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6 Tips for Family Photo Albums


Making a family photo album is one task that most people dread, especially those who do not have the creative juices. There is no reason to be scared! It can be easy, especially if you keep in mind the tips we’ll share in this post.

  1. Let the Pros Do It

Be honest about your skills. If you are sure that you cannot do it on your own, rely on the pros. Shutterfly is one of the best companies worth checking out if you need help with your photo albums. They have a team of professional and experienced designers who will do everything for you. All that you need is to send the photos that you want to include in the family album.

Alternatively, you can also use Shutterfly if you want to have complete control over how the photos turn out.

  1. Add Texts

Photo albums can be boring, especially if you just add as many photos as you could. To make it more visually appealing and interesting, we also recommend that you add texts. This can be in the form of quotes related to the photo or texts that narrate the story of what was happening in the photo. This way, it is not just an album but a storybook.

  1. Print on Fabric

When creating a family photo album, consider alternative materials. Traditionally, people print family pictures on photo paper. If you are looking for a more creative alternative, we suggest that you use photo fabric instead. You can buy one and send it to the printer if they don’t have it. The fabric adds a unique texture to make the photos more beautiful.

  1. Involve the Kids

Make the photo album more meaningful by allowing the kids to participate. This makes the album more special. Consider it as a scrapbook or as an art project. Aside from the photos, add stamps, notes, and illustrations. Take this as an opportunity for the kids to show off their creativity. After a few years, it is going to trigger nostalgia.

  1. Mind the Layout

The layout of the photo album is important for aesthetics. See to it that you balance the photos as you lay them out in the album. Each page and spread must have perfectly balanced pictures that will be easy to look at. If the photos are too crowded or if there is a lot of white space, it won’t be as appealing.

  1. Go Digital

It is undeniable that we are living in a time when print is slowly dying, which is why traditional photo albums are becoming a thing of the past. Consider displaying a digital photo album instead. It is the modern version of a picture frame. You can load and play a slideshow showing a collection of your family photos.

Preserve your family memories through a photo album. Consider our suggestions above to make an album that will bring a smile on your face even after through the years. It is a precious keepsake that you can pass to the next generation members of your family.

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