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Why Is Breast Milk Sticky?

Breast milk is one of the most essential and life-sustaining fluids for any baby—but why does it seem so sticky? It’s a fascinating science lesson to understand what makes this liquid both remarkable and surprisingly adhesive. Throughout history, people have known breast milk has unique properties that make breastfeeding easier, but nobody fully understood why until recently. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the complex biochemical makeup of breast milk to uncover the answer behind why is breast milk sticky! From its composition to composition changes under various circumstances and stages in a baby’s growth, explore how nursing mothers can use this knowledge to empower their own experience while feeding their babies.

What makes breast milk sticky and why it’s important to understand

Breast milk is a sticky fluid, but why? It turns out that this seemingly strange characteristic of the milk has a definite purpose. Its stickiness comes from structures known as ‘micelles’ that contain lipids. Micelles provide an infant with vital nutrition through easy digestion and help prevent infection in the stomach and intestines by coating them with a protective layer. Understanding what makes breast milk sticky is essential for uncovering the nutritional complexities of its composition and helping us appreciate its unique health benefits for infants.

The components of breast milk that make it sticky

Breast milk contains proteins and fatty acids, which are the major components of its sticky nature. One of these proteins is alpha-lactalbumin, which is essential for infant growth and functions as an emulsifier that helps mix fat into the milk. The other components, including specific minerals and lipids like oleic acid and sphingomyelin, aid in creating a protective coating in breast milk that helps keep it together. Additionally, while sugar content increases the viscosity or thickness of breastmilk, it primarily aids in balancing out the flavor profile. Together, these components contribute to breast milk’s unique consistency of stickiness, which has vast benefits for the developing baby.

The role of fat and carbohydrates in making breast milk sticky

Breast milk is more than just nutrients for a newborn baby; it also contains essential protective components. Breast milk’s stickiness comes from fat and carbohydrates, which help the baby fight off infections and boost their immune system. Fat molecules are large, making larger droplets of breast milk that become sticky when mixed with saliva in the baby’s mouth. The carbohydrates in breast milk then bind to the fat molecules, creating a sticky coating that helps protect against germs. This unique combination of fat and carbohydrates allows breast milk to be both nutritious and protective at the same time, making it an invaluable resource for developing babies.

How lactose contributes to the stickiness of breast milk

Breast milk is a fantastic liquid, packed with vitamins and nutrients that give babies essential support in their first weeks of life. One of the most interesting questions about this miraculous sustenance is why it is so sticky! It turns out, this slick quality can be attributed to the presence of lactose in breast milk. Lactose, which is essentially a sugar found in milk-based products, helps give breast milk its characteristic stickiness. Generally formed from galactose and glucose molecules, lactose can help keep lipids and proteins together. Additionally, when lactose comes into contact with water – such as saliva during nursing – it forms a coating on the other components that helps create a thin film over even the smallest particles. As a result of this process, the entire milk solution starts to become thick and viscous, enabling it to adhere to surfaces better than water-only solutions could ever do.

The importance of understanding the stickiness of breast milk for breastfeeding infants

Breast milk is incredibly important for the health and wellbeing of infants, so understanding why it is sticky can help both mothers and care providers support breastfeeding more effectively. Breast milk’s stickiness also serves a certain purpose, contributing to its role as an optimal source of nourishment for babies. This stickiness supports the transport of key components such as immune-supporting proteins, antibodies, hormones and fat-soluble vitamins like A, E and D throughout the body. Knowing that breast milk is designed to be sticky provides insight into its incredible value for the development of infants’ immune systems and overall growth and health throughout their infancy.

What mothers can do to prevent their babies from becoming too sticky from drinking breastmilk

One of the joys of motherhood is the gift of being able to provide your baby nurturance through breastmilk. However, breastfeeding can also have its woes, like when too much milk sticks to your baby’s chin and cheeks. Thankfully, there are some simple steps that mothers can take in order to reduce messiness while ensuring their little one is still getting the nutrition they need. These include reducing the amount of time that the baby takes on each breast during feedings and frequently wiping their face with a warm cloth afterwards. Additionally, pumping shortly before meals may also help as it lessens breastmilk viscosity, allowing it not to stick as much. With these easy measures, moms don’t have to worry about their babies becoming too sticky from drinking breastmilk.

