Scented Wax Melts Give Your Home That Special Scent

Odours can hang about in a home, whether from pets, cooking, or others. When friends or family visit, you want your home to smell beautiful and fresh. Air fresheners are great, but we want to discuss a better method of making your house smell beautiful. We’re talking about scented wax melts, and we believe they are a bargain right now.

Why Choose Scented Wax Melts?

One supplier of scented wax melts is Fragrance Studio, which has a wide variety of scents across a range that is typical of the market. These are sensibly priced at just a few pounds which we think is very reasonable. Their products are highly scented for the best results and are made from a natural soy wax blend of coconut.

All you need to do is break off a small amount from the bar and place it in your tea light or electric burner, and you’ll soon have a room smelling superbly fresh and clean. There is no smoke from these wax melts, so they are environmentally friendly, and you will get plenty of usage from a single bar. Let’s check out the scents that are available in this range.

What Scents Can I Choose from?

There are many scents to choose from in the range, so there will be something here that appeals to you. We like the Fresh Linen scent for a lovely bright and clean smell, and the Strawberry and Lilly give a wonderfully fruity and floral aroma that works very well.

Others include Orange Fizz with its citrus scent, and the Cherry Bakewell example is another favourite of ours. Fir Tree evokes a beautiful forest with the smell of pinecones and nature, and there are many more extremely creative choices. You can even buy a ten-pack where you will get ten randomly selected aromas making this a great gift idea at a sensible price.

Whatever scent you choose, you will find it transforms your home and adds a new dimension. Scented waxed melts are an excellent choice if you sell your home and give viewings too.

Are Wax Melts Vegan Friendly?

For vegans, these wax melts are the ideal choice. They are made from soy wax and coconut and are entirely vegan-friendly. They are made by hand with no hint of cruelty, as no animal products are used. They are completely natural and usable by all, as well as being environmentally friendly. Be aware that not all products like this are environmentally friendly, so always check before you buy.

We believe that wax melts are better than candles for effect, especially when a high concentration of scent is used, as in the range mentioned above. We recommend using an electric melt device for safety and efficiency, although a tea light will do the job if that is your preference. Have a closer look at the range we mentioned, and you’ll find a fragrance attractive to you and have your home smelling fresh and clean again.