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I’ve Found These Awesome Family Den Ideas

For many families, spending quality time together is a challenge. Work, school, hobbies, and social commitments often mean each of us are on different schedules. So when the weekend finally comes around and you are all together at home, you want to make your time special. I’ve been looking into some awesome den ideas so the whole family can group together and enjoy some family activities. I wanted to know what goes into the ultimate family room to make sure everyone is comfortable. Here’s what I’ve found:


Kids Seats

Kids love to have fun, and their style is a lot different from adults. As a family den, I think it’s important that everyone in the family feels that it is their place equally. I found some bean bag chairs online, and it made me realize that the kids should have their own seats. Bean bag chairs are fun and funky. They come in a range of colors and styles so your kids should be able to find the one that suits their tastes best.


Adult Seats

The family den is definitely the place I would want to head to if I were having a pajama day. I want to slouch around and be comfortable. A big comfy sofa with lots of squishy cushions sounds perfect to me. I like to put my feet up too, so I might even look at a reclining sofa. With snacks and drinks on the go in front of the TV, leather is probably the best option. It’s much easier to wipe down and keep clean than fabric.


On the Floor

When the kids bring their toys into the room, they love to be sat on the floor. Us poor adults groan as we shift ourselves down to be with them. Some bean bags, cushions, and a very soft rug are definitely going into my ultimate family den! I think this room would best be carpeted too, although wooden floors are easier to clean when drinks get spilled.


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Coffee Table

I love having somewhere to put my glass down, and the kids love a table to put their games onto. For the ultimate den, a big, solid, square coffee table plus a smaller nest of little tables would be perfect. That way there will be plenty to go around. I love dark woods so I would hope to find a complete matching set in something like oak. We will need a nice coaster set too!


This pic is from Flickr



The TV will definitely be used in the family den. It would probably be on all day if I didn’t keep the viewing hours in check! A big screen is essential for a big family so everyone can enjoy it together. I love the idea of a smart TV that is connected to the internet. That way, we can stream TV shows, movies, and music. Watching on demand is far more convenient for us as we have other things to do during the normal programming schedule.


While I think the sound from the TV is fine, there is often a man around who disagrees with me quite loudly. A sound bar is apparently essential for the perfect family den. I can kind of see his point with a surround sound system too. If we’re watching a big effects movie, it is nice to get the full sound right around the room. It adds to the atmosphere. Maybe I can be convinced…



I love dimmable lights. They can be on bright when we’re playing a family board game, and then we can dim them down for a quiet evening once the kids are in bed. Of course, the lights have to be out for a big movie night! When I’m reading, I like to sit under my nice standard lamp. It’s not dimmable, but I can put in one of those app-controllable light bulbs if I fancy some awesome lighting effects.



When the kids are in the room, I prefer the windows closed as the noise levels can start interfering with the rest of the neighborhood! In the summer, I love throwing them open so I can see the garden more clearly and hear the kids playing outside. When I dress the windows, I’m mindful of how much sunlight is coming in. Venetian blinds are great for diverting the sun’s rays, but they aren’t that attractive. I like to have some lush curtains or drapes hanging in the window. Blackout ones are best for this room, so we can enjoy a big movie in the dark at any time of the day.



While some people may like to have a mix of great pieces of furniture, I do like things to match from a set. In my perfect den, I would have a great sideboard where I can keep the family games, some pens and paper and a few DVDs. Lots of people like their TV hanging on the wall, but I like mine a bit lower to my eyeline than that. I would love a beautiful wooden TV cabinet that can also hold the Blu-Ray and Satellite machines. I would probably pop a photo frame or two on there as well so I can see my babies while I watch TV.



This ultimate family den would have to be decorated by the whole family jointly. It might be that every wall is a different color, though! I would like a feature wall in a nice bright color like pink or purple. Perhaps we can all agree on some wallpaper with a geometric pattern in those colors? Maybe not! Still, I think if we all came up with some ideas we would find something we all like together. Hopefully everyone will pitch in with the painting.


The ultimate family den for me is the place where I see us all together smiling. It’s a happy room where we’re all doing the same thing at the same time. It’s a snuggly room too, where I can give my babies a cuddle and let them talk about their day. For me, it’s important to have that family space so we can make the most of our quality time together.


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