Revolution Mother

Revolution Mother

Adrenaline fuelled days out for fathers and sons


It’s a well-known fact that friendships form in adversity and nothing promotes human bonding quite like danger. That’s just as true when it comes to strengthening existing relationships, like those between fathers and sons. So if you’re looking for an exciting challenge to help bring you closer together, what should you choose? This article outlines some of the best.

Conquer a mountain

You don’t need to go to Everest to become a mountaineer. If you’re on a modest budget there are some great options closer to home, with both Wales and Scotland possessing peaks that are thrilling to climb and offer stunning views from the summit. Make sure you have good gear, go at the right time of year and pick the right challenge for your ability level and general health. Climbing isn’t all about sheer rock faces; there are many paths to the peaks that require nothing more than honest toil and decent kit. Nothing beats the feeling when you’re standing together at the top.

The drive of your life

If you’re the kind of guys who have framed pictures of Ferraris on his wall and a shelf full of books by Max Mosley, a day at the races could be just the thing for you. Just as Moseley reinvented Formula 1 and made it one of the world’s most exciting spectator sports, Thruxton Racing have reinvented the driving experience for those who want to enjoy a few laps on the track themselves. Pick your vehicle from a range that includes the latest Lamborghinis and classic Aston Martins, then go for a lesson and test yourselves against the clock to see if you can beat each other’s times.

Take the plunge

Want to do something really daring together? Then reach for the skies – and come straight back down again without the plane. Skydiving might be more affordable than it used to be, but nothing makes the first step into nothingness more exciting than knowing that you’ve committed to the challenge together. You can go through your training as a team and meet up again after the big jump to go for some well deserved refreshment.

Mess about in boats

There’s always something fun to do on the water; from the electric buzz of tandem jet skiing to the rather less demanding but still exciting business of manning a dinghy together. Canoeing lessons can be great fun and Britain’s rivers offer some surprisingly tough challenges, whilst kayaking is a fantastic way to explore parts of the coast together. Boating makes a relatively inexpensive day out even if you’re hiring all your gear and it provides you with a lot of space to enjoy those all important father-son conversations that it can be hard to find time for elsewhere.

Whatever kind of challenge you choose to undertake, make sure you go properly equipped, with good sturdy footwear and suitably warm clothing. When the adrenaline rush is over, sharing some sandwiches and a flask of tea can be a great bonding experience too.

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