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Revolution Mother

Dial-Up Better Home Savings

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Is there anyone in the household better than mom when it comes to saving money?

Sure, you see those stereotypical moms clipping coupons, going to the stores on sale days, even going to “discount” stores to save on back to school clothes and supplies for the kids. When all is said and done, many moms are downright smart shoppers.

With that in mind, are you a mother looking to score some big-time savings for your family?

Have an Eye for a Deal

While clipping coupons may not be your forte, doing so is a great means to save some hard-earned dollars.

For starters, many families are finding today’s economic conditions to be putting a hurt on their ability to enjoy what many would call the “mainstays” in everyday life.

With a little ingenuity and putting time aside to look for deals, here are some basic necessities that moms should be targeting:

  • Utilities – From cable to phone service and don’t forget the electric bill, moms can drastically reduce their family’s utility bills with some time and effort. For the phone, are you getting the best deal when all is said and done? You and your family can dial-up deals with providers such as and reduce your bills. Do you picture lower cable bills? Some families have actually done away with the television and now watch shows and movies on their mobile devices or laptops. You may not be ready to pitch the TV, so compare the differences between cable and satellite providers to see where the best deal is. With summertime in full-force, your electric bill could be multiplying due to running the A/C. If that’s the case, do simple things like keeping windows/blinds/drapes closed during the hottest daytime hours. Do the reverse in the wintertime with the blinds and drapes to let as much sun in your rooms as possible. These little tips take only minutes to do and can ultimately reduce your respective bills;
  • Transportation – Are you one of those moms baffled by the up-and-down gas prices? It seems in many parts of the nation like you get a deal one week, and then pay double that price a week or two later for no satisfactory reason. In order to cut down on what you give to the oil companies, look to carpool (your kids can ride with their friends at times instead of multiple moms taking the gang individually to meeting places), do as many errands in one trip instead of going out and coming back several times a day, and keep your vehicle/s maintained regularly to make sure they are running at peak performance;
  • Food – Last but certainly not least, what are you paying monthly on your food bills? There are several well-known strategies regarding grocery store shopping and how to use them to your advantage. Never shop when you are hungry is one. Also, don’t use a credit card if at all possible (it “hurts” more to buy stuff when you’re using cash). If you have little ones, you might want to leave them home with your significant other or a babysitter when you go grocery store shopping. Face it; many little ones would like one of each in every aisle you go down. Finally, take a few hours a month to clip/scan those coupons and then take them with you on your shopping day or days. You might be amazed at how quickly the savings can add up in terms of a smaller bill.

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