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Myth or Fact: Does Hyaluronic Acid Dry Out Your Skin?



Hyaluronic Acid may sound like something from a mad scientist’s lab, and something you really wouldn’t want to put on your face. However, there are a lot of people in the beauty industry that swear by Hyaluronic Acid as a potent formula for keeping your skin flawlessly smooth and fully hydrated.

There has been a lot of bad press for HA, as it’s known for short, however, in the following post we are going to look at many of the benefits and why it really won’t dry out your skin.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

HA is actually produced naturally by your skin cells to help maintain the levels of moisture in the skin. As you’d guess though, the same old aggressors as usual in the environment and the ageing process keep those moisture levels down.

This is why you may at times have skin that has an uneven texture and tone with fine lines, a dullness about it and sensitivity.

How Hyaluronic Acid Helps Your Skin

So, it may be time to have HA in your beauty regime, if you don’t already. If you are still on the fence about it, consider some of the following benefits.

Adequately Hydrated Skin Looks and Feels Healthier

Using HA can help top up the much-needed levels of moisture in your skin, resulting in skin that has a very pillowy, plump and incredibly soft feel and that looks radiant. You may never need to use a filter again.

Reduced Wrinkles and Lines

Another benefit from having fully hydrated skin is the fact that it will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Yes, even those harder to deal with, deeper set wrinkles. So, HA is ideal for anyone looking to fight back those signs of aging to keep your youthful look.

It’s Versatile and Compatible with All Skin Types

Another great thing about Hyaluronic Acid is that unlike other skin treatments that often work with one person but not another, this will work with all skin types. It is compatible with all skin types. That is, even skin prone to breakouts or that suffers from high levels of sensitivity. Even if you have oily skin, there is a very good chance Hyaluronic Acid will help.

It Has Antioxidant Properties

There has been recent evidence that shows Hyaluronic Acid could have effective antioxidant properties. This means that along with the other benefits, it could also function as a shield against free radicals out of your control, such as environmental pollution and other different aggressors.

Is It Really Safe Though?

Yes, it really is. It won’t strip your skin or leave it dehydrated. Rather it will do the complete opposite

So, don’t worry about the rumours of it being unsafe, Hyaluronic Acid is perfectly safe to use and a lot more effective than other products on the market.

Along with a great vitamin C serum, the best hyaluronic acid serum you can afford will help you keep your youthful appearance.

Excellent Ways to Encourage and Motivate Your Children to Read

Reading is an important part of children’s development. It can help them perform better at school and in life. However, we know that some kids find it hard to have that love and desire to read that others do. What can you do if you’re in that situation? We’ve put together a list of a few tips that could help encourage your children to read more.

Reading is Not Just Learning, it’s Fun Too

One of the most important and effective ways to make reading more desirable to children is to make it fun. Show an interest in whatever they read, whether it’s one of the classics or a comic. Most kids learn to love reading because of bedtime stories. There’s no reason to stop this as they get older, but you can start to get them joining in, by reading a sentence, paragraph, page or even a chapter in turn.

Incorporate Humour

Did your mom or dad ever take a traditional story and twist it a little? Taking side steps and misinterpreting pictures that go along with the stories can help to make the books funny and that means your kids will associate reading with laughter.

If you find it hard to be funny, don’t worry as there are plenty of genuinely funny, often disgusting kids’ books out there.

Show Them What’s Beyond the Bookshelf

Often kids simply find no joy in opening a book or it reminds them too much of school, so it doesn’t appeal. This can be hard for people who grew up enjoying that sense of wonder and the smell, oh the smell of a new book, but one great way to get around this and show them that reading is a good thing, is by showing them how to access e-books.

Copy the Other Kids

Another great way to encourage them to read is to invest in the same books that their friends are reading. You can find this out by asking at the local library what books have a waiting list for them or just by asking your child’s friends what’s popular right now.

Collecting Makes Reading Fun

Children enjoy collecting things, whether its badges, toys or video games. You can encourage them to read more, by getting them interested in a book series that involves multiple titles. You could motivate them to open books and read by suggesting that you would get the next book in the series once they finish the one they are currently reading.

