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Essential Checks to Make for Family Cars

When you have a family of any size, a car is very important. It is the thing that gets your kids to school and you and your partner/spouse to work. Therefore, when it breaks down it can not only cause a dent in your budget, it can disrupt your day-to-day routine and schedule. The best way to deal with issues your car could potentially have in the future is by preventing them from happening in the first place. Fortunately, this is very easy.

In the following post, we are going to outline some of the important checks you should carry out regularly to make sure you are never stuck by the side of the road or in your drive.

Tire Pressure

Tires are the one and only part of your car that should ever touch the ground, so they must be in good condition. They need to have enough air in them for your car to run smoothly and safely. Rather than relying on your eyes, you should invest in a good quality tire gauge, or go to a gas station to check.

Look Out for Leaks

A quick glance around your car will tell you if there are any leaks. Although it is often the case that it’s just condensation if you have been firing up the air conditioning, it’s not always so innocuous as that. Sometimes the leaks could be a lot worse and mean that the transmission fluid, antifreeze or even the brake fluid is leaking. If you have any doubts about how serious the leak may be, you should take it to your local service shop as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Check the Wipers

Are your wipers working properly? If it’s not raining and you are in the middle of the summer, it is still a good idea to run checks on the wipers. Squirt some of the washer fluid onto the window and then make them move. If they are not clearing the glass properly and just leaving a smeared kind of a mess, it may be time to have them replaced or cleaned at the very least.

Never Avoid Warning Lights

Look out for warning lights on the dashboard when you turn the engine on as these are indicators that something’s not quite right. Are you in the habit of ignoring these or pushing them to one side until you have time to deal with them? Don’t. If it’s the brake assist, lane-keeping, tire pressure, antilock brakes or airbags or the check engine light, you should always stop and try and figure out what’s wrong. If you are not sure, take it to your local car shop.

The Fluids

One of the most important checks is one that you probably forget about often. We all know when our car needs a top-up of petrol or diesel because it would simply stop running if it didn’t have enough. Likewise, we know when the washer fluid needs to be topped up because the wipers aren’t cleaning the windows well enough.

However, do you know how to check the oil levels? This is easier than you think and can be done by anyone, even if you are the least familiar with the workings of a car. If you discover that there is not enough oil in your car, you must top it up as soon as possible. Speak to a motor oil dealer for more help, if necessary.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Car Serviced

Have you ever been in the situation where your car desperately needs a service, but you either are low on funds and can’t afford it or just don’t seem to have the time to arrange it, so you let your car run a little longer before taking it to the mechanics? The failure to act quickly enough in having your car serviced could badly affect its performance and even reduce the lifespan of its engine. If you still need convincing, look at these 5 important reasons why you should service your car when it’s time to do so.

Improves the Safety of Your Vehicle

One of the main reasons why you need to service your car regularly is to make sure it is roadworthy and safe to drive. Changing the oil regularly is crucial, and when your car is being serviced and the oil changed by the mechanics, they will often run routine checks to make sure your car does not have any problems or issues that could affect your safety. That means checking the tire air pressure, the cabin and air filters and the brakes. If they were to spot something that could cause an accident, you will be glad you bothered taking your car in for a service, wouldn’t you?

Reduces Running Costs

Anyone who has been driving for some time will know how valuable car maintenance can be. You can save a lot of time, effort, stress and money if problems are identified as soon as they start occurring and appropriately corrected. When you get your car serviced regularly, you won’t be like so many other drivers and running it down. If you are looking to save money rather than spend all your money on your car, you need to have it serviced to avoid running it on lower amounts of coolant than there should be, running it with tires that have treads that are almost worn away and constantly running it when there is next to no fuel in the tank.

Maintains Your Vehicle’s Value

Cars depreciate. There is no escaping this fact. However, you can slow the process of depreciation right down by having your car serviced regularly and keeping it in good maintenance. You can always tell the difference between the cars you see that have been well-maintained and those that have been neglected. Are you planning, even if it’s some time away, to use the trade-in value of your car to upgrade or buy a new model? Then you need to care for it properly, the interior and working parts as well as the exterior. Whether you do that or not will have a huge impact on how valuable the car will be and what car you will be able to exchange it for when the time comes.