Overall, it is important to understand why breast milk is sticky and the components that contribute to this attribute. Fat and carbohydrates are key factors that shape the stickiness of breast milk, and lactose plays a significant role in helping this process as well. It is especially important for mothers and babies to understand the stickiness of breast milk because it can lead to potential feeding issues if too much stickiness builds up from drinking. Fortunately, there are ways mothers can prevent their little ones from becoming too sticky from breastfeeding, like taking preventative measures with clothing and bedding. Also, expressing excess liquid off their nipples before feeding can also reduce the amount of stickiness the baby may experience after each feed. With this knowledge in hand, mothers are better equipped to make sure both them and their babies enjoy breastfeeding without any worries related to stickiness.

Scented Wax Melts Give Your Home That Special Scent

Odours can hang about in a home, whether from pets, cooking, or others. When friends or family visit, you want your home to smell beautiful and fresh. Air fresheners are great, but we want to discuss a better method of making your house smell beautiful. We’re talking about scented wax melts, and we believe they are a bargain right now.

Why Choose Scented Wax Melts?

One supplier of scented wax melts is Fragrance Studio, which has a wide variety of scents across a range that is typical of the market. These are sensibly priced at just a few pounds which we think is very reasonable. Their products are highly scented for the best results and are made from a natural soy wax blend of coconut.

All you need to do is break off a small amount from the bar and place it in your tea light or electric burner, and you’ll soon have a room smelling superbly fresh and clean. There is no smoke from these wax melts, so they are environmentally friendly, and you will get plenty of usage from a single bar. Let’s check out the scents that are available in this range.

What Scents Can I Choose from?

There are many scents to choose from in the range, so there will be something here that appeals to you. We like the Fresh Linen scent for a lovely bright and clean smell, and the Strawberry and Lilly give a wonderfully fruity and floral aroma that works very well.

Others include Orange Fizz with its citrus scent, and the Cherry Bakewell example is another favourite of ours. Fir Tree evokes a beautiful forest with the smell of pinecones and nature, and there are many more extremely creative choices. You can even buy a ten-pack where you will get ten randomly selected aromas making this a great gift idea at a sensible price.

Whatever scent you choose, you will find it transforms your home and adds a new dimension. Scented waxed melts are an excellent choice if you sell your home and give viewings too.

Are Wax Melts Vegan Friendly?

For vegans, these wax melts are the ideal choice. They are made from soy wax and coconut and are entirely vegan-friendly. They are made by hand with no hint of cruelty, as no animal products are used. They are completely natural and usable by all, as well as being environmentally friendly. Be aware that not all products like this are environmentally friendly, so always check before you buy.

We believe that wax melts are better than candles for effect, especially when a high concentration of scent is used, as in the range mentioned above. We recommend using an electric melt device for safety and efficiency, although a tea light will do the job if that is your preference. Have a closer look at the range we mentioned, and you’ll find a fragrance attractive to you and have your home smelling fresh and clean again.

Things to turn cardboard boxes into for everyday use

One of the things collected in our homes is cardboard boxes. And, no matter how we tried to get rid of them, they won’t just stop coming to our doorstep. Well, what can we do? They are just among the most significant packaging materials in the world! 

From your food down to your necessities, you simply can’t avoid them. Thus, the more we buy things we need, the more they come in. The best way to handle your cardboard problems is to upscale them and turn them into something new. Something functional for your advantage. 

Let us help you by sharing some inspirations in managing your cardboard boxes. Here are some clever ways to turn your cardboard boxes into for everyday use. 

  1. Storage boxes

One of the crowd’s favorite ways to transform an average box is to convert them into a trendy storage box. With the help of some ropes and fabric, added with a sprinkle of creativity, you’ll have a stylish storage compartment that looks expensive and store-bought. 

One piece of advice is that you don’t have to buy new fabric to aid your way. You can make use of old sweaters to complement your design!

  1. Magazine or file holder

May it be some files or magazines in the house, it needs to be stored and organized properly. Thus, one of the things we chose to suggest is to upscale cardboard boxes into some magazine or file holders. By cutting them into the right size and using your sought-after fabric or paper designs, your instant organization will surely be admired. 