There’s nothing wrong with your children if they don’t share the same love for reading as perhaps you do. However, they are also not a lost cause. Give them time to develop their love and give them as much encouragement and commendation along the way as possible. By following one or more of the tips above you will find it much easier to get your kid to read.

Further to these tips though, as we all like a freebie or two in life from time to time, all moms and parents should check out, as they offer free books for children.

The Importance of a Nursing Bra



The importance of wearing a nursing bra is underestimated.

There are many reasons why some women make a choice of not investing:

  • Don’t know where to purchase nursing bras from
  • Bad experience with fit
  • Lack of funds
  • Unfashionable options
  • Don’t understand the importance of breast health

Nursing bras have come a long way in recent years.  The matronly style of past nursing bras is long gone with many brands producing beautiful functional nursing bras for all budgets that women enjoy wearing.

I recommend that you visit your local lingerie boutique or maternity store and ask them about their nursing bra offering.  They will be more than happy to assist you in finding nursing bras that work for you and your lifestyle.  Going to a specialist fitter will also help ensure you get fitted correctly.

Why you should not wear a normal bra when nursing

  1. Function

The most obvious reason is function.  A normal nursing bra does not provide the basic function of drop down cups.  Drop down cups in a nursing bra allow for easy discrete feeding, that is fuss free.

  1.  Lack of support

Normal nursing bras are not designed to support a heavy milk filled breast.  They tend to be made from weaker more delicate fabrics, lace and mesh.  The straps and accessories are more likely to stretch and strain under the weight because the accessories selected have not designed to support the added weight.

NOTE:  Wearing a bra that is not designed to support the weight can lead to premature sagging and ligament damage.

  1. Lack of comfort

Normal bras do not always consider comfort and tend to be designed for fashion sack.  Laces and other nylon-based fabrics exposed to the skin can cause irritation and discomfort to the wearer.

  1. Restriction

Normal bras are not designed with a fluctuating breast in mind.  They tend to be made from more rigid fabrics that do not allow for movement.  A rigid regular bra will cut into the breast resulting in discomfort and sometimes conditions such as mastitis.

Normal bras containing wires are likely to dig into your breast tissue.  This is because the shape of a normal wire is narrower compared with a flexible wire designed for nursing bras.  A rigid, ill-shaped wire can also lead to conditions such as mastitis.

The benefits of a wearing a good nursing bra:

  • Extra support and lift
  • Maximum comfort
  • Function
  • Good shape and separation
  • Discretion when feeding
  • Fuss free

Key features of a good nursing bra


Good nursing bras are made from strong durable fabrics that are designed to provide maximum support.

Reinforced cups

A soft-cupped nursing bra should be reinforced in the lower part of the cup to allow for lift and support.

Flexible wire

Some nursing bras will contain flexible wire that provides support and a flattering shape.  A flexible wire bra is ideal for fuller busted women.

Cotton lining

Cotton lined cups and straps provide added support and a soft luxurious feel against the skin.

Back band

A wide double-layered back band will help to provide added support.  It is less likely to stretch meaning the bra will provide a secure fit for longer.

Hooks and eyes

A good nursing bra will have multiple hooks and eyes for expansion and contraction.  This allows the back band to be adjusted depending on your needs.

Top cup stretch

A small amount of elasticity in the top cup will allow for breast fluctuation without restriction.

Drop down cups

Drop down cups allow for easy discrete feeding.  Attached by an easy one-handed nursing clip the cups can be pulled up or down with ease.

A frame sling

An A frame sling not only provides support by will provide some discretion too when breastfeeding.

Types of nursing bras

There are many different types of nursing bras in the market place.  The old saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’.

More expensive nursing bras generally mean it is made from stronger, durable fabrics and accessories.  This bra should wash and wear better than its cheaper counterpart.

Whatever you budget it is recommended that you do invest in nursing bras; no less than three.  One for wear, one for the wash and one for the draw, as nursing bras will help to make breastfeeding an easier more enjoyable experience.

