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5 Signs your Furnace is in Need of Repair


A homeowner’s worst nightmare is a heat unit failure. It leaves you scrambling around trying to locate an alternative source of heat and an emergency repair contractor.  The good news, furnaces and heating systems tend to provide you with various warning signs prior to breaking down.  If you notice any of the signs below, chances are it’s time to call in your heating contractors London Ontario services.

It Doesn’t Seem to Matter How Much you Crank up the Thermostat

Your natural response when you are cold is to crank up the thermostat a few notches to warm things up. However, what happens when it doesn’t seem to make a difference? It could be a faulty thermostat and you should definitely have that looked at first (because it’s much cheaper) or it could be an issue with your pilot light or leaking ducts. Things are problems that can be repaired rather easily.

Drafts All Over and Ice Formation

If you notice constant drafts around your home that is not normal, it could be an indication that your heating unit is not able to heat up your entire home anymore. Also, if you notice any ice formation on your roof, it could indicate that you need furnace repairs as your home’s heat is not staying down where it belongs in living areas and is leaking up into your attic.

You Have a Yellow Pilot Light

If you notice your pilot light is starting to burn the color yellow, this could be an indication that your furnace has a gas combination that is not good. An ideal balance of gas is usually a blue flame. Yellow can mean problem gases like Carbon Monoxide.

Your Energy Bills are High

A pretty common sign that your furnace is in need of repair is a spike in your energy bill when you know you haven’t been cranking up your system for more heat. Of course your bill will go up a little when you are in heating season, but a significant spike could indicate a problem, therefore its essential you get it taken care of right away before it turns into a more serious issue that could lead to premature replacement.

You Hear Unusual Noises

Every furnace or heater makes some small amount of noise, but if you notice a new or different noise than what you are used to hearing, that could mean a problem. Because loud noises are hard to miss, this should be easy to catch in time.

It’s essential that you know the different warrant signs that your heating unit shows when in need of a repair or replacement. You should not wait until the problem becomes more severe. The last thing you want on a cold January day is to be without heat.   Visit this website to get the repair done now.

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