  1. Jewelry box

Another thing we suggest is to repurpose small cardboard boxes into jewelry boxes. Make your own based on your preferred design. Let your creativity flow by simultaneously making it stylish, unique, and functional. There’s no cooler way than to store and organize your jewels in a box that you, yourself, had created.

  1. Cable organizers

Cables are one of the most useful, despised things found at home. Well, what can we do? They can get messy most of the time. Organizing those cords can make your home more pleasing to the eyes. 

And to help you with that, you make use of some toilet paper and paper towel rolls stuffed in a box. Just wrap it up with some paper designs of your choice, and viola! You get those cords organized in a blink of an eye.

  1. Garden planter

Lastly, we recommend using these cardboard boxes to aid in your gardening. Converting these boxes into a garden planter can help you save some money and resources. Store-bought garden planters are not cheap at all. 

With the help of duct tapes, garbage bags, and some tools, you now have your own garden planter home.

At this point, you can now imagine many ways to turn your pile of cardboard boxes into something that is easy and functional for your daily living. Organizing and beautifying your home doesn’t need to be expensive. With just a little creativity, who knows, maybe you, too, can create a masterpiece of your own.

Using a New Educational Book to Talk to Kids About Loyalty

We are sure you will agree that so much time is spent in school on educating children to have academic success and progress in their careers. Mathematics, English language, and subjects like sciences and social sciences are the focus, as children are encouraged to get good grades and do the best they can with their time in school. However, as good as it is to spend that time focused on subjects that will increase their academic success, valuable time is lost that could be spent teaching children important virtues that will help them develop into fully functioning human beings. Virtues like honesty, fairness, confidence, respect, and loyalty.

One organization is looking to change that by introducing a new series of books aimed at teaching children about the virtues outlined above. The first one has been published and is all about loyalty. It is entitled How to Talk to Your Kids About Loyalty with Stories from Around the World.

What is the Book Like?

First, you are wondering what the layout and structure of the book will be like. If you plan to devise lesson plans or classes around the book, you will need to know how the content is presented. The book contains four tales centering around loyalty as a subject and why it is important to keep promises you make. Each of the four tales has been selected from a different country.

The ideal way to use this book is to read it aloud with your classroom, family, or when you are enjoying some reading time with your children.

The Author’s Aims

The New York-based children’s book editor Bellforest August wrote the book. As the proud and often tired mother of two children with bags of energy, she had found it hard to find the time to spend teaching her children about these virtues and their important role in each of our lives.

She wanted to make talking to her own children easier while helping other parents, parents, and care providers. She feels that the book would also be ideal for homeschooling parents.

Why These Virtues Are So Important

Most adults have a good understanding and application of these virtues in their life. Why are they so important? As noted by Bellforest, these virtues are crucial to developing moral intelligence. Therefore, if you want your children to be morally intelligent, you need to take the time to build up these virtues in them.

What Has Been the Response?

The book has proven to be a success, with the feedback so far being extremely positive. Kids find the stories very engaging and reading the book helps to start meaningful conversations within classrooms, families, and the wider community. If you are interested in teaching children not just how to count, read, write, and sciences, and want to teach them about important virtues like loyalty, this book is for you.

Reasons why a corner sofa might be the best choice for your home

A corner settee is a great choice for many reasons. They are not only functional but also stylish and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your needs. There are several factors that make this type of sofa stand out from the rest. For example, it has an asymmetrical design which means that there is no right or wrong way to sit on it! It can be used as seating for four people with plenty of space left over for other activities such as eating at the breakfast bar or doing some work on your laptop computer. This article will go into detail about some more benefits you might not have known about before!

Maximise Space

The first and most obvious benefit is that it allows you to maximize available space. This is the perfect solution for a small living space or cramped bedroom since it allows you to have more seating without taking up any extra floor space!


Another great thing about corner sofas is that they are very versatile and can be customized according to your needs – whether this means adding some pillows and side tables or changing out the color scheme, these sofas allow you to personalize your space.


