping for a new car don’t have the money to pay in cash and will pay for the car on a payment plan, either from the dealer or through a direct loan with a bank, finance company, or credit union. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about securing financing for your family vehicle.

Vehicle Financing Options

There are two options for financing a vehicle: dealership financing and direct lending.

Dealership Financing

When choosing vehicle financing through a dealership, the buyer simply enters into a contract with the dealer to repay the amount of the loan, plus interest, over a set period of time. This type of financing can be convenient, since you can take care of it right there on the day you sign the paperwork, and might grant you access to special deals or incentive programs.

Dealership financing isn’t without its drawbacks, though. It’s worth noting that even you sign a contract for financing through a dealership, it is common practice for that contract to be sold to a bank or finance company (the assignee), which then handles all account transactions and payments.

Direct Lending Advantages & Disadvantages

Direct lending, in contrast, is done by taking out a loan directly from the bank, finance company, or credit union. The payment works similarly, with the amount being paid over an agreed upon period of time along with interest and fees. Once the contract is drawn up with the bank, the loan can then be used to pay for the vehicle.

Most consumers choose to take out a loan directly from a bank, credit agency or lender. For those with good credit, this option often offers the best interest rates. Working directly with the bank can offer a number of benefits including security, familiarity with the lending agency, and the ability to compare and choose from a broad range of loan terms available from a number of institutions.

Advantages of Direct Lending

Choosing to finance a car purchase through a loan from a bank gives the person the ability to shop around for the best lenders. With a little bit of research, buyers can rule out loans with high interest rates, seek out institutions with a good reputation and ultimately find the best loan for their family’s needs. Banks also offer a number of additional services when issuing car loans, such as helping with mortgages or applying a home equity line of credit for the loan. Many banks even give pre-approved car loans so the person knows exactly what they can afford before they even set foot in the dealership to browse.

Direct Lending Drawbacks

There are, of course, some possible downsides to choosing a bank loan. Some banks aren’t particularly keen on making auto loans and may offer unfavorable interest rates to discourage individuals, or banks may not want to finance customers with whom they don’t already have a history. Furthermore, dealing with a third-party for the loan may not be as convenient as just dealing directly with the dealership, or there could be incentives offered by the dealership that make financing through them a better choice.

The best advice for securing financing for your family’s vehicle is to do your research. Make sure you’re familiar with all the financial jargon you might come across and read up on the options available to you. With a little bit of legwork in advance, you’ll be better prepared to secure financing for a family vehicle.

This article was contributed on behalf of CAR-Research XRM, a company that helps you do business. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

Make Moving House Easier With These Simple Steps

Relocating can be stressful. There is so much to think about. If you have children, you are worried about finding a new school. If you are trying to move to a bigger house, you want as much for your old property as possible. You have to look at the new neighborhood and decide whether you can imagine living there. Then there is the anxiety, wondering whether you left anything behind. Did you make the right decision? It all starts to build up. But we can help you with that. We have got some tips on how to make the move far easier in different ways.

Finding Your New Home

1) Research

You should be doing a lot of investigation into where you are moving too. Perhaps you already know where you are going. Some moves are not by choice. You may need to relocate because of your job. But if you are moving for another reason consider plenty of different areas. Even if you have to find a house in a specific place, there will still be different neighbourhoods to visit. Different schools to look at. We suggest starting off with a company like New Home Finder. This will help you get a feel for the type of houses you will be looking at. You can search homes in a place like Hull and look at your options.

    2)  The House Market

Remember, the housing market may be poor when you are starting to think about buying a new home. If it is, you may want to wait. The housing market always improves. It goes up and down. All you have to do is make sure you are buying at the right time. If in doubt, then speak to someone in the field.

   3) Include Your Family

We know ultimately it will be your decision. You will be taking the responsibility. But you need to realise that this move is going to affect your family. If you have children, they are going to lose contact with their old friends. They will need to make new social connections and adjust to life in a new community. Get them on board with the idea as soon as you can. When you look at new houses, encourage them to think about what room they would like. Talk about the advantages that will matter to them. For instance, perhaps a bigger home means you can finally get that dog?

   4) Take Your Time

Do not rush. If you are on a deadline to do your best to forget about it. This is a huge commitment that you are taking. You need to consider all your options carefully. You are going to a new place and making a new home. You need to know that you will know that your family will be happy wherever you move to.

