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How To Take Advantage Of No Deposit Bonuses




Most online casinos understand that they have to entice new members and customers by making concessions and addressing the obstacles that may be stopping those customers coming to their casino to play.  Mostly though, new players are worried about investing their hard earned money in a gaming organisation they aren’t sure about or trust.  Therefore, by offering no deposit casino bonuses, the new players have a good enough excuse to give them a try.

Make Bonuses Work For You

While the casinos are definitely being very generous offering no deposit bonuses, you have to be aware that every online casino that just gave away money wouldn’t be in business for very long before running out of money.  Because of this, there are some pretty stringent rules that go along with the bonuses.  Nevertheless, you can still take advantage of them in 6 particular ways.

Go For Casinos Who Offer The Biggest Bonuses

Due to the steep competition they face, the number of no deposit bonuses has increased greatly, that it is worth you checking them out.  Look for the casino with the best reputation and the largest bonuses.

Make Completely Sure You Understand All The Terms And Conditions

The majority of the time you will find that the terms and conditions for taking advantage of no deposit bonuses are very strict, with rules in place such as players will have to make a real money deposit worth a particular amount before they can cash their winnings.

Use Your Free Funds To Try As Many Games As You Want

Play as many different games as you are able to with the bonuses.  Take advantage of this and really try out what the casino who gave you the bonus has to offer.  As well as getting a better gambling experience, you will also be playing more and therefore increase your chances of winning more.

Use The Time Limits To Your Advantage

If  your no deposit bonus comes with time limits, make sure you use them to the fullest.  The longer you play games for, the more times you have chances of winning.

Keep Hold Of Your Winnings

If you come across online casinos where you have the chance to win a lot of money, if they are reputable it may be worth trying and making a deposit large enough to enable you to cash out.  Do some maths and work out if it is in your benefit to meet the requirements for the bonus to cash out.

Learn How To Play Games You Are Able To Use The No Deposit Bonuses On

There will be some bonuses that can only be used with certain games.  If you are unsure how to play these games, you need to learn how to play them to get the best out of your bonuses.

When you follow the tips above you will be able to get the best out of no deposit online casinos and their bonuses and take your first steps into the world of online gambling successfully.

3 Easy Ways for Mums to Meet Your Pocket Expenses


46351005 - hand crafted holiday ornaments and vintage scissors top view

It’s a great way for all those idle moms that want to meet their petty expenses by doing things they love from home. Here are some ideas to boost your bank balance and start racking up £s with these money making ideas.

Get crafty:

Let your artsy side shine and you’re creative skills can get you to earn quite a good amount of money. As personalized stuffs are always on the rage and demand, you can start of with selling your creations online on sites like Etsy, Handmade Artists etc.

Become a Vlogger:

If you’re good or extremely good at something then why hide it from rest of the world. Be it cooking or hair grooming or home decor ideas, there are many people who are always on the hunt for great ideas that can help them out. Starting a Vlog on Youtube is the easiest. Keep your Vlog interesting, contented and relevant to the title. The more interesting your blog is, the more traffic you’ll attract and that can help your earn extra bucks.

Play games:

Well, you must have not thought of this. Playing games like online bingo, casinos and slots can help you make money that can help you out with your little pocket expenses. Moreover, 5 minutes of your spare time can get you to win some quick money to clear out your small expenses. You can play at bucky bingo which have attractive and fun offers and games that the players can choose to play from. View here at Bucky Bingo review to know more.

Use Old Cotton, Canvas, or Jute Bags to Make Unique Plant Hangers




One of the best things about the cotton, jute, and canvas bags that we sell is the fact that they can last for ages before ever wearing out. However, nothing last forever, and there will come a time when your bag is no longer fit for purpose. Cotton, jute, and canvas are all recyclable, but you can also repurpose bags made from these materials by yourself. For example, you can use a couple to create a unique, eco-friendly hanger for a plant.

Start by taking your cotton, jute, or canvas bag and then ripping it into thick strips that are around 6 feet in length. You can then start to twist them until they form into thinner, rope-like lengths. Use other smaller pieces to tie up your rope at regular intervals in order to stop it becoming untangled. Continue until you have 6 of these.

When you’ve done this, lie all of those cords together so they meet at the middle, then use some more small strips to tie the middles together. You should be left with twelve 3-foot long ends extending from the centre.

Next, divide those lengths into four groups of three, then braid them together. Take your plant pot and place it on top, then divide the strands and knot between the braids. You can continue doing this until you’ve created a mesh around the pot that holds it securely.

Finally, use another bag to create four separate cotton, jute, or canvas ropes. These will be used to attach the net holding your plant pot to the hanger, so the length you choose will depend on how high or low you want your plant to be hung. Tie these across from each other along the netting, then tie them all together at the top, taking care to keep each rope to an equal length to avoid having the finished product looking lopsided.

