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6 Tips for Dating as a Single Parent

Dating is a complicated process most of the time, but one thing that can make it more complicated is trying to date as a single parent. The addition of a child and their needs and feelings can any potential for romance harder to navigate. That doesn’t mean you are destined to never find love again, though.

In the following post we are going to discuss some great tips that will help you have success when using single parent dating sites and other methods of finding love in these modern times.

Complete Honesty

There is no point trying to hide the fact you have children from a previous relationship. It’s best, for you, your child and the person you’re interested in, that you get it out in the open as soon as possible. Although there is stigma attached to being a single parent, it is a good way to discover timewasters early on and people will genuinely appreciate the honesty.

Don’t Try to Be Anyone Else

There is a temptation when you are just started dating again to try and be someone you are not. You might do it so you can hide yourself from the other person or because you want to be a people pleaser. However, it won’t ever get you what you want. It’s much better to be the person you really are. For better or worse, that is you. Warts and all and if someone agree to meet you based on that, keep that in mind.

Enjoy Yourself

No one said it was going to be easy, but part of the process of finding a new partner and potential soulmate is that it’s enjoyable. You are looking to bring something nice and positive into your life, so don’t let the nerves eat away at you so you can’t find the joy in it.

Don’t Shy Away From Talking About Your Children

Another thing single parents often try to avoid doing is talking about their kids on their formative dates with a person. The thought process behind it is that they are scared they will bore the other person to tears. Remember, though, your children are a big part of your life and if the other person is interested in learning more about you, they need to accept that.

Avoid the Guilt

Guilt is something you are going to face. When you are a single parent, every waking moment, even more so than parents with shared responsibility over children, seems to revolve around them. It can be hard when you first take that time out for yourself. It is essential as a parent that you do that from time to time to unwind and not talk about the kind of thins you discuss with your kids on the daily.

Be Patient

You need to learn as much as you can about the other person, especially if you are going to consider taking them into not just your life, but your kid’s life too. However, not everyone is ready to rush into things or Is ready to open as quickly as you might be.


4 Types of Bank Accounts Your Family Should Consider Having

It’s quite possible that you’ve got maybe one or two bank accounts for your family. Are we right? Generally, this will be a checking account and a savings account. However, it may be time to think of an alternative and more comprehensive, but effective way of handling your family’s income, outgoings and banking with several additional accounts.

When you file your important documentation and paperwork, do you file it away all in one cluttered and messy pile or drawer? It’s likely you don’t, if you take care. You probably keep everything filed like with like and in some sort of order. You can do the same with your finances and although it may seem like overkill it can help to have more than just the standard one or two. In the following post we will discuss some of the bank accounts you should have that you probably didn’t realise you should have. Take these ideas into consideration when you are next looking for accounts from banks near Austin Tx.

Emergency Savings for the Family Account

A good rule of thumb when it comes to savings for your family is that you should contribute 20%of your family income to an emergency savings account. This should be used for exactly what the name suggests – emergencies. We’re talking last resort stuff here. Never use it to pay off debt or any other problems you could, in theory, resolve with other solutions.

Ideally, you want to make sure you have access to at least between 6-months and a year’s worth of money to live off if the proverbial hits the fan.

Family Saving Account for Non-Emergencies

Look at this account as a sort of holding tank. This is a savings account for your family you can use whenever you want or need to. You should aim to have at least 3-months of money in there that will support your family in the event of a slight and short-term emergency or crisis. You should be looking to use it for saving those pre-payment funds for things like new furniture for your home, repairs, vacations, new cars, down payment on house, weddings etc etc.

Checking Account for the Family Income

You should have a main checking account that acts as a sort of headquarters for your family’s finances. This is where all your income should be directed to first. From here it can then be transferred into the relevant accounts. It is also the place where all your family’s bills will be paid, and you need to make sure the money doesn’t stay in there fore too long. Setting up automatic transfers is a good idea, or you would be more likely to spend it (if you can access it, you will spend it).

Separate Husband and Wife Checking Accounts

Although it may seem a little old fashioned, this is a great way to create responsibility and accountability for each parent. By having a checking account with a monthly budget, there is a spending limit for each partner, so that no-one is dipping into the family’s account for their own stuff.

Why You Should Choose Clothing as Gifts

We all love giving gifts almost as much as we love receiving them. There is an amazing joy that comes from choosing something for someone you love, knowing they are going to really like it and seeing their face when they do. However, it’s not always easy. This is something we can all attest to. There are always those people in our lives…whether they are relatives, close or distant or close friends and acquaintances.

It can turn the whole lovely experience of buying for those important people in your life a lot more stressful. Especially if they are the type of people who really seem to have everything. If you are in a bind though, we may have a great idea in the form of matching clothing.

A Great Gift To Highlight a Great Relationship

Matching clothes are a great way to highlight a strong relationship between members of the same family. You can get lots of different options for different people and different relationships. Got and uncle or aunt who has a close relationship with their niece or nephew? You could bring attention to their special relationship with t-shirts that have their title on two halves of the same love heart. So that when they are together it makes a complete heart.

Very cute and very appealing to family members who have a deep affection for one another and a close bond.

T-Shirts and Clothing With Humour

If that sounds way too sappy, you could instead opt for something that includes a humorous sentiment. Without going too far in the other end of the spectrum, it still encapsulates the strong relationship, but with more of a funny side to it. For instance, there are matching clothes for a mother and daughter. With the mom’s version saying, ‘Mother of a Princess’ and the daughter equivalent with ‘Daughter of a Queen’ emblazoned on it.

Other fun options would be to have t-shirts for children, whether it’s nieces, nephews, sons or daughters that say humorous statements like ‘Don’t make me call my (insert family member title)’

Even Couples Are Catered For

It’s not just children and their adult relatives who are catered for with these fun matching clothes gifts. Couples are catered for too with matching t-shirts like the ones that say ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey’ on the front. Although they don’t always have to wear them together at the same time, we must admit it does look rather awesome and more than a bit adorable when they do.

Don’t forget the Family Pet

You can even get funny dog and cat-specific clothing these days as great gifts for the animal lovers in your life.

The great thing about buying clothes as a gift for people is that not only do, they convey a loving and positive sentiment, but they are also incredibly practical too. We all need clothes and one that has been chosen specifically that pertains specifically to a person can make a bigger impact. We certainly can never have enough t-shirts and other pieces of clothing. If this sounds like a good idea for the next gifts you need to buy, see here.