Revolution Mother

Revolution Mother

Inspirational figures to make your children aware of


If the world is to improve then we need strong female role models to help guide the way. It is especially important for young girls to see that they have the potential to achieve their hopes and dreams if they work hard and show compassion for others. Seeing others achieve their goals can go a long way towards them believing they can as well. Here are a few of the inspirational role models that children should be aware of during the crucial formative years, where they need the strongest of role models:

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

In Ethiopia, economic opportunities are rarer than they should be. Bethlehem started out making handmade shoes and has since expanded her business to include many skilled workers from the area where she grew up. This is a great example of a powerful female entrepreneur creating improved opportunity for those around her. Her company is fair trade certified and continues to grow and create opportunity for those who were formerly in a disadvantaged position


Jennifer Atiku


Jennifer Atiku has achieved success on many levels and was recently called to the bar. She will no doubt use her new expertise in law to achieve great things for the Gede Foundation. The Gede Foundation is working hard to eradicate and treat the HIV virus in Nigeria. They care for patients and family members on all levels. Unfortunately, in Africa there is great shame associated with disease, so those who are suffering often do not seek treatment quickly when they have the greatest chance at recovery. Gede offers counselling to those afflicted so that they realize that they have value. Clinical services offer the latest in testing and effective treatment. Education efforts ensure that disadvantaged people understand how the disease is spread and how best to prevent it. With consistent treatment, Gede is confident that they can continue to make large strides in reducing the spread of the debilitating disease and improve understanding.


Khanyi Dhlomo


Khanyi is the powerhouse behind the magazines Destiny and Destiny Man. In these magazines there is a lot of information to help entrepreneurs get good advice and find resources to achieve their dreams. Her magazines help aspiring business start-ups connect with one another and think about their long-term goals so they can better plan their business endeavours. Having guidance throughout the start-up of a business is truly crucial to quick success.


Helping children establish their own goals


Goals are important to have because they give a sense of accomplishment when achieved. This encourages children to strive for even higher goals. Determination such as this creates true change and improvement in the world. If children speak to you about someone they look up to, it is important to ask them why and help them recognize the characteristics that make this person worthy of their admiration. When children realize what it takes to achieve goals then they can set their own in good faith.




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