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Find Yourself and Rebuild Confidence After a Divorce


You never imagined it would happen. Yet, here you are today dealing with the fact that you’re divorced. You loved your former spouse, but for whatever reason, things simply didn’t work out. To top it all off you have children together and the separation has taken a toll on them.

You’re trying to hold it together as best you can for your children, but the truth is you’ve suffered a loss. You likely don’t know much about life outside of being a wife and a mother. As a result, your confidence about being a single parent and finding love again is in the toilet.

It’s Time to Take Care of You

As a mother, you’re used to putting the needs of your children before your own. However, failing to take care of yourself after going through a divorce will only drive your confidence and esteem down. Yes, you do need to be there for your kids by spending time with them, developing new routines, and helping them with the transition, but at some point, you have to take care of you. Ask friends and family to support you with the kids right now while you work on yourself.

Rebuild Your Confidence

You question your judgment and likely the last few years of your life. This is all-natural, but after you’ve come to terms with the fact that your marriage has ended life must go on. It’s time to change your mindset by improving the way you think of yourself inside and out.

Accept it For What it Was

The first step to rebuilding your confidence is accepting your divorce for what it was. Though no one gets married with the intention that it will end, sometimes things don’t work out. Look at the lessons that you learned from being married. Hold onto the good times, especially gifts like your children. Most importantly, let go of the negativity because all that pent up energy will only hold you down. Your divorce wasn’t a failure, it was a chapter in your life.

Hang With Friends

Though being alone at times is good for your emotional wellbeing, too much time alone can be detrimental. Your friends can help you remember just how amazing you are. So, take some time to hang with your friends. You don’t have to spend it talking about the divorce either. Instead, do things you guys love that remind you of happy times. Go dancing, have a spa day, go on a weekend trip, just being with your friends again can boost your esteem.

Get in the Gym

A great way to boost your confidence and get a killer revenge body going is to hit the gym. It’s a productive way to blow off some steam and come out feeling energized, healthier, and in good spirits.

Cosmetic Changes

Are there things about your body you simply don’t like? Maybe your skin is starting to sag or your breasts never tightened back up after your second or third child? Whatever the case may be, those things can really drag down your confidence. If you have the means to do so and have tried other alternatives in the past, perhaps there are some Beverly Hills cosmetic procedures that could give you the body you’ve always wanted.

Get a New Wardrobe

There’s nothing like a new outfit to make a woman feel confident. Time to ditch the worn-out mom clothes sitting in your closet and trade them in for some more trendy (but still classy) fashions. Have fun finding your personal style with the added bonus that you don’t have to impress anyone but yourself!

Set New Goals

Just because your marriage ended doesn’t mean your life has to. You still have goals and dreams you want to accomplish. While it may take you a bit more time or some adjustments to do this on your own, it is still achievable. Write down the things you want to accomplish, then create small goals to help you get to the bigger picture.

Divorce, whether an amicable split or a violent ending is never easy to go through. It’s the loss of a relationship that at one point you held near and dear to your heart. It can make you doubt everything in life, particularly, yourself. Not to mention, transitioning back into single life – especially when you have children can be draining. Don’t let this moment in time define the rest of your life. Start taking care of yourself and rebuilding your confidence with the advice provided above.

6 Tips for Dating as a Single Parent

Dating is a complicated process most of the time, but one thing that can make it more complicated is trying to date as a single parent. The addition of a child and their needs and feelings can any potential for romance harder to navigate. That doesn’t mean you are destined to never find love again, though.

In the following post we are going to discuss some great tips that will help you have success when using single parent dating sites and other methods of finding love in these modern times.

Complete Honesty

There is no point trying to hide the fact you have children from a previous relationship. It’s best, for you, your child and the person you’re interested in, that you get it out in the open as soon as possible. Although there is stigma attached to being a single parent, it is a good way to discover timewasters early on and people will genuinely appreciate the honesty.

Don’t Try to Be Anyone Else

There is a temptation when you are just started dating again to try and be someone you are not. You might do it so you can hide yourself from the other person or because you want to be a people pleaser. However, it won’t ever get you what you want. It’s much better to be the person you really are. For better or worse, that is you. Warts and all and if someone agree to meet you based on that, keep that in mind.