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Importance of Keeping Family Cars Serviced

If you have ever tried to get by as a family without a car, you should never take for granted how much better and easier life is when you have a car. You may think that would never be possible, but you would be amazed at just how many people take their cars for granted and even neglect them. Neglect them how you might be asking. By not ensuring they are serviced regularly enough.

It is bad enough when it is just you that relies on your car to run properly, but when you have a family full of people with different commitments and places they’ve got to be, it is imperative. If you have ever been guilty of neglecting your car by not being as regular as you should be with having it checked over, look at some of the important reasons why you should.

Makes Sure You Are Always Safe When You are in the Car

The primary reason for having your car serviced regularly is to ensure that you and other members of your family and any friends who may be in the car with you are safe. While it is not always the case, neglect in the maintenance of a car can cause serious road accidents, so every day you postpone your car’s annual service, you are potentially putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. Faults with the braking and steering, insufficient fluids and windscreen wipers that badly need to be replaced are all things you should deal with promptly.

Stops Your Car From Malfunctioning

Second only to preventing accidents and making sure your car is running properly is the fact that regular servicing will ensure that your car does not malfunction, especially when you are out in the middle of nowhere or traveling along the highway.

The last thing you want is for you and your family to be stranded out somewhere. Having your family car regularly serviced can help avoid that from happening though, as regular servicing means your car is getting checked over regularly by experts. They can spot potential issues and problems and suggest solutions that may cost a little money, but it’s an amount that pales in comparison to what you might have to pay to fix a problem that has developed and grown.

Improves The Car’s Performance 

As well as slowing down the expected wear and tear your vehicle will go through throughout its life, regular services will also help improve its performance. Standard checks involve assessing the tire pressure, the condition of the treads and the oil and other fluid levels. All of which, if low or not meeting the standard, can impede your car’s performance.

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The Struggles of a Single Mother

Being a single mother or parent is one of the hardest things you can do in life. It’s not something anyone readily chooses. No one is sitting at home thinking “first on the agenda today – become a single parent”. That’s because trying to raise a child or children while also caring for their emotional needs and providing for them financially is difficult. In the following post, we are going to discuss a number of the most common and hardest struggles all single mothers need to deal with and how you may be able to handle them better if you’re in a similar situation.

Tiredness and Fatigue

As being a single mother involves doing what two people should be doing, you’re bound to feel physically, mentally and emotionally tired out. However, because you have dependents, your children, it’s important you don’t allow it to become too much and engulf you so you can’t function properly.

You need to find ways to chill out, refuel and charge your batteries. Whether it’s just from getting sleep and asking for help with childcare from a friend or relative, so you get a break for your bundles of joy. Perhaps take up some physical activity, as that will improve your fitness. Whatever you do, do it for you and try to get joy from it.

Feelings of Guilt

There seems to be no end to those special feelings of guilt single parents tend to feel. They can be especially hard to get rid of if you’re responsible, or feel you are, for the situation you and your kids are in right now. Whatever you’re guilty about, you need to try and work through it. If you feel guilty you have made a mistake that has led to your single parent status, take responsibility for it, learn a valuable lesson from it and live your life. Mistakes happen in life, as none of us is perfect, the better way is to deal with it rather than letting it swallow us whole.

What if it’s someone else’s fault? Well, there’s no healthy reason why you should hold onto anger, forgive and get past it. There’s no turning back or undoing things, but you need to do what is best for your kids now and in the future. Try to work on the relationship you have with your children’s other parent to reduce the friction.

Financial Issues

The sting divorce, death and other events that can cause single parenthood, affect more than just your status. They can leave you with serious financial strains, as you’re having to deal with the load normally handled by two people. If you’re having trouble making ends meet and feel the need to take on two jobs, your children may end up resenting you.

They will appreciate you were working hard for them but will not love the fact work always took you away from them. Having a second income and job is no bad thing, but it’s the type of work you choose that matters. Do you have skills you could put to good use outside of your regular work? If you have payroll, bookkeeping or accountancy skills, for instance, you could consider being an accountant for a restaurant. This type of role won’t mean you always have to be in the office and away from kids and if you’re working freelance, there’s more leeway for you to dictate your working hours.