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Hire Servers to Make Your Holiday Party More Enjoyable for You and Your Guests

Hosting a party is a great way of getting friends and family together, and also a networking opportunity if you are inviting business colleagues. Whether you are hosting in your own home or at a hired venue, getting everything just right is the key to a successful party, and there is so much to do! The trick to organising a great party is to start early; make a list of what you want to do – think about a theme, for example – and who you will be inviting, and then start looking for your venue!

Of course, in and around Los Angeles you have the pick of some excellent party venues, but you probably want to host one in your own home and grounds. These are often the best kind of parties as there is no pressure on anyone, and after all, who doesn’t love a garden party! With the right weather, great food, a fabulous crowd and perhaps some live music, you’ve got the perfect holiday party! If it’s a winter party you’re organising, one for the festive season, all the better, and we have a great way of making things go even more smoothly.

Take the Pressure off You

So, you’ve organised your guest list, got the food sorted, and you are excited for your party. Yet, you know that when it happens, you will be pulled here, there and everywhere to help serve, make sure things are going well and to attend to little problems. You don’t want any of that; you want to take your time, relax and enjoy yourself, so we recommend you hire serving staff to take the pressure off you. You might be surprised to learn how affordable it is to get hold of trained, professional servers who will attend to all your guests, leaving you to mingle and catch up with old friends.

Furthermore, you’re in luck if you’re in the LA region, as Los Angeles Party Staffing can offer you the very best people, and at sensible rates that will not break the bank. They have a team of highly experienced waiter and waitresses, who can help you with table set up, tray service, formal dining service, and washing and cleaning after the event. If you need bar serving staff, Los Angeles Party Staffing can provide you with friendly, professional bartenders experienced in serving everything from cocktails to wine, shots and more, and who will ensure that your bar area is well-presented and clean at all times.

With such professional service on call at great rates – check the website for more information and get in touch for a quote – you can be sure of a great weight taken off your mind whether your party is formal, casual or for a religious or other celebration. It makes sense if you want to enjoy your party with no added pressure to get in touch with Los Angeles Party Staffing now, and see how they can help you.

How To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Comfortable, Inviting Retreat

Do you want your bedroom to be a cosy, attractive retreat from the world? Course you do! So, here are some great tips to transform your bedroom into just that.

  1. Paint The Walls

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform any space is by painting it. Adding a fresh coat of paint is particularly effective in rooms where the walls are dirty, damaged, or discolored. While gray is still one of the most popular colors in the world of interior design, you may want to opt for a shade of green or blue instead. In essence, any cool color will help create a calming space that promotes relaxation, which is perfect for a bedroom. 

  1. Choose Your Wall Art Carefully

Hanging art on the walls is a great way to showcase your personal style. Avoid going overboard, however. In the bedroom, it is always best to keep things simple. Consider choosing one large piece of artwork that will act as a focal point for the space. If you prefer, you can decorate with mirrors instead. Hanging beautifully-framed beveled mirrors on the wall is a great way to add visual interest to your space and can also help the room feel bigger. One of our favourite things to do on the wall is to create a custom neon sign. These can look amazing in the evening.

  1. Reuse Items That You Already Have

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to completely revamp your space. Rather than buying a lot of new items, try reusing pieces that you already have. Experiment with moving furniture or artwork into your bedroom from other rooms in your home. You may find that pieces that you have had forever look completely different when you put them in another room.

  1. Don’t Follow The Trends

Just like in the world of fashion, trends are common in the world of interior design. Unfortunately, they don’t tend to last very long. At some point, things that are trendy today will become outdated. If you base your style around current trends, that means that your room will need to be redecorated a lot more often if you want it to stay fresh and modern. A much better option is to go with a classic style. That way, you don’t have to worry about your decor becoming outdated. 

  1. Use Houseplants To Liven Up The Space

One of the fastest ways to breathe life into any room is by bringing in houseplants. Plants are extremely popular right now – especially since much of today’s interior design centers around botanical and tropical themes. The best part is, plants are usually far more affordable than fresh flowers, meaning that you can add style to your space without having to spend a ton of money. They also last a lot longer as long as you properly care for them.