Enjoy Yourself

No one said it was going to be easy, but part of the process of finding a new partner and potential soulmate is that it’s enjoyable. You are looking to bring something nice and positive into your life, so don’t let the nerves eat away at you so you can’t find the joy in it.

Don’t Shy Away From Talking About Your Children

Another thing single parents often try to avoid doing is talking about their kids on their formative dates with a person. The thought process behind it is that they are scared they will bore the other person to tears. Remember, though, your children are a big part of your life and if the other person is interested in learning more about you, they need to accept that.

Avoid the Guilt

Guilt is something you are going to face. When you are a single parent, every waking moment, even more so than parents with shared responsibility over children, seems to revolve around them. It can be hard when you first take that time out for yourself. It is essential as a parent that you do that from time to time to unwind and not talk about the kind of thins you discuss with your kids on the daily.

Be Patient

You need to learn as much as you can about the other person, especially if you are going to consider taking them into not just your life, but your kid’s life too. However, not everyone is ready to rush into things or Is ready to open as quickly as you might be.


Why You Must Use Dedicated Divorce Lawyers

Undergoing a divorce is an unpleasant, stressful and difficult procedure, and one that nobody wants to endure. Unfortunately, marriages do break down – for a wide variety of reasons – and things need to be legalised and official. It’s a sad time for all – and an upsetting one not just for the couple involved, but for children and other associated family also. There is a lot to think about, and it can be a lengthy procedure.

Divorce laws can be complex; you need to agree on so many things – the children, of course, plus property, assets and perhaps even business partnerships. Then there’s the financial side of things, which needs to be sorted carefully and agreed between all parties concerned. All of this means you need to engage the services of a professional, and good divorce lawyers will be able to help you come to all the necessary agreements quickly, effectively and with as little stress as possible, while also getting you the best deal!

What to Look For

If you are in need of a divorce lawyer, you need to ensure you engage one with the relevant experience, and also one who you are certain will work towards an agreement that is satisfactory to you and other parties involved. Here’s a handy checklist of things you should consider when choosing your divorce lawyer:

  • Relevant experience: you need your divorce lawyer to be precisely that, a lawyer who specializes in divorce proceedings. This is very important as it is a tricky and confusing area of the law for a layman, and only full understanding will help.
  • Proven track record: what has your divorce lawyer handled in the past? Can he or she demonstrate success in the courtroom? Feel free to ask, they will be more than happy to answer.
  • Feel comfortable: divorce proceedings can be very personal and uncomfortable. You need to make sure you feel OK talking about things that may be a bit close to the bone with someone you don’t really know, and that they will be discreet.
  • Open and sensible rates: make sure they are clear about what you will need to pay, and any extras that may be added for certain reasons.
  • Free consultation: any good divorce lawyer – or other – will offer you an initial free consultation at which you can outline your situation and ask any questions you may have about their service.

You may have friends of family members who have recently endured a divorce; ask around as to the success of their chosen divorce lawyer, as you may get recommendations that make the choice somewhat easier.

Think of a divorce lawyer as someone who takes all the difficult parts of the process and knits them together to get the right conclusion. A good one is a highly-killed individual who will be able to treat your case as unique to you, and who will help you reach the right agreement as painlessly as possible, so look around and choose carefully.

Are You a Single Mom? Here’s Why Sexting Can Be a Good Thing!

Now before you all get carried away on a wave of concern, we know that sexting – the sending of racy or sexual content through one of the many texting networks – has a bad press, but that’s pretty much exclusively when it’s used by kids or those too young to understand what they’re getting into. Let’s face it, as responsible adults, we know our limits, and we know what we’re dong when we send a text – or even have a conversation – that is a little sexy or flirtatious.

In this article we are looking at why sexting can be great for single moms, so we’re talking to adults here. Sexting is simply sending a message, a picture, a video or any content that has an erotic or, for want of a better word, naughty nature. Now, consider the single mom: she has her hands full with work all day, or housework, and then picks the kid (or kids) up from school or the childminder and it starts all over again.

