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6 Reasons Why Fitness Trackers Are Helpful For Children

Given the number of time kids spend inside these days, with all the trappings of modern technology to keep them preoccupied, there is real evidence they are not getting enough exercise as other generations did. If you are struggling to encourage your children to exercise more, one way you can take advantage of their love of technology while doing so is by giving them a fitness tracker.

While some naysayers and critics do not think they are quite as useful, in the following post we will look at reasons why fitness trackers are beneficial.

Great For Promoting Healthy Habits

A very obvious benefit of fitness trackers is in promoting healthy habits. By being able to keep track of the steps they take every day, working towards personal goals, children are more likely to get out and play rather than staying in playing video games and eating lots of snacks.

Children can keep track of their steps, active minutes and enjoy rewards like special badges for when they reach their goals. Especially if they are active during their school time during recess or sports lessons.

It Motivates Them

As your kids are probably used to using all manner of screens and playing games and seeing their progress, they will feel motivated by looking at the screen of the tracker or at least the accompanying app. They will reach the daily step count or minutes staying active and it can push them to work harder.

They Are Fun

Fitness Trackers are a whole lot of fun, as they have gamification elements incorporated into their design. The apps or devices themselves will have rocket ships blasting across their screens or practical and intensive timers they can use to add an extra bit of challenge. They can even compete with their friends who are also connected up.

Parents Can Monitor Their Activity Levels

As a parent, it can be worrying when you are trying to make sure your kids are getting enough exercise and being as active as they can be. If you have access to an accompanying app, you can keep a close eye on what your kids are doing with their fitness trackers.

Parents Can Use Comparative Data to Adjust the Family Lifestyle

The majority of activity and fitness trackers available for kids work with an accompanying app that the parent can manage. However, older kids can access it from their smartphone or tablet. Although kids should not spend too much time focused on the comparative data, you as parents can use it as insights into your current lifestyle and how it can be modified to improve the health and wellbeing of the children.

Fitness Trackers Don’t Focus on Calorie Intake

Although adult fitness trackers include features that monitor how many calories you have burned, kids don’t really have to worry about it. That means they don’t have any of the guilt for having cookies or birthday cake. Most kid-friendly fitness trackers focus primarily on the steps taken, sleep, and lots of fun goals for counting steps.