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How to Keep your Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day


You don’t need to buy expensive toys, or splash out on home gadgets to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day. Just because you’re all stuck indoors doesn’t mean anyone has to be bored – from cooking and karaoke, to indoor tents and tips on how to make paper mache – here are five fab ideas to keep you and your kids entertained, come rain or shine.

1. Crafts for Kids

Children love to be creative, and the internet is full of simple crafting ideas for parents and kids to make and create together. You don’t even need to be armed with a load of tools and techniques to get started – you could rescue and reuse all your waste cardboard, kitchen jars and clean trash for a junk modelling session, or why not learn how to make paper mache or playdough? Made using common kitchen ingredients, play dough is easy and quick to make (and cheaper than the shop-bought version), while learning how to make paper mache will help you transform some old newspaper into something any child would be proud of.

2. Fun in the Kitchen

Cooking with your children is a brilliant way to develop their interest in food and not only teaches them essential life skills but offers a low cost, fun activity for all involved. A good place to start is baking. Cookies, cakes, and biscuits are all easy to make and there are loads of other child-friendly recipes for you to choose from. Always consider your child’s age, ability, and tastes, and be sure to involve them in the whole process – from picking out the recipe, to shopping for ingredients and eating it together afterwards. For older children, opt for more complicated dishes or recipes that will either challenge their taste buds or educate them on regional or local foods to your area.

3. Fancy Dress Fashion Show

Dressing up is always a fun activity; both boys and girls will love to strut their stuff down a makeshift runway in the weird, wacky and wonderful outfits they’ve put together themselves. Dig out any old or elaborate items from your own wardrobe and encourage them to create accessories out of household items such as lampshades, bed sheets and any craft materials you have. Lighting is important so turn off the overheads and angle any lamps you have onto the runway (a hallway is perfect), filming or photographing your child as they parade up and down to an upbeat soundtrack.

4. Movie Day

On a rainy day it’s all too easy to simply dump kids in front of the television. However, while it is worth limiting TV and computers to 1-2 hours a day, there’s certainly nothing wrong with sitting down with your children for a bit of shared screen time. A great idea for a lazy day indoors is a movie marathon. Let your kids help choose a couple of their favourite films, pop some popcorn, close the curtains and look forward to an afternoon snuggled up on the sofa.

5. Build a Den

Inspire your little one’s imagination by helping them to build their own indoor den. Gather up any extra bed sheets, pillows and boxes for building blocks, or throw a blanket over a kitchen or dining room table for an easy hideaway. Pile in lots of cushions, pillows and blankets then give them the privacy and freedom to transform their snug into their very own land of make-believe. Whether it be a fort, raft, tee-pee or teddy bears picnic, once the building work is done: that’s when the fun really starts.

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