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5 Home Decor Classics That Never Go Out of Style

Trends come and trends go, but great classic furniture and design will never go out of style. By investing in pieces that are timeless and refined you can be sure that your home will suit you, your family and your needs for the long term. Shed any temptation to veer towards furniture fads with these 5 decor classics:

Invest in style

Classic interior design is defined by it’s understated, elegant look and feel. Typically classic furnishings are light-neutral in colour with simple lines and unimposing structures. This is a perfect option if you like a clean but inviting aesthetic, or if you’re looking to combine two decor styles. For example the classic style pairs well with the country or the industrial design categories.

Designing your home within the confines of the classic look will mean that you will have a consistent space that flows well. Use the category to guide your bigger investments, like your bed-frame, dining table and sofa set.

Suitable Lighting

Lighting really can do more for your home than you think. By employing professional looking lighting you can transform any space and create an instantly classic effect.

Chances are, your home didn’t come ready equipped with picture perfect lighting. If this is the case then you can make a few changes to create your own illuminations. Purchase lamps, pendant lights or other add ons to help enhance the feel of your space. Keep these within the classic design style aesthetic to be sure that they won’t begin to look dated in a few years time.

Understated neutrals, clean lines and decorative bases are all characteristics of beautiful classic light sources. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes and shapes to create some design interest and to pack a creative punch. Be sure that you’re constructing a coherent mood by sticking to purely warm or cool tones for every light addition.


Decorative Artwork  

Artwork is a great addition to any home. A beautiful piece of art will add expression to your walls, and they can even create the illusion of more space with some clever placement. For a home that has a timeless feel, the artwork that you and your family collect has to have a personal feel.

Personality is key to investing in pieces that truly reflect the tone of your home and those who live in it. By selecting works that the whole family connects with, you will have a space that’s both unique and classic to you.

Natural Materials

Natural material is a long time classic in all of it’s uses. Resources such as wood, ceramic, cotton, leather and metal are a staple of almost every single industry, especially home decor and interior design.

By investing in home fixtures and furnitures that are crafted from natural materials and resources, you will be sure to achieve a classic and enduring look. Choose resilient and sturdy materials such as slate, stone and wood for your floors, kitchen cabinets and walls to have a home that is long lasting in look and function.

Natural materials are a fabulous option for your homewares and furniture. Look for pieces that will create the right mood for your home. Looking for a classic but warm, relaxed feel? Explore classic timber furniture options. If you’re more of a minimalist who likes a clean look, then consider metal and leather items.

The Tried and The Tested

You can put your trust in any movements in the decor and design industry that have stood the test of time. A good time guide for you to follow is if a trend or decor feature has lasted for more than half a century. This is an indicator that it is a timeless and universal choice that has catered for the needs, tastes and preferences of a wide demographic and multiple generations.

Great examples of this rule are plush leather sofas, persian or turkish rugs and statement pops of colour around the room. If you find a style that you really love and that has been around for more than fifty years it’s time to take the plunge and invest – even if it does come in and out of style, keeping a hold of it is a smart decision for your future.

Whether you’re designing an entirely new space or you’re simply looking for a few new additions to your home, by making timeless and functional choices you can be sure that your home and it’s look will work for you and your family, now and in the many years to come. Furnishing your home certainly isn’t cheap, and your Classic furniture is the perfect opportunity for some clever budgeting. These pieces will never go out of style, so keep your eye on furniture clearance deals or sales. You’ll be able to pick up amazing, timeless pieces at a budget friendly price that will last you a lifetime!

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