  1. Regularly Replace Your Mattress

All mattresses wear out over time, with the average lifespan being approximately eight years. If it has been longer than that since you last replaced your mattress, it is definitely worth thinking about buying a new one. A comfortable, supportive mattress can make a real difference in the quality of your sleep – check out these reviews for Mattress Firm

When deciding on a mattress, think about your current sleeping habits and lifestyle. Over time, your needs may change. For instance, if you are experiencing back pain, you may want to look for a firm mattress. On the other hand, if you sleep on your side, a memory foam mattress may be a better choice.

  1. Take On Some DIY Projects

Nothing is quite as satisfying as taking an old, outdated piece of furniture and transforming it into something new and exciting. The best part is, you can often completely change the look of a piece simply by painting it. Chalk paint is a great choice since it can be applied to any surface without requiring any prep work. Painting your furniture can totally transform the way it looks, making it much more suitable for your current decorating scheme.

The Benefits Various Of Ethanol Fireplaces

The formative weeks of any summer are spent on the beaches, barbecuing, and doing some yard work. It is only until mid-July when many homeowners start to think of how they can improve their homes, owing to the fact they spend the vast majority of their time indoors owing to the heat of the summer. If you find yourself in need of home improvement ideas, we have a good suggestion – install a bioethanol fireplace in readiness for winter.

Ethanol Burners As Compared To Others

The traditional fireplaces require firewood that has been properly seasoned. You still have to cut, haul, and then lit the firewood to make a fire. Moreover, you still need to a chimney, enormous space for the fireplace and wood storage, and you must meet the stringent regulations governing the insulation and use of wood fireplaces. Many houses are not capable of meeting all these capabilities. On the other hand, gas fireplaces are not always appropriate, depending on the size of the space you want to heat.

An ethanol burner accord homeowners with the opportunity to install a fireplace that fits their unique requirements and needs. Additionally, these fireplaces are very easy to install and they do not require the installation of a chimney or flue. They can be used indoors and outdoors. On the financial front, they are much cheaper too than gas and wood fireplaces to install and maintain. They are virtually maintenance-free.

In terms of flame quality, they burn with a beautiful orange flame that accentuates the ambiance in which they are used. In many regards, they become the focal point of any space they are installed in.

They are also very effective in warming up the spaces where they are used. Finally, they are easy to regulate and extinguish once you are done using them.

Forms of Installations And Fireplaces

An ethanol fireplace is very flexible in as far as installation goes. They can be installed on the floor, on tables, on the wall, on hearths without any problems. When properly installed, these fireplaces add value to your home when and if you want to sell your property. They also help out in refinancing situations.

Purchasing A Ethanol Fireplace

At our store, we do offer our high-quality bioethanol fireplaces on sale from time to time. And whether you purchase a catalog or clearance burner, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have purchased your burner from a licensed dealer who has professionally installed it for you.


Arranging Local Relocation to Los Angeles

If you are planning a house move in and around Los Angeles we feel your pain! In fact, no matter where you are, the fact remains that moving house is nothing but a chore, albeit often a necessary one. It is reckoned to be one of the most stressful occasions you will ever have to deal with, which is why many people move once – and then never again! There is, quite simply, so much to do that it can be overwhelming, and you also have to carry on with your daily life and deal with your job and your family.

What can be done to make moving house easier? Well, it’s never easy, but there are some things you can do to reduce the stress and make the process more achievable. To begin with, we strongly advise you plan ahead, and do so with a great deal of care and attention. You need to consider all the people who will need to know about your address change – insurance companies, banks, utility providers, even the authorities that deal with your driving license records – and make a list. Do this early in the process, and you will find you can deal with them one by one.

