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Tips For Making Moving Less Stressful For Your Children

Moving house is an incredibly stressful thing to do for adults, but the addition of children can drive you to insanity. It’s not just the adults that get stressed out, though, as children can be affected by the whole thing. That is why we have put together this guide to moving when you have kids to consider.

Discuss Everything With Your Kids Before The Process Begins

It is not really enough to say you are moving to your children. It may be a hard concept for them to understand, particularly if they are very young. Therefore, it’s important to sit them down and talk them through the whole process, explaining what is going to happen and why. The more you can familiarise them with everything will help to alienate any worries, stresses or anxieties that may be developing in their mind.

Take Them With You To See The New House

Taking the above step further, it is a good idea to help everything real by taking them along to your new house. Even if they can’t be involved in the decision of whether to move there or not, you can take them to see it in person and maybe even go for a walk around the new area. You want them to be comfortable.

Most of us as humans have problems with change, and for kids, those fears are even more heightened.

Ask Them How They Are Feeling

It’s all very well talking to your children and walking them through everything, but it’s also crucial that you listen to them. Really consider and don’t simply just dismiss any issues they have about moving. Give them as honest answers as you can.

Although it seems like we have not covered any physical moving tips yet, that is because for kids the moving process affects them on an emotional and mental level.

Carefully Choose a Moving Day

A crucial part of ensuring you have as stress-free a move as possible is to choose a moving day. Remember to think about your child when making the decision. Some people prefer to move during the summer holidays or other times outside of term time, whereas others prefer to move while their kids are still at school and preoccupied, as it means they are not getting in the way or feeling bored.

There is no right or wrong way to do it, as you need to consider your own circumstances and choose the best option for all involved, including your children.

Get Them Involved

Okay, so they are not going to be able to do much heavy lifting. However, one way to make them feel less stressed or confused about everything is by getting them involved. Find small jobs that they can do. This could just be letting them pack away stuff from their own room or putting smaller things in one of the vans of the removal company in Tonbridge you hire. Whatever small things you let them do and have responsibility for will help them feel more part of it rather than bored or frustrated.

Benefits of Using Flashcards With Your Children

If you are thinking of ways to help with your child’s learning at home, to bolster what they are learning at school, have you considered flashcards? Flashcards are a great memory aid tool that could help your child learn new words, phrases, and concepts quickly. Although flashcards are primarily associated with teaching younger children, they can still be used with older children too.

Consider some of the great benefits of using flashcards.

They Are Cost-Effective

One of the biggest advantages flashcards have over other memory aid and educational tools are that they are very inexpensive.

They are Portable

Another key benefit of flashcards is the fact that they are small and lightweight. This makes them very portable, which means your child can take them anywhere with them. Even if you are at the park, they can still continue learning if they have flashcards.

They Are Efficient

Beyond their affordability and portability, flashcards are also extremely efficient tools. As they can be taken anywhere and don’t require a huge investment, your child will be able to learn whatever words, phrases, principles or themes and concepts they need to learn in a much quicker time because they will not be restricted by time or place.

Learning is Easier

Whether young or old, one mistake that is all too easy to make when children are learning something new is to try and take in as much as they can in a short amount of time. This can be incredibly detrimental. With flashcards, everything can be simplified to the most important points, so that your children can focus on the crucial aspects of the subject.

They Are Versatile

Although you may have the image in your head of flashcards featuring nouns, verbs, or pictures of different things, places and actions, the truth is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used for teaching important historical dates, math formulas, and psychology terms. Really, you can take any subject and find some way to incorporate the use of flashcards into your child’s learning.

They Provide a Variety of Different Study Methods

You may feel as if flashcards encourage children to merely learn things by memorising the order. Since you can shuffle the cards, and change the order, you can help them learn to remember things out of order too.

They Make Learning Fun

When you use flashcards, learning stops being something boring and almost chore-like, it can become a fun game. Children love playing games and when you can combine games with education, the results can be amazing.

At Just Family Fun, along with lots of colourful flashcards, there are a variety of other educational tools and resources like maths worksheets, spelling worksheets and learning posters. The great thing is that rather than costing a fortune to access these amazing tools, there is absolutely no cost as you are free to download and print off as many copies as you want and need. Something that we are sure all parents will really appreciate.