In her pre-child days she will have enjoyed a night out with the girls, a few drinks at a club and probably got chatted up by a few guys. She may even have arranged a date or perhaps gone home with a man. That’s how easy it was for her before she became a mom. Now, single again and in need of a partner and wanting to have a fun, enjoyable sex life, she doesn’t have the time to go out, and nor can she afford it, as much as she used to, and when she does get the chance, it’s for a few drinks with the girls before she has to go home to the children.

If this is you, you’re far from alone; it’s every young single mum around. It’s happening all the time, and it’s a drag. You love your kids, of course, but once in a while, you wish there was a man around to take some of the strain off you. So, like the rest of us, you join a dating site, or you sign up to Tinder, or you meet someone on Snapchat – and you get talking. Now is the time to think – how sexy, flirtatious, or how provocative do I want to get?

That’s where sexting comes in, so let’s have a look at it in a little more detail.

When To Start Sexting

There is an obvious point where a conversation or relationship takes a turn towards the racier side, where it becomes acceptable to say things that are personal and provocative. Where this point is in your relationship is determined by you. It may be you have had a couple of dates with the guy and like him, perhaps you think he could be the one, and you want to take things further.

If you can’t see him every day, the wonders of technology mean that you can talk to him whenever you want – and you can send him pictures that might give him the message you want him to get! How racy and how direct you want to be is up to you, and there is some great information on what to do – and what not to do – when sexting in this excellent guide to the subject.

Of course, he may be the first one to start the ball rolling. He might send you a steamy picture or say something that is a little bit beyond the norm. This is when you have to decide how far you want things to go with your sexting. For the record, be aware that it is not just single people who sext; research has proven that many couples, married and otherwise, frequently sext each other and find it helps their sex life and relationship. In relationships where one partner is away a lot of the time, it is a very common way of keeping things together.

Let’s say you want to start sexting with someone, and you’re pretty sure they want the same, what’s the next step?

What to Do, and What Not to Do

The first thing we want to talk about is sexting pictures. There are risks to sending pictures that are of an intimate nature. We all know of someone who, having sent a boyfriend a very sexy nude, then spilt up, and the picture was circulated among others. Some people are malicious enough to do that, so it’s always worth bearing in mind. However, the majority of such pictures are kept between lovers – that’s what they are for, and that’s what you hope will happen.

The first thing to think about when sending pictures – especially nudes – is keeping your identity hidden in the event that your picture does somehow get into the public arena, perhaps by hacking or on a lost phone. It’s always a good idea not to send pictures with your face showing, or any identifying marks.

Furthermore, before you send nude pictures – or any for that matter – ask the guy if he’s OK with it. If you don’t he may think you’re coming on too strong, and he’ll be away in a shot. Rest assured that most men like getting sexy pictures of a woman they’re into, and that doesn’t mean it has to be nude, so in the first instance dig out that pretty negligee you’ve been waiting for an occasion for!

The guide we have linked to includes some great information about safety when sexting – and that must be at the forefront of your mind at all times – but also educates you more on the benefits. Being able to send someone sexy pictures and messages is a sign of a relationship that is going somewhere, and if he responds in kind, you know you might have something special.

For the single moms out there, when you find the right guy, take it slowly, but remember that sexting is a great way of pushing a relationship along to the next stage.

With Family Orbit Your Children Are Never Really Out of Your Sight or Protection

We live in a modern world where technology is a huge part of our everyday life. Most children these days are adept at and enjoy making use of the advances in technology. While the use of a laptop, tablet and depending on their age, smartphone, can be of great benefit to them; it also opens them up to further dangers.

Addressing Very Real Problems

If you are concerned about these dangers, and who really wouldn’t be? Dangers that include cyberbullying and other firms of harassment are rife among young people today. These are the very real risks your children face each time they long and navigate through the online world, you will want to do all you can. However, what is the best approach? There is a line of thought, as with many problems in life, that prevention is the best form of protection.

Introducing Family Orbit

You can use a new child monitoring and parental control app known as Family Orbit as the prevention. This app allows you to, in a non-intrusive and non-disruptive way, monitor your child’s activities online, whether it’s on social media, email or gaming. This means that nothing is left secret or to fester and have negative effects on not just their self-esteem but their mental health and even physical well-being.

When children are harassed, they can so easily become depressed and withdrawn which can have far-reaching consequences and effects that may even stay with them into their adult life. However, using Family Orbit you can stop these issues in their tracks before they take root in your child.

