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Getting Married in Downtown Atlanta

Wedding Ring and Bouquet

If you’re getting ready for that special day in downtown Atlanta, there are probably a host of different considerations to keep in mind. Besides the interior considerations—who’s going, where they’re going to be placed, announcements, and so on, there are also the exterior, formal aspects of your wedding that need to be looked at. While it might seem overwhelming at times, it’s important to remember that your wedding is a unique event, and proper planning at the outset can make everything go smoothly later. Furthermore, a little research will certainly help calm your nerves as well.

The Ceremony

The location of your ceremony is very important, since it’s the most deeply personal consideration you need to decide with your significant other. Unlike the reception, where everybody participates, the ceremony itself is most important for the future spouses, with most of the guests largely acting as spectators. Because of this, there are a variety of different approaches as to where the ceremony will be held. Will it be a small, intimate outdoor ceremony? Will it be a majestic event at a large church? Will it be a guest-friendly, large-scale wedding at an event area in a hall? Can the ceremony and the reception be held close to each other?

In the end, however, every consideration concerning the ceremony should reflect the subject of the wedding: your guests are there for you, and the wedding ceremony is yours. The way it’s done should reflect how you want it to be.

The Reception

Once the ceremony is planned, the biggest part of the wedding, in terms of logistical preparation, will invariably be the reception. Depending on the number of guests that will show up at the reception, this is certainly the part that requires the assistance of either your friends or a professional wedding planner.  After determining the size of the group, seating arrangements, meal planning, entertainment planning, and other possible amenities a specific venue could offer will help give you a gist of the size and style of reception you’re looking for.

In Atlanta, there are a number of downtown venues ideal for wedding receptions, like the Ellis Hotel, that can accommodate any number of requests. A quality reception venue will most likely have a lot of experiences dealing with wedding events, so they will be able to help guide your plan for the perfect reception.

The Honeymoon

Finally, depending on how you’ve planned out your wedding, the honeymoon may be set in either local or far-off location. In some modern cases, the ceremony, reception and honeymoon can all happen in venues near each other. This is, in some ways, the easiest part of the wedding to plan: to a large degree this is where the newlyweds enjoy the beginning of their lives together as a married couple, by the time most or all of the guests have already gone home. While the ceremony and the reception must take others into account, remember that this part is all about you, so make sure to indulge in it and start your new life together on the right foot!


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