Find a nursing bra that suits your budget and lifestyle:

  • T shirt nursing bra
  • Seamless nursing bra
  • Sports nursing bra
  • Plunge nursing bra
  • Non-wired nursing bra
  • Flexible wired nursing bra
  • Fuller busted nursing bra
  • Fashion nursing bra
  • Contour nursing bra
  • Budget friendly nursing bras

Like many women out there, Tracey Montford is an exceptional multi-tasker! Apart from steering a global business, managing 2 young boys & keeping the clan clean and fed, Tracey still finds time to provide creative inspiration and direction to the exceptional designs of Cake Maternity. From the branding, presentation and delivery, creativity is a big part of what Tracey does so naturally and effectively. Find out more at or catch up with her on social @cakematernity.

How to Choose a Double Stroller That’s Right for You

Whether you are expecting twins or have a second child on the way, it is undeniably an exciting time. However, as exciting as it is, the reality is that you’ll need to invest in some purchases specific for having two young children in your life at the same time. By far, one of the most important is the ingenious double stroller. However, with so many different double strollers on the market these days, you might find it overwhelming deciding on one.

That is where we come in. With this guide we hope to help make the choice of which double stroller is best a little easier, by discussing the most important considerations you need to make while searching for one.

Is it For a Baby and Toddler or Twins?

First things first, you need to think about who you are looking to put in the double stroller. If you are buying one for twins, you need two seats that are suitable for babies. However, if it is for a toddler and baby, you need to look for double strollers that feature seats that can be reclined separately. This means that your toddler will be able to stay up and look at the world, while his or her younger sibling is fast asleep. It may also be a good idea to consider a double stroller that can be converted into a single one, once the older child is able to walk by your side.

Think About the Buggy Style

There are two main types of double stroller available – that is, tandem, or one in front of the other and twin or side-by-side. Both options have their good and bad points. While twins make it easier deciding who sits where, when they are old enough to compete because there is no front or back seat and they are lighter in weight; they are also much harder to navigate through narrow doorways and passages.

Tandem strollers as you’d image, are a little longer in size and although they are not best suited to twins, they are ideal for navigating in and out of places and around the supermarket. There are even tandem double strollers that can accommodate two children without taking up much more space than a normal stroller for one child.

Where Are You Most Likely to Use It?

The best stroller or strollers for you and your growing family will very much depend on your lifestyle and what you do on a day to day basis. For instance, if you are going to be spending most of your time out and about, then as we highlighted above, a tandem double stroller will probably suit you better. However, if you live on the 10th floor of an apartment block, you might opt for the lighter twin side-by-side option.

If you live in the city, either of these will be a good enough option. However, if you live in the countryside, it may be worth investing in a model with sturdier wheels and one that is designed for off-road use. You also need to consider the people who will be pushing it. If there is a dramatic height difference between you and your partner, it is recommended you look for strollers with adjustable handles. Furthermore, if your day to day life involves a lot of getting on and off public transport, the weight of the stroller and how easy it is to fold down is also vitally important.


Things to Look for In Baby Thermometers

Baby thermometers are one of the most important items for any new parent’s medicine cupboards. Choosing one from the selection available, can be difficult. With so many to choose from, you might also wonder if the same one you use for adults and older children is okay.

To help you, we are going to look at some important things to look for in baby thermometers, the various kinds available and why you should invest in one designed for babies.

Important Things to Look For

When trying to decide on the thermometer that is best for your baby, there are a number of factors you need to consider.


As a thermometer is the first port of call for determining just how sick or ill your baby is, you want one that will give you as accurate readings as possible. While digital probe models are considered to be the most accurate, temple and ear thermometers are not far off.

Time it Takes to Get A Reading

The time it takes to get a reading is another aspect to consider. Generally speaking, probe thermometers can deliver an accurate reading within 60 seconds or less, often 10 seconds is all it takes. Forehead and ear thermometers are also fast and can deliver readings within 3 seconds in some cases, and ideal if you want a hassle-free method.


Think about the way a particular model displays its readings. The larger the display, the easier it will be for you to read. Backlit displays are obviously essential, for those nocturnal temperature checks.