Relieving the Stress

There are other things you can do to relieve the stress involved in moving house – or indeed in relocating a business or in commercial moving – and these include one that you really must do: get help from professional movers, with experience in the field. Indeed, for those of you looking to relocate in Los Angeles, we suggest you talk to the friendly people at Excalibur Moving and Storage. They are recognised as among the best Los Angeles movers and a company you can rely on, with 15 years of experience in helping with all types of moving requirements.

Excalibur offers a full range of services and solutions in the local house moving field, and will be able to help you with any move, as no job is too large and no requirement too small. With a highly skilled team of packers and handlers, you can be certain that your furniture and other belongings will be treated with the utmost care. If you need to store any items , you can talk to Excalibur about their excellent rates for storage in safe and secure locations.

Sensible Rates

One thing you should do when planning your house move is draw up a budget; you’ll be surprised how much extra expense there is that you may not have covered, above and beyond the conveyancing and solicitors fees. Within your budget, make sure you include a sensible amount for professional moving services.

Excalibur will take a thorough inventory of your items and provide you with an accurate, free and no-obligation quote, and you can be assured they have a reputation for excellent service at great rates. If you’re ready to go, get in touch with the team at Excalibur Moving now, and make your Los Angeles move as stress-free as possible.

Moving Out of State With Kids

There is no doubt that moving house is one of the most stressful and troublesome events you will ever have to endure. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving a distance or locally, or whether you have an entire house to move or just a few things, there is so much to do in terms of organisation that it really does take its toll on you – and also on your family. For people with kids, moving – especially a major out of state transfer – can be nothing short of a nightmare!

This is why it takes careful planning to make sure you everything ticked off and done. We suggest making a list of the utility providers you need to inform, plus anyone else who needs to know of a change of address. You will also need to arrange in advance with schools in your new locality, so you can be sure of seamless transition for the children. There is also one major suggestion we would make, and it’s one that really will give you a head start: use a reputable, professional moving company, as they will be able to take a lot of the workload off your shoulders.

Why GPS Moving?

There are many companies offering professional moving and other services and solutions in and around the San Diego area, yet we found that GPS Moving, a company with many satisfied clients willing to testify to excellent service, attention to detail and sensible rates, have a reputation as being among the most efficient out of state movers in the region, with a full range of services designed to make your move as simple and stress-free as possible.

GP Movers begin by having a good look at what you need moving – they can attend to simple house moves, specialist items, and also commercial moving and corporate relocation – so that they can provide you with not only a no-obligation estimate, but also advise you on any special attention that may be needed. Their friendly, professional team will help you plan ahead and ensure that everything is in place exactly when it is needed, in order that you can take care of the more personal details that you need to do in person.

Simple and Stress Free

Not only will GPS Moving attend to any moving requirements you have – no job is too large or too small, and they have a team of handlers and drivers who have a wealth of experience in the field – but they will also help with packing, which is a major bonus when it comes to moving items that are precious to you and may need careful handling.

With 20 years of experience in carrying out both long distance and local moves, and with excellent storage facilities and rates to match, you can rely upon GPS Moving to get the job done smoothly, quickly and professionally, so if you’re looking for such a service, get in touch with them right now and one of the team will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have.


Family Safe Pest Control Ideas You Can Use in Any Home

If you suffer from pests in the home, whether we are talking about rodents, flies or fleas, it is not because your house is not clean, it’s simply because they get everywhere! From homes in the country to those in suburban housing estates, the problem of household pests is one that we all have to deal with at some point. If you have pets, then you have the added problem of them bringing pests into the home, too.

There are many ways of dealing with pests: flies and wasps, for example, can be tackled with off the shelf products available in the high street, and mice are usually best approached by way of one of the many different types of traps (although the family cat can also add his or her expertise here). When it comes to rats and larger rodents – you may even have squirrels in the loft chewing at your mains wires – you need to check out more effective methods of removal.

Pest Prevention

A few ideas for pest prevention in the home may help you reduce the possibility of an infestation so we’ll start with fleas. Dogs and cats are very much prone to becoming hosts for fleas, so keep up the treatment your vet prescribed on a regular basis. An infestation of fleas can get out of hand very quickly, as they are fast breeders and hard to find at first. If you notice bites on your person or other members of the family, fleas are the likely culprit.

