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Why You Need a Specialist for Baby and Child Photography

If you have recently had a baby, you’re enjoying the most wonderful experience and you’ll want to document these times as they will pass quickly. Babies grow at an astonishing rate, so you’ll be taking photographs as memories of the early days. Those snapshots hold great memories, but why not get a professional to take some truly beautiful images to document not just your baby but also mother during the maternity stage?

There are photographers who are experts in this type of work and who will be able to provide you with top quality images from pregnancy to new-born and onwards throughout baby’s early days. Understanding the subject is vital whatever it may be, but for babies and families it takes a special type of photographer.

Maternity and New-Born Photography Experts

The time a mother to be spends carrying her child is a special one. Many women have chosen to document what is a beautiful and wonderful experience by having professional photographs taken at different stages of their pregnancy. The results can be quite stunning when taken by an expert in this type of work.

By doing this you can put together an album featuring a series of photographs from the first stages of pregnancy to when the baby is born, right through to the growth stages when things start to develop. These are unique times in a family’s life so it is a great idea to ensure you have exceptional photographic records you can look back to and treasure for life.

Baby and Family Photos

Of course you’ll want to have your other children in photographs with your new baby, and that’s where the experience in staging shots of baby, children and family photos makes a difference. The professional family photographer will know how to get the best out of your children during the shoot and will be happy to discuss ideas you might have for your own compositions.

Before you commit you should talk to the photographer and check out their prior work to see if they have the same ideas you do for your family photos. Rest assured that experience in this sort of shoot will help the photographer understand what is needed for the best results, so you can trust the expert to provide perfect lighting and backdrops that result in fabulous photographs.

The Best Results

The benefit of having professional baby and toddler photographs produced goes beyond having something beautiful to remind you of your children’s early days. These are family heirlooms to be kept for eternity and passed down the family as mementos. Just as we remember our late ancestors with photographs so future generations will also.

It’s worth chatting to a photographer who specialises in this sort of work as they will have the right location, props and knowledge to produce what will be the best photographs of you and your young family you could wish for, so check them out now and book an appointment to talk about what you want.




Top Tips To Purchase a Rolex

Planning on buying someone a birthday present soon? If so, you may have your eyes and mind set on buying a Rolex. You’ve already decided that’s the gift. However, now you’re left with not knowing which Rolex to get. After all, there are so many options to consider. To ensure it fits your budget, we will stick with the pre-owned market for Rolexes. Keep in mind, since the gift isn’t for you, the choice of which Rolex you should be getting should be dictated by the personal preferences and tastes of the person you are giving it to.

Here are some of the best tips that should help you with this process:

  1. Think About Features

For one, you should be looking to find the Rolex that has the features they would enjoy. You can find a lot of inspiration for the features they would enjoy by looking at how they live. For instance, you want to factor in whether or not they enjoy traveling. If so, they’ll likely be passing through a lot of different time zones. If that’s the case, they might enjoy a Rolex Sky-Dweller because it comes with a second time zone display that will allow them to easily tell the time no matter where they are going. Also, keep in mind, there are different Rolex in the market tailored to those that enjoy going deep diving or going out onto the water. You will also find others that have features that are optimized for those who enjoy going on daily walks. Think about all of these things to ensure you are buying the watch that gives them all of the features that they would use.

  1. Think About The Metals They Already Wear

Another thing you should be doing would be looking at the metals they are already wearing. You should be looking to see what types of jewelry they are currently wearing whether it be yellow or white. By doing this, you should be able to see not only what type of jewelry they enjoy, but also what Rolex metal would mesh well with their existing jewelry. You want to find something with a similar finish to ensure they have things that go together.

  1. Are They Minimalistic People?

Consider whether or not the person you are gifting it for is someone who sticks to simple things or not. Do they like to wear jewelry and clothing that makes them stand out? Are they constantly buying extravagant things? Or do they enjoy understated designs? If they are someone who enjoys classic styles and minimalism, they may lean towards Rolex Milgauss with its simple black and white face. If they are someone who would much rather opt for something bolder, you will want to find a Rolex watch that delivers that type of wearing experience. You will find a lot of options that deliver brighter hues.

  1. Everyday or Special Events?

Consider whether or not you want to get them something they can wear every day or if you want to get them something that is to be worn for special events. If they already have a watch they wear daily, getting them a special event type of watch might be a better option.

  1. Find Something That Fits Your Budget

Knowing your budget is important when you are looking to get a used Rolex. While shopping used can save you money, you will still have to pay a lot of money for it. Luckily, there are plenty of different options that you will find that range in pricing. You can find a lot of options under 10,000 and you will also find a lot of Rolexes over 100,000. It all comes down to figuring out how much you are willing and able to spend on it. If this is not in your price range you can purchase good quality Rolex replica watches.