Advice for Those Moving House During the Winter



Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things you will ever do. This can be so much more so during the winter. Dark afternoons can put you on a much tighter schedule, the unpredictability of the weather can make it hard to pick a moving day. Then there’s the house itself. More than ever you need to make sure your new house is ready to be lived in.

Check the Forecast

While a weather forecast is never going to be 100% accurate, it can help you prepare. Try to pick a moving day where the long-term forecast is clear and dry. As moving day gets closer, keep checking, so you can be prepared for whatever changes may come.

Check Your Pipes

Before moving day, go to your new house and double check the central heating is in full working order. Check that all the pipes are insulated, that there’s no leaks from the boiler or other pipes and that nothing is making any odd noises. Turn the heating on for a few hours and run the hot water to make sure everything works and to give it a bit of a kick start if it hasn’t been on for a while. You could also now set your timers, so the heating comes on for a little each day before you move in. If there are any problems, head to to get everything sorted before you move. Even if you think everything is fine, it might be worth getting a plumber from Plentific over just to be sure.

Pack Sensibly

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for a winter move. There’s going to be a lot of lifting and carrying, so it’s best to layer in case you get too hot. Gloves and warm, safe boots will be a must, especially if it snows. Make sure you pack any winter essentials, such as big coats and thick pyjamas that you’ll need in those first few days, separately so they’re easy to find.

The Little Details

Can you park next to your old and new house? You don’t want to be outside for too long. Or carrying things too far in what might be icy, or wet conditions. If you can’t, try contacting neighbours to see if they’d mind you using their parking space for the day. Or the council to see if there’s anything they can do to help.

Have some nice warming food ready for when the move is finished. After a big day moving in cold weather, you’re going to want something comforting. Prepare it in advance so you only need to warm it up.

Have the kettle, some cups, milk, sugar and tea and coffee in your new house ready. Moving is exhausting, especially when you’re cold. You’ll deserve the odd break to warm up and reenergise.

When you move house in the winter, preparation and organisation are the keys to success. Moving house can be an incredibly exciting event. Use this advice and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a stress-free moving day, followed by a great life in your new home.

Find the Best No Deposit Online Casino



Have you ever thought what it is that makes playing casino games such great fun? For many people, it’s the thrill of the win, but for others it is simply a fun way of passing some spare time. This is even more relevant now, in the age of online slot machines and casino games, as the sheer variety means there will certainly be something that appeals to everyone. With the popularity of online gaming growing all the time it is no surprise that there are many excellent casino websites to choose from, and there are some excellent incentives to join, too.

One of the major incentives is that you will find many no deposit online casino offers; what are these, and why should you take advantage of them? The name says it all, really: with no deposit offers you do not have to put down any of your own money in order to play. When you sign up you will be given a bonus deposit – the varies according to the site – which are you free to play with as you wish. The deposit can be in the form of a cash bonus or perhaps a number of free games. The advantage of this is clear: you can try games and see which are the best for you, or even learn new games so you are ready to win when you start to play in earnest.

Play Casino Games for Free

Playing casino games online for free is great fun, of course, but the real aim is for you to win some money! This does not always come easy, so finding the best signing-up bonuses, and the best selection of games, is a great benefit. This is why looking for no deposit online casino: find the best review, is a sensible search term to use. We recommend that you have a close look at the various options on offer, because there really is a great deal of variety.

We found one review site that covers the subject comprehensively; it’s called, and it offers excellent information on the various casino sites, games and – perhaps most importantly – deposit bonuses available, with detailed information about the best options. It’s easy to browse and use, and is an impressive resource for finding online casino games and offers. There are also many comments from users which are very useful for getting to grips with the games on offer.

With everything from traditional casino games such as blackjack and roulette, through fun slot machines that offer a variety of games and options, you are certain to be able to find a game that you want to play, and with the free deposit bonus, remember that you can have a go before you even need to put down any of your own money. It’s the best way to play casino games, and you can do so anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Use an Old Paper Bag to Ripen Your Avocados in a Flash



Avocados are a real superfood – you’ll find them packed with feel-good carbohydrates and a plethora of healthy fats. Of course, the avocado stands out for more than its satisfying taste and nutritional benefits; it’s also one of those fruits that is a nightmare to get right when you’re trying to choose between ripe and green.

It’s hard to walk through the supermarket and find an avocado that doesn’t either feel like it’s tougher than concrete or like it’s made of slush. Luckily enough, you can make your avocados ripen faster than ever when you get home, and all you need is a paper shopping bag.

What you need to do is take a normal brown paper bag and put your unripe avocado inside with another piece of fruit. It usually works best to use either a banana or an apple, and these will ripen up a little too into the bargain.

When you combine these fruits within the confines of a paper bag, something wonderful starts to happen. It might sound odd, but the two fruits will start naturally exchanging ethylene gases inside the bag. This is ripening teamwork, and it makes both items nice and ready for use sooner than you’d imagine. If you need to whip up a smoothie or prepare some guacamole, you don’t have to worry about unripened avocados.