Tones/Fever Alerts

Two other important considerations to make is whether or not a particular thermometer you are looking at makes clear and loud enough noises when they are ready to take readings and when they have finished. You may also want to invest in a model with a special feature that displays or sounds an alert tone if your baby has a temperature that is higher than it should be.

Different Types of Baby Thermometers

As noted earlier, there are various types of baby thermometers available. Some are obviously better than others. To help you figure out which is the best for you, let’s look briefly at each of the most common.

Forehead Thermometer Strips

If you invest in forehead strips thinking that they are going to be accurate enough to use on their own, you’re wrong. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t handy to have around. They are cheaper and safe to use on babies, but just be aware that they only take the temperature of your little one’s skin.

In-Ear Thermometers

Have you noticed that most doctors and other medical staff tend to use digital ear thermometers on babies? This is because they are painless and hassle-free and provide quick, accurate results.

Contactless Thermometers

Everything seems to be heading towards contactless these days, and thermometers are no exception. No-contact thermometers utilize infrared to take a reading of your baby’s temperature via their forehead.

Oral/Traditional thermometers

We mentioned earlier that we would note why it might be better to use baby thermometers instead of the traditional kind you’d use on adults. Generally speaking, although they are accurate, oral thermometers are not recommended because they are less comfortable to use and often can cause issues if your baby bites down a little too hard on them.

So, although it can be overwhelming when faced with a huge array of different baby thermometers, we hope our guide helps you find the best one for your needs and preferences.


5 Major Benefits of Encouraging Children to Participate in Imaginative Play

If you are bringing up a small child and are unsure what the best method of teaching them is, there has been a lot of interesting advice and studies about this recently. Many of them agree, that there are benefits to encouraging imaginative play amongst children. It can help them to develop more creative minds and stronger problem-solving skills, as well as help them to progress and have more success through school.

This is all merely the tip of the iceberg, as we show in this article, by looking at some great benefits your baby or toddler can experience from imaginative play.

Thinking Ability

When play involves your child using his or her imagination, it helps them to grow mentally as it presents opportunities where they can try completely new solutions to problems, alternative ways of thinking and just new ideas in general. During play sessions involving pretending, your child will face problems they have to solve. For example, they may be playing with their sibling or a friend and both want to play the same role or character. The way they choose to solve the problem will help them develop their thinking ability and that will stay with them for most of their lives.

Develop Physically

When children are playing using their imagination, they are expressing themselves both non-verbally and verbally. All of their senses and muscles are engaged to achieve this, and they often use items such as playdough, paintbrushes, scissors and crayons which foster key functions such as hand-to-eye co-ordination and motor skills.

Develop Emotionally

When they are playing pretend, your child has the chance to express their feelings, both negative and positive ones. This will encourage and enable him or her to work through any difficult feelings and emotions they may be experiencing and their understanding of why they are feeling them.

Develop Language

During imaginative play, children have the freedom to add to their regular vocabulary and try using words they haven’t before. It means that any embarrassment from using a new word incorrectly, can be removed and enables them to learn from their mistakes. when they pretend during play with others, it teaches them the important fact that sometimes knowing the words makes things happen and that they can better organize their play sessions.

There you have it, clear evidence that imaginative play is a powerful way of inculcating into your child important skills and knowledge that will serve them well throughout their life.

Develop Social Skills

The social roles in life are actively experimented with when children play using their imagination. According to the researcher and lecturer in child development, Dr Catherine Nielsen-Hewett, imagination-based play is one that tends to have the biggest impact on how well children develop key social skills. During this type of play, particularly with their friends, they learn about compromise and co-operation. It also encourages them to take part in more social activities and understand various social friendships and relationships.


With Family Orbit Your Children Are Never Really Out of Your Sight or Protection

We live in a modern world where technology is a huge part of our everyday life. Most children these days are adept at and enjoy making use of the advances in technology. While the use of a laptop, tablet and depending on their age, smartphone, can be of great benefit to them; it also opens them up to further dangers.