By now, you should have all of the information you need to make your decision. By having this information on hand, you will put yourself in a better position to make a well-informed purchasing decision for your used Rolex gift.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers

If you are an expectant mother, there are a lot of things you need to think about – the crib, the pram/buggy/travel system, having enough clothes ready for the big arrival and lots of fun and cute stuff like that. Although you may not want to be reminded of just how much poo and wee you need to clean up from your baby’s body and clothing, you need to give some serious consideration to diapers.

Of course, you could just give in and take the convenient route of buying disposable diapers. However, if you are environmentally-friendly and conscious about the waste you are generating, you may want to consider cloth diapers.

We’re not going to lie to you, they do require more work and a more comprehensive system in place than disposables, but they offer some great benefits. To give you some food for thought, we are going to consider some of these below.


One of the main, and most obvious, benefits of opting for cloth diapers is the amount of money you will save over time. When you consider that your baby will use about 5,000 diapers in the first 2 years of their life.

If you have ever looked at the prices of branded and even supermarket-own diapers, you can only imagine how much money that is going to cost you. Yes, initially, you will have to spend a bit on the diapers and the other accessories necessary and it will include a lot of washing, but as you are going to be regularly washing your kid’s clothes anyway, it shouldn’t make too much difference.

No Chemicals Used

Disposable diapers, in case you didn’t know, use chemicals that provide your baby with a smooth feel on their skin. With cloth diapers, there are no special chemicals used. Although this may result in diaper rash if you are not hot on changing them quickly or regularly enough, it can actually be positive in helping your baby to be more aware of their bodily functions which will help when you try to potty and toilet train them.

Renewable, Natural Fabrics

Disposable diapers are terrible for the environment because they do not breakdown easily. Cloth diapers on the other hand, if you avoid those made from microfiber, are made from natural fabrics like bamboo, hemp, and cotton. As well as being gentle and kind to your baby’s skin, these fabrics are also completely sustainable and recyclable.

Lack of Urine Smell

It may sound ridiculous, but it is true. If you’ve ever experienced the fragrant smell of a freshly “filled” diaper, you will know it has a certain funk to it. This is caused by the chemicals used that turn the urine into a gel and helps provide that dry feel on the skin. With cloth diapers, because there are no special chemicals, this stronger and very unpleasant smell is eliminated.

You will still get an unpleasant smell from a poopy diaper, but really that is to be expected when you have children.

Making Book Reports Fun!

Of all the tasks that kids are set providing a book report is one that many find daunting. Yet this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways in which teachers can give the children inspiration for their reports, many of which involve them more readily and are surprisingly innovative.

We found a great resource listing some cool ideas that will get the children into their books and give them ideas that they can use in their reports. Let’s talk about the best ways to give kids something interesting to get to grips with!

Inspiration for the Kids

We found a great site called Appletastic learning that is dedicated to sharing creative teaching and book report ideas. After all, the best way to engage kids is to make the mundane enjoyable, and as we’ve mentioned, book reports can be boring. But what if you asked the kids to dress as one of the main characters from the book, to deliver their report as the character itself? That’s just one simple and yet innovative idea that could make things a lot more exciting!

Or you could try one of the suggestions we really liked which is the ‘Paper Bag’ book report. In this, each child is given a small sized paper bag into which they must find 5 items that are relevant to the book or the characters in the book in some way. The next class involves sharing the items with the child explaining how and why they relate to the story or the characters involved.

This is a great way of giving kids the incentive to start thinking about the book more creatively. Yet there’s more, as this very inventive website offers a great deal of options on this and other subjects.

Further Fun Ideas

Another way to get the class more involved in their book reports is to have them construct a diorama of a scene. A cardboard box is a starting point, and the teacher can demonstrate ways of creating 3D depictions of characters and notable scenes. This is a good talking point for a class discussion, and you may want to split the class into teams to create their dioramas.

One other creative suggestion is to ask the children to design a book cover. This can be anything they think relevant to the story involved or the characters within, and is a great way of encouraging them to express themselves in art. These simple ideas are just of few of many that we enjoyed reading at the Appletastic Learning website, and there is plenty of inspiration to create more ideas.

Engaging and Fun

Book reports can be an engaging and fun task when tackled in some of the ways we have mentioned, and in others that are described in addition to these, and we believe that there is a creative element in every child. Why not bring your book reports to life by working with the class on one of these great ideas, and you’ll see how you can interest them further.