For mice and rats, the most common problem rodents in the country, traps are the best idea. If you have pets and children you want to make sure the traps are safe for use – indeed London’s leading health and safety conscious experts Empire Pest Control suggest using tamper proof traps. These will be closed to prying tiny hands that may be interested in what is inside, as well as eager dogs and cats waiting to get at the prey.

It’s also a good idea to check for bedbugs on a regular basis, as these are making something of a comeback these days. Keep an eye on the kid’s rooms especially if they have friends staying, and check your own beds and furnishings for tell tale signs. There are many safe products for eliminating bedbugs, so it’s not hard to do.

Regular Cleaning

Wherever you happen to live, pests will get into your home, especially insects such as wasps, flies, ants and more. There are many products and services that can deal with these, effectively and efficiently, and using safe for pets products. An important word – if you have a swarm of bees on your property, enlist the experts to remove them as it can be dangerous, and the same applies to wasps nests.

Keep up your regular cleaning routine, including all soft furnishings on your vacuuming rounds, and keep a close eye out for signs of rodents, and if you are in doubt, enlist the experts for help.


Keep The Heat Out Of Your Home With Shutters

Summer is a great time of year that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. However, along with the smiles also comes that look of desperation and frustration as you try yo combat the ever increasing heat and humidity levels. Obviously, one of the easiest ways to combat the increases in temperature during the hot summer months is by using an air conditioning system. As well as being one of the most effective ways, even if you have an energy-efficient system, this method of cooling your house down comes at a premium.

You may not have realized it though, but there is a very easy and cost-effective way to keep the heat of summer out of your home – by investing in custom showers for the windows in your home.

Although windows are designed to keep the cold out during winter, when it gets warmed in summer they can also actually allow heat to permeate into your home. Especially if you are not using a layer of protection against the sun’s powerful rays.

Various Benefits Of Shutters

I f you find the right shutter, you can prevent direct sunshine flooding into your home, bringing with it those hot and uncomfortable temperatures. As well as keeping the sun out and reducing the temperature, they can also add a touch of style and beauty to your home.

One of the issues with normal, straight out of the box or off the shelf shutters though, is the fact that they may not fit your home. Most are designed to fit specific sized windows and doors. If your property has awkward or uniquely sized windows and doors however, you will have difficulty finding shutters to fit well enough to work efficiently.

Different Types Of Custom Shutters Available

This is why it may be a better idea to invest in custom shutters. As their name suggests, custom shutters can be fully tailor-made to fit the size of windows and doors you have in your property.

There are also a wide array of different options open to you if you choose custom window shutters. You have the choice for instance, between polymer shutters and hardwood shutters.

Polymer shutters are an attractive and durable option, while hardwood, stained shutters are a great way to bring a touch of natural elegance to your windows and the rooms in your home.

Custom Shutters Can Be Bought Online

As with most things nowadays, you no longer have to actually visit a bricks and mortar store even to purchase custom shutters, as you can even buy shutters online. All you generally have to do is supply the dimensions you are looking for, in terms of the width and height of your windows or doors and then you are given a range of different shutters to choose from to suit your own specific taste and preference.

So, instead of relying on that air conditioning unit, why not regulate the temperature in your home and keep out the hot air by using high quality shutters on your windows and doors.

Importance of a Whole House Water Filtration System

Would you like to benefit from cleaner water when you take a shower, better tasting coffee and tea or just simply having the peace of mind that the water supplied by every tap and other outlet is fresh and clean? These are all possible, if you invest in a whole water filtration system, like those available from Clear Water Concepts.

Separate filters such as those that fit under the sink or sit on your countertop are helpful and if you are only concerned about filtering the drinking water in your property or another specific room’s water supply, they are a good choice. However, in comparison, whole house systems, as the name points out, ensure that all the water coming into your home is filtered before it every reaches your shower or taps. Whole house systems have many benefits, that we are going to discuss below.