Addressing Very Real Problems

If you are concerned about these dangers, and who really wouldn’t be? Dangers that include cyberbullying and other firms of harassment are rife among young people today. These are the very real risks your children face each time they long and navigate through the online world, you will want to do all you can. However, what is the best approach? There is a line of thought, as with many problems in life, that prevention is the best form of protection.

Introducing Family Orbit

You can use a new child monitoring and parental control app known as Family Orbit as the prevention. This app allows you to, in a non-intrusive and non-disruptive way, monitor your child’s activities online, whether it’s on social media, email or gaming. This means that nothing is left secret or to fester and have negative effects on not just their self-esteem but their mental health and even physical well-being.

When children are harassed, they can so easily become depressed and withdrawn which can have far-reaching consequences and effects that may even stay with them into their adult life. However, using Family Orbit you can stop these issues in their tracks before they take root in your child.

Easy to Use

With the incredibly clever app you can easily locate, monitor and successfully protect all members of your family – particularly the most vulnerable. It enables you to stay connected directly to them always and when you need to, you can locate where they are exactly, share photos and messages with them and vice versa and contact them when an emergency arises.

Further Benefits

The benefits don’t stop there. Do you have a teenager who has recently learned how to drive and passed their test? Are you worried about the possibility that they may not be adhering to the speed limit when they are our from under your watchful eyes? You can use Family Orbit to set an alert that will sound whenever they exceed the speed limit. Although it won’t stop them from speeding, it does alert you to bad habits they may be forming and gives you the information you need to put a stop to it and enforce stricter and safer road safety and driving.

Many parents feel as if they can’t always be there to watch what their children do when their backs are turned. However, with Family Orbit, that’s exactly what they can do. The nice thing is that it does not restrict your children in a negative or unpleasant way, it is just something that can be operating in the background without causing any disruption unless it’s necessary.

5 Outside-The-Classroom Tips and Tricks Parents Can Use To Improve Children’s Academic Performance

Parenting is no joke, especially in a competitive world like ours. Children excel in school mostly when their parents play a huge role in helping them study. Being a homework hand holder won’t cut it. You have to do more.

According to education experts and other education stakeholders, the teacher-parent partnership is essential in improving students’ academic performance. In fact, parents are considered strategic influencers when it comes to the development of the child’s personality and self-esteem. These include some of the most crucial factors that contribute to the academic performance and overall growth of the child. If you are a busy parent, your best bet is to find a private tutor who will play the role of the parent. It is a lot better than leaving a void in the child’s academic success.

For the most part, educating a child is a team endeavour. All the stakeholders—tutors, parents, pupils and community must play their respective roles. Research studies have shown that the child’s education can be negatively affected if any of the stakeholders fail to play their roles.

Nonetheless, parents can make the most of whatever opportunity they have to improve the child’s academic performance. Most parents are beginning to realize that children mustn’t always be with stationary and boards to learn. Learning as we know it has changed. Parents are finding more creative ways to educate their children. They have found ways to revolutionize learning by making it a part and parcel of family life.

Think about it. Children do sums in the shopping malls, they read signposts, analyze news reports and question the rationale of world leaders’ decisions. This way education is more interactive, interesting and effective.

Caregivers must learn to expose children to learning situations. Not only will this help broaden the child’s knowledge base, it will inevitably improve academic performance.

Below, I shall discuss the six most effective tips parents can use to improve their children’s academic performance. These tips will focus on techniques that won’t involve the use of workbooks or textbooks. If you want to learn interesting ways to help your children learn outside the classroom, scroll down.

1.   Incorporate A Lot Of Reading Into Your Daily Routine

Every education expert agrees that reading is one key activity that can improve the child’s academic performance. While it is commendable to buy lots of books for the children, learning is more effective when the parents take out time to read to the children. As much as possible, arrange for an adult to read the children bedtime stories. You can also go further to read them stories whenever you’re waiting in a lounge or taking a road trip.

After each reading exercise, discuss the texts with your children. Ask them questions and reward correct answers. This way you’ll improve their comprehension and critical thinking skills. Make sure they understand the moral of each story. Little children who start reading early are more likely to learn about choices and consequences. Isn’t it wonderful to see that reading does more than one thing for the child?

