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Exciting and Innovative Online Games and Challenges

Are you looking for new forms of online fun? Perhaps you’re bored with the games you have and want to try something a bit different? It’s always good to attempt a new challenge or fun game, and the digital era has give us so much to choose from.

Online quizzes are great fun, and there are many different puzzle websites out there, but what if we told you there was something very special indeed, a site that offers you truly innovative challenges, puzzles and more?

This is a site where you can enjoy everything from a timed 4 hour challenge to a 24 hour challenge, and there are versions for adults and kids. It’s called the Game Master Network, and we think it is pretty cool! There is something for everyone here, and it’s easy to sign up and join in – if you don’t, you have no idea what you’ll be missing out on!

So, what’s it all about? We took a look at it for you so that you can decide which challenges you want to take or puzzles you like the look of!

What’s it All About?

You’ve seen many different online game formats, but not like this one! Game Master Network features a variety of videos in different categories of games and puzzles, and you can choose which ones you want to try. Do you like the idea of an escape room challenge? You can try one of several on the site, and they are all very impressive and surprisingly well put-together. The visuals are great and you can really get into the feel of the game.

If you prefer to take on a 24-hour spy challenge, they have those too, and they are neatly put together so you can be the spy, and get into the situation in a realistic fashion. There is plenty of choice in term of different puzzles to try and challenges to tackle, and you will never tire of finding something that enchants and entrances you at Game Master Network.

Board Game Challenges

Board games have made a big comeback in recent years, and there are many board game challenges you can try your hand at on Game Master Network. If you’re the sort who gets friends around for a board game night – with food, beer and wine – then you can do it using the network, and if you’re not, you probably want to start! It’s a great place to find exciting new games that you and your mates can play whenever you want.

Fresh challenges are launched all the time, and the people behind the website are clearly passionate about making sure everyone enjoys themselves. It’s easy to join up – you simply register your name and email address and they take it from there – and it’s a great way to spend some of your free time on genuinely taxing challenges. Have a look now and see what you fancy – we reckon you’ll be hooked in no time!

What Is a Reverse Address Lookup Tool and When Might I Need It?



If you have never heard of a reverse address lookup tool before, you may wonder what one is and of what benefit it could be to you. This kind of tool has many great benefits and can be helpful in a variety of different situations. If are going to be purchasing a new home, need to verify a person’s home address or need instant information about an address for whatever reason, then look no further. Here is more information about reverse address lookup tools, where you can find one and when you may need it.

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What Is a Reverse Address Lookup Tool?

A reverse address lookup tool is exactly what it sounds like. This online tool simply allows you to gain instant information regarding an address of your choice. Using a reverse address lookup residential tool like the one at can provide you with an instant report and information on the residential address in question including history of the address, previous owners, current tenants, neighborhood data and other valuable information. Any search that you carry out is completely confidential and the results are given to you instantly.

When Might I Need It?

The main reason that people use a tool like this is to find out more information about a property before purchasing. Other reasons the tool is used is if you are trying to gain information regarding someone, such as other contact information. The tool could also be used in order to verify an address that a person has given to you, whether this be for personal reasons or for your business. If you have been given an address and need to know information such as names of other people who may also live there, a reverse address lookup tool can provide you with this information. For some, this tool could even be used to help track down a long-lost relative.

Benefits of a Reverse Address Lookup Tool

One of the main benefits of this particular tool is that you can gain a full report on the address, including previous tenants and even registered sex offenders. If you are going to use a reverse address lookup tool to gain more information and insight into an area that you want to live, this tool could provide you with invaluable information and allow you to judge whether this area is safe and secure for you and your children to live in. It can also give you a better insight into the true property value of a home, meaning you can find out if you are buying for a reasonable price or if the property is overpriced.

As you can see, reverse address lookup tools such as the one at allow you to find information about an address which could be invaluable. It helps you to determine if an area is safe before moving or may even provide you with information to reach out to a long-lost family member or friend.

iPad vs. iPhone: Which One Is Best for Kids?


The benefits of screen time for children have been a source of debate for some time, but most experts agree that some time each day is a good thing. In addition to providing a variety of learning-based apps, movies and television shows, mobile devices have shown to have a calming effect for children on the autism spectrum. Before you start searching for good deals on iPads, though, consider whether a tablet or an iPhone would be a better purchase.

Display and Touch Areas

Although phone screens are getting larger, they are still no match for the screens found on iPads. If you have small children who still have clumsy hands, they will probably do better with a tablet. The larger display screen and touch area make it easier for them to navigate. Tablets are also better if your children will be reading picture books that have large letters and illustrations in them.

Battery Life

The smaller the screen, the longer the battery will last. The iPad is a good choice if you intend them for home use and the kids will be in quick reach of an outlet as the battery indicator goes red. However, if you’re looking for a device that can be used on the go, such as in the car or while waiting in long lines, an iPhone is a better choice since it won’t need to be charged as often.


While both devices provide Wi-Fi connectivity, the iPad won’t have any functionality if you aren’t near a wireless network. This is probably acceptable if the device is for younger children, but if you’re purchasing something for a tween or teenager, the iPhone is probably a better choice. It can be used for texting and calling, and you can always restrict usage and content with special apps.

Now that you have a good idea of which device is best for each situation or age group, it’s time to begin your search. You can look for good deals on iPads online or even check out your local iPhone accessories store.