The only downside is that corner sofas are more expensive than a traditional sofa; however, their high-quality materials and construction make them worth the price! They also come with warranty coverage for some of the most common problems such as loose screws or torn upholstery.

Good for apartments

A corner sofa is perfect for an apartment because it does not take up any extra space and maximizes available living areas.

Encourage social interactions

Some people like to use a corner sofa with an ottoman for two reasons. Firstly, it makes it easier and more comfortable to interact socially since there isn’t a table in the way! Secondly, because you are seated next to each other rather than across from one another (like on a traditional sofa), you can get up and walk around at any point without disrupting the conversation.

Make a style statement

There are many different styles of corner sofas, which means you can make a style statement in your home while still accommodating the needs of everyone.

Final Thoughts

The corner sofa is a perfect choice for any living space and can be customized to suit your needs. It’s versatile, functional, stylish, and encourages social interactions while also being good for apartments!

How to Minimize the Spread of Viruses Among Children

Often, viruses spread fast between children when a large group of them gathers together or through touch. For example, disease-causing microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria remain on your hands when you touch another child’s play items.

Proper hygiene is crucial to preventing or reducing the spread of diseases. Here are some basic preventive and hygiene measures to help reduce the spread of viruses among children.

Basic Hygiene Practices at School, Day Care, and Home

While protecting your child from highly infectious diseases can be difficult, you can instill in them hygiene practices. Doing so reduces their risk of getting infected. Ensure your child understands the following.

  • Viruses spread when they touch their mouth, nose, or mouth with dirty hands. Your child should understand proper respiratory health practices such as sneezing or coughing in their arm to keep the mouth covered.


  • They should not share personal belongings such as toothbrushes, combs, utensils, drinks, food, or hats.


  • They should wash their hands after blowing their nose and using the toilet. Further, they should learn how to dry their hands thoroughly after washing them clean. Where there is no access to water, children can even use a hand sanitizer.


  • If you opt to use sanitizer, it’s crucial to choose one that is alcohol-free. has one of the best, long-lasting, and alcohol-free sanitizer. Sanitizers are ideal for killing disease-causing organisms. Here is a guide to effective hand washing.

Dampen your hands and apply hand wash or soap.

Rub the hands together for approximately 20 seconds. Teach them to sing and repeat the happy birthday song twice as they clean their hands.

Rub in between the fingers and the back of the wrists, hands, and under the fingernails.


Rinse well and dry using a clean towel.

  • They should cover their mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing. Teach your child how to hold a tissue to guarantee full coverage of the mouth and nose and protection of their hands. Let them understand how to dispose of the used tissue properly.


  • They should keep a safe distance between each other.


  • Always use clean and dry tissues or paper towels and avoid touching used tissue.

If your child is less than 2 years, then you should assist them to ensure they do not spread viruses or get infected. Do so by:

  • Disinfecting their pay items and shared toys frequently
  • Washing their hands regularly

If your child goes to daycare, check their policies about hygiene and handling sick children. Make sure they conform to all health protocols given by the health ministry in your country.

Remember, smoke causes inflammation of the mucous membranes in a child’s lungs, sinuses, and nose making them more vulnerable to infections. Ensure they are not exposed to second-hand smoke.

Should your child get sick, withdrawing them from the daycare and isolating them from other children until they feel better would be ideal. Seek treatment as soon as possible.


Stopping the spread of viruses and infections among children can be a difficult task but it is doable. Make sure your child conforms to these and any other guidelines set out by health organizations both locally and globally.




Best Used Family Cars To Consider in 2020

There is no doubt that the SUV (sports utility vehicles) are the main choice for families looking for a bigger car. Many years ago the families seemed to go for estate cars, but you can get just as much inside an SUV and its easier and smaller to drive.

An SUV appeals to families because of all the rear seat space, and boot space. You can sit 3 children on the back seats easily and this will accommodate them as they grow. There is also enough room in the boot for a pram and whatever else you will be taking with you on the trip.

Here is our top 10 list and we will then discuss what makes a great family car.

Top 10

  1. Honda CRV
  2. Toyota RAV 4
  3. Honda Pilot
  4. Hyundai Pallsade
  5. Toyota Highlander
  6. Ford expedition
  7. Volkswagen Atlas
  8. Kia Telluride
  9. Chrysler Pacifica
  10. Hyundai Santa Fe

So what makes all these so good?