If you want to guarantee your child’s academic success, make a habit of reading to them. Not only will the reading activities improve their vocabulary, it will also increase their interest in books.

2.   Teach Children From Daily Experiences

As a parent, I see learning opportunities in our daily experiences. A trip to the store is an opportunity to get children to do sums. Listening to news reports provides an opportunity to learn aspects of civic education, government and history. A visit to the gym is an opportunity to learn about health and fitness. A trip to the museum is an opportunity to learn about our history. Children are often open to learning new facts.

Parents are recommended to take advantage of practical learning opportunities whenever they present themselves. Be willing to answer every additional question they may ask. Do your best to promote curiosity in your home. As one research study showed, parents make a big difference just by conversing with their children That’s how scientists are made.

Back on the importance of parent-teacher partnerships. Good teachers are often generous with tips for parents. So if you are in doubt about the best way to spot learning opportunities in your daily routine, ask your ward’s teacher. Find out what they are learning and how you can help them learn from daily activities.

Part of the teacher’s training involves being creative. Parents can learn a lot of tips and trips if they are open to new ideas.

3.   Sleep, Healthy Diet and Exercise

Education experts recommend at least eight hours of sleep for every child of school age. In addition to adequate sleep, they recommend a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle for the child. Not only will this boost their physical health, it will go a long way to improving the child’s academic performance.

This outside-the-classroom tip is one key thing most parents fail to take advantage of. If your child isn’t excelling in his/her academics, perhaps it is time to ensure that the child is getting enough sleep and rest. Also, parents must pay attention to the child’s diet. Are they getting enough exercise, rest and Medicare? Don’t forget that sick children are at a significant disadvantage.

Increase your child’s brain function, classroom concentration and cognitive functioning by ensuring that they have the basics they need to thrive.

4.   Discipline Your Child At Home; Teach Them About Mutual Respect

Back in the day, it was assumed that children learned about respect, self-control and general good behaviour at home. These days, most parents leave these key aspects of learning to the teachers. This rarely ever works.

As the old saying goes, charity begins at home. Parents should take be courageous enough to take on the herculean task of teaching their wards about discipline and respect. Children often act as they do at home. Command respect at home and teach your children to earn respect. Show good examples to your children. If you mistreat your staff, spouse, neighbours or children, your children will learn to disrespect those they come in contact with.

Teach your children to build their social capital by learning respect and discipline.

5.   Teach Your Children The Essence Of Time Management

Teachers often complain about children’s inability to manage their time effectively. Parents have a duty to help children manage their busy schedules.

The best way to do this is to encourage the children to draw up timetables however informal. Once the children learn to manage their time in the classroom, after-school and at home, they are likely to better manage their spare time. As their daily routines change, encourage them to visit the drawing board to reschedule their time.

When children learn to independently manage their time, they are less likely to be overwhelmed by schoolwork and house chores. If you want to help your child maintain a more organized schedule, then teach them the basics of time management. To learn more about time management tips that work, click here.

A committed tutor can step in to help the student to draw up a timetable that effectively gives children enough time for study, homework and skills development. This will go a long want to reduce the child’s level of stress and anxiety.

Tips for Staying Stylish During Pregnancy

Comfort is the most important thing when you are pregnant. If you are overwhelmed by the choice out there or are just not sure what will serve you best as your bump grows during this important time in your life, don’t worry. We have you covered with a handy list of tips for choosing the best maternity clothes.

Stay Stylish

If you are worried about losing your individual look and style just because you must find bigger and more forgiving clothing, don’t be. Most maternity and pregnancy clothes lines copy and follow high street brands. So, you should be able to find comfortable clothing that still falls within your normal clothing choices.

Pick Natural and Organic Materials and Fabrics

There are three criteria that all maternity clothing should meet – it should be durable, stretchy and breathable. That means avoiding polyester and other synthetic materials. These tend to hold heat and make you itch and swear. Choose natural and organic fabrics like cotton and look for items with some degree of elasticity, so you have room to grow.

