Using a New Educational Book to Talk to Kids About Loyalty

We are sure you will agree that so much time is spent in school on educating children to have academic success and progress in their careers. Mathematics, English language, and subjects like sciences and social sciences are the focus, as children are encouraged to get good grades and do the best they can with their time in school. However, as good as it is to spend that time focused on subjects that will increase their academic success, valuable time is lost that could be spent teaching children important virtues that will help them develop into fully functioning human beings. Virtues like honesty, fairness, confidence, respect, and loyalty.

One organization is looking to change that by introducing a new series of books aimed at teaching children about the virtues outlined above. The first one has been published and is all about loyalty. It is entitled How to Talk to Your Kids About Loyalty with Stories from Around the World.

What is the Book Like?

First, you are wondering what the layout and structure of the book will be like. If you plan to devise lesson plans or classes around the book, you will need to know how the content is presented. The book contains four tales centering around loyalty as a subject and why it is important to keep promises you make. Each of the four tales has been selected from a different country.

The ideal way to use this book is to read it aloud with your classroom, family, or when you are enjoying some reading time with your children.

The Author’s Aims

The New York-based children’s book editor Bellforest August wrote the book. As the proud and often tired mother of two children with bags of energy, she had found it hard to find the time to spend teaching her children about these virtues and their important role in each of our lives.

She wanted to make talking to her own children easier while helping other parents, parents, and care providers. She feels that the book would also be ideal for homeschooling parents.

Why These Virtues Are So Important

Most adults have a good understanding and application of these virtues in their life. Why are they so important? As noted by Bellforest, these virtues are crucial to developing moral intelligence. Therefore, if you want your children to be morally intelligent, you need to take the time to build up these virtues in them.

What Has Been the Response?

The book has proven to be a success, with the feedback so far being extremely positive. Kids find the stories very engaging and reading the book helps to start meaningful conversations within classrooms, families, and the wider community. If you are interested in teaching children not just how to count, read, write, and sciences, and want to teach them about important virtues like loyalty, this book is for you.