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Tips For Choosing A Kitchen Sink


One of the most important pieces of kitchen furniture is the sink; it is also one of the busiest.  Therefore, it is important to give proper consideration to finding the best one.  This can be quite tricky, when you are looking at the various sinks available at PlumbTile, so to help we have put together a list of some tips that will help you make the best decision.

Consider The Purpose

Before anything else you need to think about how you intend to use you kitchen sink.  A double sink would be something you should think about if you are a keen home chef.  It will enable you to wash up dishes while draining food at the same time.

Consider The Space

You need to think about the size of sink that suit the dimensions of your kitchen.  Although a particular sink may have caught your eye, if it does not fit under your window, in the corner or on the island unit, it is no good for your kitchen.  Corner sinks in particular are a space saver and a good choice if you have a odd shaped kitchen.

Consider The Size You Need

Think about the size of family you have or how many people share your house with you.  If there lots of people living in your home, a double sink may be a good choice to handle all the utensils, pans, pots and crockery you have to wash up.

Think Of The Taps

Last, buy by no means least, when it comes to choosing taps, an integral and important part of any sink, you need to think not only about the type of spout, but the height of the taps also.   Be sure to ensure that the spots of the taps you choose fit all of the bowls that are part of your sink.

5 Fun Ways to Spend your Mommy Down-Time

Being a mom is wonderful, but sometimes, we just need some time away from the screaming, crying and fighting of the little ones. Luckily, my children are great nappers so every day in the afternoon, I have two quiet hours to myself which I can spend however I want. While sometimes I’ll take advantage of the time to get things done or to rest, there are times when I want to have some fun and enjoy my afternoon!


With that in mind, here are a few fun ways to spend that wonderful mummy down-time:

1. Crafting
I love to craft for the holidays and I find it a lot of fun to either create something completely new and unique, or follow instructions from a craft I found online. It can be such a joy to create a beautiful craft that will adorn the home, and the process itself can be a great way to blow some steam and get the creative juices flowing. Plus, once the kids wake up, they often like to help me out, so I give them small tasks they can handle. It’s a good educational tool and keeps them busy.

2. Watch a movie or TV show
The one thing about parenting that no one tells you is that you can forget about having a favorite TV show or watching the latest movies. You will soon discover that you will either (a) not have the time (b) be too exhausted to watch anything or (c) your movies and TV shows will now be cartoons and children’s shows. So sometimes, I take those two daily hours to sit in front of the television and watch whatever I want! Whether it’s sitcoms, drama, a superhero movie that is not meant for little kids, or even a talk show, it’s enjoyable to watch the screen and let go of responsibilities for a short while.


3. Online games
I love the challenge and adrenaline rush of playing online games, especially casino games, which have been a long time favorite of mine. I used to player card games with my friends long before we all had little ones tugging at our skirts, so now we either play with each other online or I go into casino sites and amp up the excitement by gambling a little. Finding the best online casinos to join is not difficult because there are plenty of reviews and lists online. For more details see where you can find an easy-to-read list of the best casino sites.

4. Call your friends
As busy moms, we tend to forget about our friends, especially those that are not yet moms. For the sake of our sanity, our social life has to reach out beyond play dates with other parents. I like to spend my down-time to catch up with my friends by phone, hear what they are going through, the latest gossip, their relationship issues, and so on. There used to be a time when speaking on the phone with them was a regular occurrence so although we can no longer have that, I still enjoy our sporadic conversations and catch-ups!


5. Zumba
This may sound strange, but I’ve noticed that the best time to exercise at home is during the kids’ naps! I found some amazing Youtube Zumba instructors whose choreography I can follow easily. I watch the videos on full screen, put some sound on, and enjoy about an hour or so of fun Zumba dancing. Not only do I have a fun time with the choreography, it’s also a great work out that keeps me healthy, fit and looking great for my husband and most importantly, for myself!

So there you have it! This is how I spend my mommy down-time when I want to have fun.

Should You See a Psychic to Help with Your Problems?

A psychic reading is something that many people consider at one time or another. However, some people expect psychics to solve all of their problems for them. While a reading can certainly help you, you shouldn’t expect it to eliminate all of your problems completely – psychics aren’t witches or magicians! Read on to learn more about getting help with your problems with psychics:


Image Author: Flickr

Realistic Expectations

When visiting a psychic, you must have realistic expectations. If you don’t, you’ll leave feeling disappointed and confused. While a psychic can give you advice, they can’t predict the exact outcome of a situation and tell you what to do. That’s not how it works.

Problem Solving

Seeing a psychic can help with problem solving as they can help you to weigh up your options and give you a few possible outcomes to a situation. However, they can’t give you all the answers.

Clear Your Head

Feel a little confused? A psychic can help you to understand why you’re feeling so confused, and suggest things you can do about it. You might necessarily understand what they mean at some points, as they might talk to you about your star sign and other things that can affect your mood. In fact, reading a horoscope is a bit like a free psychic reading, so do this to get an insight into your life at the moment.

Know Yourself Better

Feel as if you’re losing sight of who you are? Then you may like to get a reading to guide you down the right path. Astrology can be a great tool for self discovery. You might learn new things about yourself. You may even have things you already knew about yourself confirmed.

Get Some Great Advice

Psychics are a bit like spiritual counsellors. Even though they can’t give you all of the answers, there’s no denying that they can give you great advice.

Enjoy the Surprises in Life

The main thing to remember is that you are supposed to enjoy the surprises in life. Don’t try to know everything before it happens; you’ll suck all of the fun and mysteriousness out of it. Try to stay positive, and remember that like attracts like.

Put Things into Perspective

You may be able to put a situation into perspective better with the help of a psychic. You may have split up with a partner for example, but it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, there are people much worse off than you. They don’t have homes; they are ill, or they are going through a horrible time in their lives. Although you have every right to be sad, don’t blow everything out of proportion.

If you want guidance and advice, then a psychic reading could help you to get a new insight on things. However, if you’re expecting to be told exactly what direction to go in and when, you will be left feeling disappointed. See a psychic to clear your head and get some guidance, but don’t expect the world!