Easily Increasing Your House Value

1) Tidy Up

Ensuring that you are getting the best value for your house is one way of reducing stress. You would be surprised how simple increasing the value is. First, clean your home from top to bottom. Tidy up the mess and put the dog outside while you get up all those hairs. Make it shine. Make it smell nice. Your home does not need to be luxurious to get a good sale. It just needs to look the part.

    2) Create a family atmosphere

You want to leave one or two toys around the house so that it looks lived in. When people come to look at the house make sure your children are polite. Have them engaged in a family activity like playing a board game or games console?  Put the kettle on and ask the potential buyers to sit down and relax. Talk up the neighbourhood. You may even want to introduce them to the people who will be living next door. Suggest a door of the neighborhood and any local attractions. You can even bake some cakes. Do not start packing up your home until you have made a sale. It needs to look like a place a family will be happy.

Do remember that these are all mind tricks. They make the buyer want the home because they can see themselves living there. Be aware that when you look at buying a house they will be used on you. Now you are aware of it, you can see through the family-time display a lot of sellers use.

    3) DIY

Do not spend a fortune on a professional unless there are serious problems with your house. But do try to fix some of the simpler things yourself. All you need to fix a broken fence is a slab of wood, a lick of paint and some nails. Unclog any drains and clean out the cutters. Consider repainting some rooms if they look a little shoddy. Do anything that is easy and will make your house look more attractive.

Making The Move Stress Free


1) Make It A Holiday

If you are relocating in the middle of the summer, make the most of it. When you go see the house, take some time to explore the area. You may want to stay over for a couple of days you can get a feel for the place. Take your children with you. Investigate the town. All of this will make the move seem far more relaxing.

   2) Plan Ahead

Making a plan is a good option when moving homes. Write everything you need to do down before hand. You can tick it off as you go along. Find a school? Check. Prepare the car? Check. You get the idea. Knowing that you have done these things will ensure you stay calm. Find a good moving company in New York to help you move.

  3) Share The Load

Finally, make sure you are not taking the burden by yourself. Remember you have a family for support. Talk it through with them. Get their opinions on the homes you visit. Talk about the advantages of moving and have some fun. Do not forget to spend some leisure time with your children. It is important that they do not feel like life is revolving around the move. You need to keep them happy.

We hope you find this advice useful when you are moving home. Do not forget that a house does not make a home. That is up to you and your family.

What Should You Do With a Plot of Land?

Perhaps you’ve acquired a plot of land or you’re thinking of purchasing one. What you do with it will depend on the size, government restrictions, and even your budget. There are still multiple things you can do with it, so read on for a few ideas to inspire you.

Build a House

A plot of land could be the right place to build a house. However, you need to check that the land is suitable first. It’ll be a case of checking with the government to ensure that you’re able to build on the plot, or you may have to tear all of your hard work down. Some plots just aren’t suitable for houses to be built on, so bear that in mind. Building a house takes a lot of time, money, and effort. You need to contact an architect to design your dream home, then builders to build it for you. It’s a long process, but you could eventually have your dream home. Just make sure the benefits of you building your own home outweigh the benefits of you buying one. In some cases, you might be better off just buying a house and then decorating it and modifying it to your specifications.

Start a Business

You could potentially start a business with your own plot of land. There are so many you could start; a farm, selling eggs, a campsite – anything! If you’re a bit of an entrepreneur and you feel passionately about an idea, you could turn it into a lucrative business. Just bear in mind you should do it purely for the money – that’s where you’ll fail. You need to start a business you love and feel great about, or the novelty will quickly wear off. Working with a good environmental company could help you prepare the land for your business.

Grow Your Own Vegetables and Flowers

If you want to keep your plot of land to yourself and it isn’t large enough for a business or a house, you could grow your own veg and flowers. This could save you a lot of money if you buy them a lot, so it could still be beneficial to you budget wise.


How to Find the Right Plot of Land

There are so many more things you can do with the right plot of land, so let your imagination guide you. How do you find the right plot of land if you haven’t got one already?

  • Define your requirements. You should know what you want to do with the land before you buy it, how much you’ll spend altogether, and whether you’ll make a profit.
  • Make sure you know the area and do as much research as you can.
  • If you’re looking to build a house, look for houses near by that are similar to one you’d like to build.

Hopefully this post has helped you to think about a plot of land a little more clearly so you can select one or know exactly what to do with the one you have. Good luck!