Easy to Use

With the incredibly clever app you can easily locate, monitor and successfully protect all members of your family – particularly the most vulnerable. It enables you to stay connected directly to them always and when you need to, you can locate where they are exactly, share photos and messages with them and vice versa and contact them when an emergency arises.

Further Benefits

The benefits don’t stop there. Do you have a teenager who has recently learned how to drive and passed their test? Are you worried about the possibility that they may not be adhering to the speed limit when they are our from under your watchful eyes? You can use Family Orbit to set an alert that will sound whenever they exceed the speed limit. Although it won’t stop them from speeding, it does alert you to bad habits they may be forming and gives you the information you need to put a stop to it and enforce stricter and safer road safety and driving.

Many parents feel as if they can’t always be there to watch what their children do when their backs are turned. However, with Family Orbit, that’s exactly what they can do. The nice thing is that it does not restrict your children in a negative or unpleasant way, it is just something that can be operating in the background without causing any disruption unless it’s necessary.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men



Turning 40 is a major event because this new decade brings a lot of changes in one’s life. Especially for men, it can be a turning point in life when things are mostly settling down and the concentration is more on the family. Either way, we know how difficult and confusing it can get to buy a gift for a man. One, because of the limited choices and two, men aren’t really choosy so they might accept whatever you get but you wish to get the best for them which is a little more than a nod at least. Because gifts should definitely garner some appreciation. It is satisfaction for people who are offering it.

So, if your mind is also blocked between a tee and a shirt or a trouser or a pair of jeans, you are definitely not on the right track of gifting. But here’s a little help for you. We have listed down some unusual gift items as well as the usual ones with a little twist. We have some innovative products, some essentials and some hobby gift that is perfect for somebody of age 40. After all, this age calls for some time investment towards hobbies and extra activities that keeps your mind active at all times.

Dual sided cologne

There are many men who are really obsessed and are careful about the way they smell and hence love to have a collection of deodorant or perfumes that keeps them fresh and fragrant. So, you can get them a 2 in one cologne which is dual sided. One side of which has a roll on and the other has a spray. Depending, on ones, uses they can use either the roll on or the spray. If you are looking for birthday gifts for your husband then definitely you should atleast have such thing in the gift bucket.

Remote control pillow

One such problem that we face a lot of the time in our household is to find the remote to the TV or DVD player. These remotes are so small that they can be left at different places and we seem to never remember it where we left it last. So, to not stress yourself from searching it there is a new innovation of a smart pillow which also acts as a remote control to your appliances.

Cocktail maker

Men love their drinks to be crafted in a way that is exquisite as well as has a fine taste that suits his personality. The cocktail maker comes with a lot of attachments that help you brew the perfect cocktail with different spirits. You can also crush fresh fruits into it with the help of the juicer setting in it. Isn’t it perfect for his bar table?

Musical sleeping  aid

As we grow, so does our responsibilities in life which causes us a lot of stress. Ths imay sometimes lead to long working hours and stuff that can lead to a sleeping problem at times. But like our body, our brain needs to be tamed and trained too. Thus, you can gift him a sleeping aid that has an LED light and a musical theme that will help him to attain a peaceful sleep.

Fishing kit

40th is the time when you are more relaxed in life and you do not have much of a burden to set your career or so. Thus, it is the time to invest yourself in activities that become a part of your hobby. Fishing is one of the activities that are really fun and a great time pass. You can get your friend a fishing kit with all the gears and equipment and might as well tag along with him.

Swimming kit

Sometimes the working hours combined with the home time rarely leaves you with time to workout at the gym. 40th is an age when it is the time to start thinking about your body too. If you are wary of the gyms and movement form of exercises, then one should indulge himself in a sport. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports which is fun too. Thus, you can get him a swimming gear to motivate him to adopt it as a hobby.

These were some suitable gift options to consider but you can also find some more 40th Birthday gift ideas for men.

7 Special Gifts for Your Best Friend’s Birthday



What to gift your friends on their birthdays? This is one common question in almost everyone’s mind. Do you also have that question in your mind? You may have a lot of friends in your life, but only a few friends will get close to your heart. Best friends are very special and they share a lot of things. Many people think that a best friend is a person who a lot of things in common with you, but there are some best friends who are quite opposite to each other, but still are friends forever. On their birthday, it is your responsibility to make the day special for them. You need to plan some special gifts. If you are confused, here is a small list of some really awesome best friend birthday gift options.