Just make sure you use a paper bag instead of a plastic one. The paper bag does more than help your two pieces of fruit exchange gases – the trick is that it lets just enough of that gas out through its slightly porous surface. Using a plastic bag instead will not have the desired results, so remember to keep it paper.

We love finding out new ways people can put our popular paper bag products to good use after they’ve been employed during a good few shopping trips. As ardent foodies without the patience to sit around and watch fruit ripen, you can bet that this is one of our favourite paper bag hacks yet!

Planning for the future with funeral plans



Even when things might seem a long way off, there is still a lot to be said for making plans in advance.

It gives you time to think about what’s going to happen, how you want events to unfurl, how much any arrangements might cost and how – or who – is going to pay for them.

This is a basic principle that applies every bit as much to planning for the funeral you want at the end of your life. It might be many years to come, but advance planning is likely to help ensure that what you want is what you get – and, just as important, are able to pay for. Prepaid funeral plans may offer a solution.

The rising cost of funerals

SunLife’s latest annual Cost of Dying study reveals that the cost of a typical funeral has increased by 5.5% in the past year to £3,897 – rising much faster than any cost of living, with the pace of growth outstripping inflation, wages and pensions.

With the cost of your funeral likely to outstrip the rate of inflation  – many times over – there is a very real danger that you loved ones are going to struggle to find the money to give you the final send-off you have always planned and deserve.

Beating the market

By planning ahead, you stand a very good chance of staying ahead of the game and paying in advance for the funeral you will eventually want at today’s prices.

Funeral plans work in a very simple and straight forward way. You nominate the funeral directors you want to perform the service and make all the arrangements you may care to make. Instead of paying the funeral director directly in advance – a facility offered by many funeral directors – you pay a specifically established national provider of funeral plans.

In this way, you avoid the risk of the funeral directors you have chosen going out of business and, so, potentially losing the money you have paid up front. A national provider, on the other hand, ensures that the money you paid remains safe and secure by keeping it in a specially set up trust fund or through the purchase of a whole of life insurance policy which pays out that amount when you die.

Finding a funeral plan provider

There are a number of companies offering one form or another of this type of funeral planning, so you may find it more than a little confusing choosing the one in which to place your trust.

Fortunately, there are also a number of online resources which allow you to compare one with another. These may also offer you the additional security and reassurance of knowing that any funeral plan provider on which you are given a quote is also backed by the Funeral Planning Authority – a regulatory body which obliges its members to adhere to a strict code of practice to ensure that customers’ interests and rights are followed first and foremost.

Pie mash and liquor recipes ideas




Pie and mash – it sounds as though nothing could be easier to knock up for your next meal. A look in the fridge might find you all the ingredients you need and making the pastry casing surely isn’t that too difficult a job. Making the all-important liquor to go with it might be more of a challenge, but so long as it’s green it will probably pass muster – you hope.

The easiest and probably far more successful way of making sure that you have that glorious pie, mash and liquor combination, though, is to order the whole meal online or by mail order for delivery to your home, where it is ready to eat straight away, can be kept fresh in the fridge for a few days or put in the freezer for longer-term storage.

Pie, mash and liquor delivery – of quality, hand crafted pies – leaves nothing to chance and nothing to tax your potentially zero culinary skills.

Despite the obvious attraction of ordering such a delivery, though, there are still those kitchen wizards who may insist that pie, mash and liquor is not beyond them and a number of recipes are not so difficult to find online:


  • the pie casing is made from a suet pastry, with a shortcrust pastry for the lid;
  • the filling is based on minced beef, with the addition of onion and garlic, tomato puree, ground black pepper, English mustard, and brown ale;
  • the mashed potatoes are, well, just mashed potatoes – but the option of a little chilli oil to taste; but
  • the disappointment probably comes in the shape of the otherwise mysterious liquor, which in this recipe is a fairly simple and straight forward parsley sauce (yes, we know liquor is parsley sauce, but that isn’t the point!);

The Hub-UK

  • this also describes a straight forward parsley sauce, made by melting butter in a pan and adding a little flour, to which water or chicken stock is added whilst stirring continuously;

Keef the Chef

  • where Keef branches out, however, is the suggestion for making the liquor from boiled eels or fish stock, into which generous handfuls of parsley are added;
  • for serving, the eels are removed, the liquor is thickened with a little flour, and chilli vinegar is added to taste;

  • the filling in this example is also made from minced beef and onion, seasoned with salt, pepper and Worcester sauce, thickened with a little cornflour;
  • the liquor too is based on a fish and vegetable stock, thickened with cornflour, and mixed with a handful of parsley

If you have noticed one area where the recipes seem to fall short of the mystique of east London, it is the liquor and, of course, that indefinable touch of the master baker. The answer is at your fingertips if you order the whole dish for pie, mash and liquor to be delivered to you at home.