Many of these will be available with buy here pay here car dealers where you can get a great range of finance options. They do hold their resale value quite well when compared to other types of cars. All the ones we picked out we like to think are reliable and this should also help keep the resale value of the car high.


This is most parents key point when looking for a car to drive their children around in. All the ones we picked out have decent safety ratings. Bigger cars are usually safer and these are all decent sized cars.


No one wants a car that’s safe and hold its value if it’s not fun to drive on a daily basis. You want the car to be the full package. All of these are nice and smooth and some have great acceleration and come with a range of engine options meaning there should be something to suit everyone. Also with the car being big, you want to make sure the visibility is good so that you can park it easily and overall reduce stress while driving.


Most new cars are improving the technology they offer in cars and it can be a great selling point and one of the most fun parts about looking for new cars. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto should all be common-place in most new cars as well as cruise control and lane assist driving.

Child Seats

How easy are the child seats to fit? You want to make sure they are easy to get in and out and one you don’t need a 100 page booklet for or even a youtube video. Getting a seat in and out should be something that’s easily done.

Boot Space

Is there a big lip on the boot? Does this make stuff hard to get stuff in and out. Do the seats fold down easily? All these should be considered when buying an SUV for the family.


The Downsides of Cohabitation Over Marriage

Cohabitation in general is becoming a more popular life choice instead of getting married. That’s because many people see marriage as just a bit of paper and that their love and relationship shouldn’t be defined as such. However, there are some serious ramifications of choosing to cohabitate instead of marriage. These downsides can still have an impact even if you ever decide to get married. So, before you decide to just cohabitate as a couple, take a look at some of these downsides and consider the benefits of being married.

Cohabitation Agreements

It is a good idea to make sure you have a thorough cohabitation agreement in place when you decide to live together. However, it’s worth noting that even if you do have a good one, it may have limited value and will only be considered as a wish list, not what will actually happen.

Take as an example, if you have children together. It is best that the cohabitation agreement outlines the way you want your kids to be brought up and how they will be supported financially. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be taken into consideration, though. If problems arise and you split, for instance, and have a custody battle about the children and who is legally supposed to pay what amount for child support, how much visitation rights do you get and most crucially, who actually gets custody.

As family law judges will be involved in the case, they need to think about the child’s best interests. If the cohabitation agreement contradicts or conflicts in any way with their best interests, the courts will be within their rights to make the final decision about what happens to your children, regardless of what is stated in your cohabitation agreement.

Paternity Issues

When a couple has children, in the majority of states, during marriage, they are considered to be the legal offspring of that couple. However, if a couple has children outside of marriage, when they are merely cohabitating, it is not as straight forward. In order to establish the child’s legal paternity, and your legal responsibilities and rights, you need to take various extra steps, including court hearings and blood tests.

Your Estate

Another problem that comes from cohabitation over marriage is that there is more involved in making sure your partner gets your estate if you die. It automatically passes from you to your partner, if you are married, in the event of your death. If you aren’t married, though, it normally goes to the next of kin. Therefore, without having a valid will in place that identifies your partner as your beneficiary, someone you may not want to have your property after your gone, may get it by default.

As well as leaving your partner financially short, this can also cause all kinds of rifts and unpleasantness between family members once you’ve gone.

Cohabitation Before Marriage

There are even problems that can arise if you cohabitate first and then decide to get married at a later time. For instance, a state’s divorce and marriage laws only apply from the date you tied the knot, not how long you’ve been living together.

Although there is more to marriage and living together than the financial and legal side of things, they are worth considering.


10 Tips On How To Care For Your New Mattress

Why spend on a new quality mattress and not know how to care for it so that it serves you for a long time? Striving to maintain its original condition of your new mattress is paramount to enjoying a restful night in bed. Below are a few tips on how to care for your mattress.

  1. Proper installation

First, you should ensure that the new mattress is installed properly in the bed. Such care should start with the transportation of the new sleep set after purchasing it, and bringing it home to your bedroom. If you are not sure of what to do, ask the store personnel to help you know the issues or mistakes to avoid.