Box of beauty Goodies

This is a good choice for the girls. If you want to make your friend really happy with a gift, then what can be more special and surprising than beauty goodies. Every girl like beauty stuff and when you give a box of beauty goodies, they will just love the gift. Add something that she really likes to use, choose the brands according to her choice.

Our Adventure book

Friends always do a lot of adventurous things in their life. If you are having memories of those adventures captured in your camera, then try to make a lovely adventure book out of it. You add some notes to each picture about how special is that picture. If possible and if you remember, write down the dates across each picture. Your friend will love it for sure and this is going to be a more special gift if you both are away from each other or meeting each other after a long time. If you are looking for real special gifts for your best friend’s birthday, then go with this gift.

Electric Aromatherapy

An electric aromatherapy oil dispenser is a good choice for your friends. All they need to do is just add some aromatic oil like rose, sandal, lavender or something of your choice to the dispenser and the dispenser will do the rest for you. After a stressful day at work, this aromatherapy is going to be very useful for your friend. Your friend will get a feel of spa even at home with this aromatherapy.

Nice guitar

A Guitar is a good gift for your best friend if they are music lovers or they like to play this kind of music instruments. If your friend is already having a guitar, then get something advanced, which can help him learn something new.

Wooden Wine Glasses

Usually, guys will love this kind of gift. If you both like to have a drink together and if you have spent years doing this, then why not present them a set of wooden wine glasses. A unique and special customized wine glasses just for you and your friend.

Noise cancelling headphones

This is a gifting option for best friends of any age. Noise cancelling headphones are a good choice for those who keep travelling all the time. They will be able to enjoy some lovely music even when they are travelling without any sort of noise or disturbance from outside. Music lovers will love this gift for sure.

Spa Coupons – A day to pamper themselves

You can gift a spa coupon of their favorite spa or spa treatment. On their birthday, let them pamper themselves and enjoy a day without any kind of work or stress. There are a number of spa gift cards available depending on what kind of treatment you are choosing. You can either choose the treatment and gift that card or you can just take a card of certain amount and let your friend choose the spa treatment themselves.

Best friends are forever and hence you should make sure that you give Special Birthday gifts to your Best Friend. Your relationship with a best friend is more than what you have with your family. You share more thing with each other than you share with your family. So, do not ignore your friends, even when you are busy, at least on the special occasions.  You can send the gifts online if you are busy or far away from them.

How to Deal with Your Children During a Separation



Sometimes marriages and partnerships break down; this can be a difficult time for both of you and your children as well. You can both get so engrossed in the problems you are having that it can be easy to ignore and forget about how your children are feeling. If you are in a similar situation, here are a few tips for dealing with your children’s feelings during the tricky time of a separation or divorce.

Try Not to Put Them Between You

Many parents use their children as a messenger, especially if they are living apart. Although you might think there is no problem doing so, in fact, this type of communication via your children can have an impact on their feelings. They might have to say things to their parents that make them upset or anxious, and it also places a burden on them that they shouldn’t have to deal with at any age. To minimise any problems, you need to discuss things in private or via email. Things that involve the children can be discussed as a group with all of the family members there because this then gives them the opportunity to ask questions.

Understand Their Feelings About Both of You

Even though the two of you can no longer live together, your children will still love you equally. For that reason, you should try to understand that they might not share the feelings you might have for your partner. It can be easy to talk to your children about the separation and perhaps say negative things about your partner, but this can make your kids feel awkward and upset. You should also avoid taking your kids to the family solicitor London, so they don’t have to hear negative things about their parents. If you have feelings that you want to share, try talking to a therapist or someone you trust rather than talking to your children.

Take Time to Listen to Your Kids

A period like this in your children’s lives can cause a great amount of turmoil. They won’t always understand what’s happening, and they might form ideas that aren’t true. That is why it is vital that you are there for them and that they can ask you about what’s happening. Allow them to talk and to express how they feel, try not to dismiss their feelings, but also try to let them know that things will be ok. Both parents should do this in case one of your children want to confide on one of you and not the other.