Look for Good Support

While you are carried your little miracle, it is crucial that the bra you wear is the right size. Your breasts are going to need more support than ever, as they change size and shape during your pregnancy. Look to get properly fitted bras once your size really starts to change and your normal bras no longer fit.

Collect Handy Essentials

Invest in tunics and vests to wear over a pair of leggings with plenty of stretch and you will look good throughout pregnancy. Not only are they stretchy and stylish, but they are easy to get out of when you need to take those numerous toilet breaks throughout the day.

Dresses Are Easy

Cool and casual pregnancy dresses make your life that little bit easier. They are perfect for those days when you can’t stomach wrestling with your trousers or anything else for that matter. Stick a dress on and you will look stylish in less time than it takes you to put on a top and some jeans.

Get Fitted Items

If you are proud of your bump and want to show it off to the world, you should consider getting some fitted pieces for your pregnancy wardrobe. It’s important though that they are not too tight. Clothes that are too tight put too much pressure on your belly. Although this won’t you’re your growing baby, it will feel uncomfortable for you.

Invest in Nursing and Breastfeeding Tops Early

Breastfeeding tops are ideal to wear during pregnancy, particularly in the 3rd trimester, as they provide a lot of room that can accommodate your breasts as they expand and become more tender. Obviously, once your baby has arrived, you can still wear these tops when you are breastfeeding, as that is what they were designed for.

Stylish and Comfortable Sleepwear

As is the case with the clothes you wear during the day, your night time attire should be made up of loose fitting clothes with breathable materials. It is also recommended that you invest in a good quality bra for your bed, so your breasts have the support they need throughout the night.

Choosing maternity wear doesn’t need to be a nightmare or mean you compromise on style, following these tips and looking at stores such as will help you to keep your own individual look even during pregnancy.

A Look At Some Of The Best (and most important) Baby Products Of 2018

Discovering that you are going to be the parents of a brand new baby boy or girl is undeniably one of the most exciting experiences we can go through as human beings. There is something about the miracle of life, nurturing a new person and introducing them to the world that makes us all smile. Oh, and that new baby smell.

If only it was all that simple though. Once you get past the shock, disbelief and joy of what is going to happen in some 9 month’s time, comes the realization that you need to prepare for your new offspring. That is not so bad if you have already had some children, but for new moms and dads it can be as overwhelming as the prospect of surviving pregnancy and childbirth.

Fortunately though, there is a lot of information out there, including this post, that can help newly expectant parents find all the baby goods and accessories they need to be battle-ready for diaper changing and sleepless nights.

To give you newbie parents some help in figuring out what you need, we have put together a brief list of some of what we feel are the best baby products of 2018(more of which can be found by following the link).

Best Infant Car Seat

The infant car seat industry is incredibly competitive and this can make finding the best one for your bundle of joy, difficult. One that has been receiving a lot of rave reviews across the board is the Britax B-Safe 35 Elite Infant Car Seat. The company are responsible for some of the safest and best made car chairs available and the B-Safe line are their flagship models. Versatile, durable and incredibly stylish, this is a must-have.

Best Baby Bottle

The best baby bottle on the market is arguably the Comotomo Natural Feel. Although there are many out there that claim to mimic breasts, this does it better than the rest. Okay, so it is a little on the pricey side, but it is money well spent. It features effective venting to help prevent colic, an easy and comfortable body to squeeze and wide nipple base of 3″ that helps to make it feel as real as possible.

Best Baby Bed/Bassinet

Considering the fact that your new arrival will spend a great deal of their time in bed, it is worth investing in a good place for them to get their much needed rest and sleep. We think the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet is possibly the best out there. It offers your little one comfort, breathability and comes with a stylish, sturdy and adjustable design that is easy to use.

One of the key features, particularly if you are intending on keeping your baby in your bedroom, is the fact it can be adjusted to suit most bed heights and can therefore be placed at your bedside. With other noteworthy aspects including the on-board feeding timer, soothing vibrations, relaxing sounds and the fact it can swivel and rotate.