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Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Ragdoll Cat

We’re not going to lie to you, we are a little biased. We love ragdoll cats. They are big and beautiful balls of fluff and fur and love to be loved. However, we have really tried to think of reasons why you should not buy a ragdoll cat. Here goes.

They Are Simply Too Beautiful, We Don’t Know What To Do

Ragdolls, especially when they are just kittens, are just the most adorable things you could ever hope to see. Take a look at any of the many thousands and thousands of cat blogs out there at “ragdoll kittens” and you will see what we mean. We think it might be a hard life trying to live under the same roof as something so devastatingly beautiful.

It’s Not All Downhill From There

If you are hoping that you could survive the kitten stage knowing that your cat will turn into one ugly furball when they are an adult, you might be in for a shock. Buddy, they just become all the more beautiful. Their fluff gets fluffier, there is more of them to go around. You will turn into one of the millions of annoying cat owners and lovers already on the internet by taking lots of ‘grams of your adorable ragdoll. How will you get any work done?

They Shed Their Fur

We got slightly sidetracked there, didn’t we? You could argue if you wanted to argue about such ridiculous things, that rather than giving you reasons for not getting a ragdoll, we gave you compelling reasons for getting one. We’re back on it now, though. Ragdolls are terribly bad for shedding fur.

That may make them a big no-no if you have any problems with allergies. On a very serious note, it is best to check whether you are likely to be allergic to them or not before you get one because it can be absolutely heartbreaking to have to give away your cat. After all, it gives you an unattractive and uncomfortable runny nose and other side effects.

They Are Timewasters

They really are! As we said, they love cuddles. If you are not spending too much time being bewitched by their beauty, you will be spending the rest of the time cuddling them. And boy, they are needy – there is no letup or “alone time” that you may get with another, more aloof and standoffish breed of cat. Nope, not with ragdolls. They are cuddle sluts and proud.

You Could Rescue One

Okay, joking aside, if you are interested in owning a ragdoll cat, we’re quite envious of you already. They are spectacular cats. However, rather than buying from a breeder for an exceptionally high price, why not consider giving a home to a poor and lonesome ragdoll stuck in your local cat/pet rescue center?

When you adopt a cat, you not only get the benefit of knowing you have a lovely new member of your family but are helping give an abandoned feline a chance for some happiness.

Stop the Excuses: Finally, a Family Planner That Works!

Do you find it hard to keep a track of everything you and your family need to do over the course of a week or month? Perhaps all it takes for you to get off track with any schedule you design is one missed appointment or the kids feeling ill and being off school for a day. While you may think this is only a problem you and your own family are experiencing, take heart to understand that this actually happens to everyone.

No one’s perfect and no family made up of imperfect people are ever going to get it 100% right 100% of the time. You need to have reasonable expectations. But, if you are really interested in being more in control of your life and having a schedule that works, the company My Organiza may have the perfect product for you. The Magnetic Fridge Calendar, Chore Chart, and Chalkboard Family Set.

What is the Magnetic Fridge Calendar, Chore Chart, and Chalkboard Set?

This is an incredibly practical and easy-to-use scheduling tool that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. It is basically a three-in-one planner for your whole family, that can be stuck on your fridge doors along with the magnetic chalk markers, so you never lose them or have no excuses that you or your kids forgot about particular plans, appointments, or anything else.

Let’s look at each component separately.

  • 6 Full Weeks Calendar Planner – a calendar is a must for any busy household where different individuals have different appointments, play dates, study sessions, school, work, socializing, and other activities. Rather than featuring pre-determined time slots, it is just left blank with 31 squares to fill in with all the details of what your family is up to over 6 weeks. In each slot, there is also enough room for everyone and because it comes with five different colored chalk markers, so everyone in the whole family can be assigned a color.
  • Zero Excuse Chore Chart – It is so easy to avoid doing the things you should be doing, whether it’s around the house, in the garden, or something else. Rather than just amble along aimlessly, why not add a touch of accountability to your plans with this chart. It has space for all the chores that need to be completed.
  • Catch The Rest Black Blackboard – For everything else you need to know from a day to day or week to week basis, there is this excellent blackboard. When you have a family, it’s not always so easy to just tick boxes or do things in a specific way. Sometimes things happen, plans change and when things go awry, then you can use the chalkboard to note reminders, messages for members of the family, or even just a quick shopping list as you are looking in the fridge. This is possibly the best dry erase board for fridge door use we have come across.


Although it’s true not everything in life goes exactly the way you want it to, especially when you are in a family. However, when you have sufficient plans in place and make use of an effective aid like this magnetic three-in-one time-saving chart, you reduce the chances of things ever completely derailing.


Reasons to Spring Clean You Hadn’t Thought About

With springtime in full swing, have you started cleaning your home? There are many great reasons for giving your house a good clear out and clean just before summer. The decluttering and clearing out of rubbish can allow you to make better use of the space available in your home, while also helping you to have a clearer mind. If you intend on putting your house up for sale any time soon, a good deep, spring clean can help improve the kerb appeal of your property and encourage greater interest.

These are the most common reasons for spring cleaning your home, you were probably aware of already. There are, also a number of other benefits you can get from putting the effort in to give your London property a deep clean – that revolve around pest control, explains Mickala from Best Pest Control.

Sealing Entry Points

While you spring clean and declutter your home, it makes sense to check the structural quality of the property. Checking the doors and windows in your, gives you the opportunity to identify any gaps that are ideal entry points for small pests. Sealing these gaps is generally very easy and just involves using caulk to fill in the gaps.

Eliminate Attractive Leaks

Most pests that enter your home uninvited, need to find water so they survive long enough to bug you. If there are any leaks in your home, they are likely to find them before you. Unless, as part of your spring cleaning schedule you make time to go around and inspect all the water pipes and sources for any leaks. Even if you can’t find the leak itself, you can find the effects of the leak in the form of built up moisture on the walls, ceiling, and flooring around those sources of water.

Removal of Sources of Food

If you are not in the habit of wrapping up opened food containers and packets, it may be time you started. Open food containers and boxes are like a huge jackpot for hungry pests. Ants and rodents are particularly bad for finding ingenious ways of getting to open food sources.

When you are doing spring cleaning, therefore, it is vital you deal with any opened packets, boxes, and containers. Get rid of the old and out of date stuff and use lidded containers instead or bags that can be easily clipped or sealed shut.

Removing Clutter Means Removing Hiding Places

Pests love cluttered houses, because there are lots of places for them to take up residency without being found. Insects and small rodents like mice and rats find these kinds of areas especially appealing.  When you are spring cleaning, do you take the time to go through any piles of old magazines or boxes with an assortment of items that haven’t been looked at in months?

When you do, you will not only benefit from a tidier and less chaotic household, but one that is not potentially the new home for unwanted animals.