Avoid Asking Too Many Questions

When your children spend time with the other parent, you should think of this time as visiting an aunt or uncle. You should ask them fun questions about their stay but try not to grill them or ask about what your partner did. It will make them feel uneasy and in an impossible position.

Separation is never easy, but if you can all try to be as open and approachable as possible, it will make it a lot easier for your kids.

Beautiful Engagement Rings for Women


Engagement rings for women are beautiful, detailed and come in many different styles. While Eco Diamond® offers hundreds and hundreds of styles with tons of variations available for each style once you factor in precious metal choice and center stone shape and size, we definitely see some specific trends and have put together a list of the most popular styles so far in 2018.

The number one most popular engagement ring style now or of all times is the simple classic solitaire.  The solitaire engagement ring is available in lots of variations, but an all-time winner is the solitaire engagement ring in yellow gold.  Classic and simple, while white gold engagement rings have been very popular in recent years, yellow gold engagement rings have proven to stand the test of decade after decade without going out of style.

Second only to the solitaire engagement ring, the single row engagement ring is next on the list of popular engagement ring styles for women.  Like all of our engagement rings, Eco Diamond’s® single row engagement rings are available in 10 karat white and yellow gold, 14 karat white, yellow or rose gold, 18 karat white and yellow gold, palladium and platinum.  Create yours in a variety of single row styles and choose the center stone carat weight that fits her best.

Next, we’re seeing vintage engagement ring styles rising in popularity.  In this category especially, we’re seeing lots of yellow gold engagement rings.  Both yellow and white gold play beautifully with the charming details of our vintage engagement ring styles, and we’re even seeing lots of rose gold too. The beading detail seen in our vintage style rings paired with classic elements make for instant classics.

Split Shank engagement rings are also really popular this year.  Available featuring a variety of center stone shapes, the split shank engagement ring provides a little more sparkle than a single row engagement ring does, and still has clean, simple lines.

For more details on this year’s most popular engagement rings for women contact our team by phone, email or our convenient live chat function.

Check also engagement rings on the website:

When Might Divorce Be A Good Thing?

For most people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives, apart from the birth pf their children. Marriages are such a beautiful thing that the thought of ending one makes some people shudder at the thought. Of course, in a perfect world we would find a partner and stay with them forever. However, this is not a Disney movie, and some people do not find their happily ever after at the first time of asking. It is inevitable that some marriages will breakdown, and that is a sad thought. However, it is also a necessary one in certain cases.

You Are No Longer In Love

Getting a divorce for the sake of love sounds like a selfish concept, and it is to a degree. When you get married and have kids, there are other people you have to think about, mainly the kids. Children can be affected by the breakdown of their parents’ marriage because they struggle to understand the concept. But, in the long run, your kids will be able to come to terms with the decision. And, you and your partner can free yourself from a potentially unhealthy and toxic situation.

For The Sake Of The Kids

As we have already touched on, most people might think it is better to stay together for the kids. That way, there is no chance of unsettling them and making them unhappy. Children, however, are far more perceptive than many parents give them credit. Yes, they love the fact that their mum and dad are together, but only when they are happy. If the atmosphere at home because miserable and depressing, it will affect their lives. For the sake of your kids, it is sometimes better to get a divorce and start afresh.




You Cannot Love Yourself

Sometimes, it is hard enough to love yourself. There are people in the world who fight a daily battle against confidence and self-esteem and lose. And the sad thing is that some people just don’t have enough love for another person at that juncture in their life. Although marriage is a two-way street, and your partner loves you for who you are, you need to reciprocate. When you cannot reciprocate the feelings that are essential for a marriage to work, it might be time to take a break and think about the future.

Got Hitched Too Soon

There are plenty of examples of people falling in love and moving too soon. In fact, there will continue to be plenty of examples because love is impulsive. Hopefully, a marriage like this will work in the end. But, because you are learning about each other on the job, these marriages can become suffocating. Unfortunately, when you make an impulsive mistake as big as this one, there is only one option: get in touch with family law services.

Now that we live in the twenty-first century, there is nothing wrong with getting a divorce. If you have given it your all but it still doesn’t work, you might have to throw in the towel for the sake of your family.