  1. Rotate

It is necessary to flip the mattress severally within a year. Rotate it every few months as per the care instructions indicated by the manufacturer.

  1. Cover it up

The best brands have a washable cover that you will always manage to keep your new investment fresh, and stain-free. A clean JCpenny mattress cover will help keep allergens and dust mites at bay.

  1. Deep breaths

Always take note of how your bed smells; any new unpleasant odor means you need to clean the mattress covers or bedding. If you note that “new product smell; in your latest purchase, you should air it by leading the mattress and bed uncovered while the bedroom is well ventilated.

  1. Provide good support

Your new mattress should be installed in a bed with a high-quality build. For the large king or queen-size beds, the frame should have robust support at the middle to keep the mattress from breaking or bowing at the center.

  1. Keep the mattress tag

Do not be quick to pull out the tag on your mattress; it contains vital information regarding how to care and maintain your latest sleep set. Moreover, the information on the label can also serve as evidence when making a warranty claim. Therefore, the tag is there for future reference.

  1. No jumping on your bed

Kids love jumping on the bed, but you should keep these little rascals from making your new firm and bouncy mattress their new playground. Their rough play can damage your bed frame and dent your mattress.

  1. Do not get “board”

A board on the bed’s foundation may help enhance the support offered but if not a necessity if you have a high-quality mattress. If you feel the foundation of your bed, then that means your mattress is old and you need to get a new one that will off the desired support and comfort.

  1. Adhere to manufacturer’s instructions

Never think that you know all there is about mattresses. Always follow the specifications or guidelines given by the manufacturer of caring for the mattress.

  1. Out with the old

With your new sleep set in your bedroom, do not think of transferring the old mattress to the bed in the guest room or giving it to your kids, relatives or friends. If it did not do the job well enough for you, then it will not do anyone any good. When getting rid of it, ensure you disposed of it correctly.


Benefits of having a Newborn Photography Session at Home

Having a baby is such a momentous and life-changing moment that never seems to last long enough. Babies grow at a much faster rate than many parents realise. With that in mind, it makes sense that you’d want to capture memories by taking lots of pictures, particularly during those important days, weeks and months following the birth. While you may love taking snaps yourself, it can be good to invest in newborn photography.

Depending on your situation though, you’ll have the choice between attending an actual Los Angeles newborn photography studio or having the photographer out to your home. To help you make the decision, we’ve highlighted some of the major benefits of inviting a photographer to your home.

Babies Need to be Fed Regularly, Regardless of What Adults Are Doing

Babies need food at regular intervals. With newborns, their diet consists solely of milk – either from breastfeeding or a bottle. A lot of important paraphernalia is involved, regardless of which way you feed your baby. Rather than have to pack a bag and go to an unfamiliar place and then try to feed your baby there, when you really need to feel comfortable, it would be much better to have your newborn photography session at home, where everything is within close reach.

Recovery Time

Most newborn photography shoots tend to take place around 6 to 14 days after the birth, or at the very least, within your baby’s first month. That is quite early into the recovery period that both mother and child (and dad to a lesser extent) need to recovery from the birth and all it entails. If there were any complications that meant surgery was involved in the birth, or the labour lasted longer than expected or it was just stressful in normal ways, it may be beneficial for the mother and baby to relax and do as little as possible in those first few weeks.

That’s why it can be beneficial to have a Los Angeles newborn photographer visit your home, rather than trying to get you all down to the local studio.

Family at Ease

Not everyone likes having their photograph taken. Even more so, many find it hard having their photograph taken if they don’t feel at ease. What better way to ensure that the whole family feels at ease, than if you have the photography session for your newborn baby from the comfort of your own home, where everyone can feel comfortable and at ease. The more relaxed you all feel, the better the images will be.

Scenes and Backdrops that are More Meaningful

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having newborn photography sessions at home is that this is where most of your life and its many events take place. Having photographs taken in a random studio may produce the most technically proficient photographs. However, having familiar settings, such as the family living, room, your newborn’s bedroom, your master bedroom and even your garden as the backdrop can help give the images a stronger and deeper meaning.