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Brighten Up Your Home with These Wall Hanging Ideas

The trend for modern-look, minimalist homes prevails – especially among the younger generations who are buying or renting their own place for the first time – and it is a clean and fresh look that is certainly effective. However, it can also be very bland if not carried out the right way, leaving a cold and bleak look which is the opposite of that you intended! There are a number of ways you can alleviate this problem: one is to paint one wall in a room in a brighter colour for added effect, and another is to add a wallpaper border

While each of these is a great idea, we think we’ve got an even better one. How about adorning your walls with beautiful, artisan-crafted handmade macramé wall hangings? Now, if you’re thinking that macramé has gone out of fashion, think again, as it is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of adding a touch of style and originality to a home. With many different styles to choose from – everything from simple yet effective wall hanging to plant-pot holders – there’s something in the macramé range that you will like, and you’ll be evoking the history of a craft that has been around for many hundreds of years.

Hand Made Decorations

The beauty of macramé wall hangings is that you are buying hand-made items that follow an age-old tradition. Macramé crafting began in the 13th century in Arabia, where the knitting technique was used to make household goods that we now weave in different ways, such as blankets, towels and more. Like many such crafts, it passed to Europe and then to the rest of the world. It hit its heights in the 1970’s, but the beautiful examples you will find for sale at today are a long way removed from some of the mass-produced items of that era.

From gloriously detailed wall hangings that will easily give your room a fresh point of interest to more simple designs that could be the final touch you need for your décor,  there is everything here and for all budgets. These are items that you would buy not just for yourself, but could also make great gifts for family members or loved ones that add a unique and interesting touch to the home. Macramé may not have been in fashion lately, but it is certainly making a comeback with a quality range as impressive as this.

If it’s macramé plant hangers you are looking for, there is no better way to adorn your home with houseplants than to have them suspended in an attractive, purpose made and hand-crafted macramé hanger. They really do look the part, and will make a great talking point for your visitors.

Original, different and yet very stylish, you really can’t go wrong with macramé, so why not check out the website further for more information on this amazing range of macramé items, and be the one who leads the way with the latest trends.

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