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4 Remodeling Ideas That Will Increase Property Values


Whether you’re thinking of listing your property for sale in the near future, or you’re simply protecting your investment while you live in your home, remodeling your home can increase your property values. Using high-quality, durable materials, creating a visually pleasing and functional space, and paying attention to even the smallest details can increase your home’s value.


Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the highest-traffic areas of your home, and many times, the focal point of your entire interior. When you list your home for sale, and outdated kitchen can make thousands of dollars worth of difference in your home’s asking price and the offers that potential buyers make. Remodeling your kitchen with modern, updated materials will increase your property values as well as the entire aesthetic of your home.

    • Replace Your Countertops – worn down countertops can make your kitchen look outdated. Consider replacing your countertops with wood kitchen countertops or extremely durable stone countertops. Keep in mind that it is important to consider the amount of maintenance you are willing to do when remodeling your kitchen. For example, when comparing quartz vs marble countertops, it is important to note that quartz is more durable, while marble is more easily repaired.
    • Upgrade Appliances – upgrading your appliances is not only safer for the occupants of the home, modern appliances are very likely more efficient, bringing energy bills down.


  • Customize with Color – Consider the options when it comes to solid surface countertop colors, flooring, and backsplashes. Prepare your home for market by recreating the entire aesthetic of your kitchen. 



Backyard Upgrades

A well-kept, cared for backyard can increase your home’s property values. Upgrading your fence and the components of your backyard can have a significant impact on your home’s value as well as increase the enjoyment of your home. Consider the following when redesigning your backyard:

  • Add a Deck – a deck can provide somewhere for you to relax and spend time outside while increasing your property values when you go to sell your home. When adding a deck to your home, consider the quality of the materials. Compare the safety profiles of wood vs composite decking, and keep in mind components like hidden deck fasteners, that create a smoother appearance.
  • Upgrade Your Fencing – Durable, high-quality fencing can be a selling point when listing your home on the market.  Modernize by replacing your old fence posts with concrete fence posts to increase the integrity of your fence.
  • Add Drainage – poor drainage can affect your home’s foundation as well as creates a welcoming environment for termites, mosquitoes, and other pests. Installing proper drainage can maintain your home’s structure as well as your property values.


Deep Cleaning 

A clean house is not only appealing and welcoming, but it is also imperative to your health, and sometimes, the actual functionality of your home. When deep cleaning your home, keep in mind that deep cleaning is more than cleaning the inside of your home; deep cleaning also involves the parts you can’t see, as well as components on the exterior of your home.

  • Clean Your Air Ducts – in order for your HVAC system to work with complete efficiency, your air ducts must be clean. Prolong the life of your HVAC and your air quality by having your air ducts regularly cleaned.
  • Treat Salt Damage  If you have a concrete driveway, increase your curb appeal and your property values by treating any salt damage to concrete.
  • Address Efflorescence –  if you have stone surfaces in your home, such as your walkways, floors, or countertops, chances are you are familiar with efflorescence. Consider an efflorescence treatment to remove the unsightly white splotchy powder forming on the top of your stone surfaces.


Add an Extension

Adding an extension to your home can increase your property values, but your use of space, the quality of materials, and the functionality of your extension play an integral role in how much your property values will increase.

  • Be strategic with space – Even the largest homes sometimes don’t have enough closet space, especially if your family is growing. You may want to build a closet to keep your home clean and organized. 
  • Use Modern Materials – A common trend in modern home design is metal house siding or fiber cement panels. Unlike wood frame construction, these durable materials are visually appealing as well as termite and rot resistant, keeping costly home repairs down.
  • Consider an ADU – turn your home into an income generating property as well as add more space by adding an accessory dwelling unit. Whether you turn your garage into a self-contained one bedroom apartment or build a tiny house behind your main home, an ADU can become a rental property, extra space for a growing family, or a guest suite when you have friends and family come to visit.


While the upfront investment of remodeling your home may seem high, your investment will yield high returns as your property values increase, giving you leverage in a seller’s market. 


Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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