Cost Effective

If you do not have a whole house filter system, if you want to benefit from filtered water you need to use a separate filter for each outlet. The cost for filtering all the water in your home will be a lot higher therefore, than if you simply paid for one all-encompassing filtration system. The upfront cost of a whole property filter system is obviously going to be more expensive than buying just one or two filters. However, with this type of purchase, you need to look at it as an investment and consider the long-term benefits.

Multiple Level Filtration

Compared to the under-sink and countertop alternatives, whole house systems are far more complex and sophisticated. Normally, whole house filters have multiple levels of different filters that ensure the water that eventually reaches you after passing through various types of filter media is much safer and cleaner.

Regardless of whether you are looking to remove the high levels of chlorine from your water supply or you need to tackle a serious limescale problem, having a multilevel complete system makes this easier to do.

Filtered Water From Each and Every Outlet

It has been mentioned, but it bears repeating. If you buy a water filter system for the whole of your house, you get hassle-free access no matter where you are in your home to clean and fresh water. No need to switch a switch on or fill a water reservoir. Easy access to crisp, clear and completely hygienically clean water.

More Convenient and Easier To Maintain

In the scenario further up the page, that you may even be familiar with in your own home, when you have a filter for every outlet – maintaining each of these can be a pain. It means you have to remember or make a note about when the different filters need to have their filter media changed to ensure they always work properly and effectively.

However, when you just have one system for your entire house, you only have one system to maintain.

So, if you have been on the fence and unsure about whether investing in a whole home filter system for your water supply is the way to go, we hope this article has helped to show you the benefits.

Why a Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home

Have you ever given much thought to why all your immediate family, relatives and friends congregate in your kitchen, when they come to visit? What is it about our kitchens that transform them into the unofficial family rooms, even when we have perfectly good and comfortable living rooms?

Although kitchens were designed solely with the purpose of food preparation and cooking, in the last few decades, they have become the central point of our homes.

When you think of it, kitchens actually wear a series of different hats. They are the place where you meet to discuss the plans ahead as a family, where you pay the bills on your computer, where you gossip and have a laugh with your friends, where you display your kid’s modern art efforts and of course, where you enjoy meals and food with those you love most.

In the following article, therefore, we are going to discuss why we feel the kitchen really is the heart of the home.

It’s Good For Your Mind and Body

Without food, we wouldn’t survive very long. It is not only good for your body, but also your mind. The kitchen is where we store food and where we prepare it.

They Are Great Places For Family Fun

Your kitchen is also the place where you can take part in fun activities as a family. Baking and cooking, when done as a family, can be an incredibly strong bonding exercise. It provides you with the chance and allowance to get messy, be creative and experiment.

All of the Family Uses It

There are many places in a home, where only one or two members of a family use. Perhaps the parents have an office, the kids have a playroom, mum has her quiet spot and dad has his adjoining shed and garage. However, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the home that everyone uses.

It’s Essential

You need to have a kitchen in your home. Along with bathrooms, kitchens are rooms that have distinct purposes. Even if you have a small kitchen in your home, that you can’t do much else in apart from prepare and cook meals, you undoubtedly still have one.

They Set The Tone For the Whole House

As it is the most important room in the house, most people tend to invest the most amount of money in their kitchens. Particularly when it comes to improving the resale value of the property. As well as the meals most kitchens are designed to accommodate the preparation and cooking of, we have seen how they provide an all-encompassing experience for your family.

If you are looking to renovate the heart of your home, the kitchen and want to know you are spending your money well, you need to make an appointment with Holtzman Home Improvement. They have the skills and experience to help turn kitchen into the central point of your home you want it to be.

Benefits of Temporary Blackout Blinds And How To Choose Them

One of the biggest problems many parents have in the early years of their new child’s life, is getting them to sleep and ensuring that they stay asleep for the duration. Often babies are light sleepers and if they are co-sleeping with their parents, this can make the strain on the family even bigger. This is why temporary blackout blinds might be a good investment.