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Why Handmade Goods Are Better For Your Child

When it comes to looking after our kids, we all want to do our best. There isn’t a corner of the world that a mother wouldn’t go, to make sure that their kid gets the best start in life. But with budget constraints and conflicting opinions on what is right and wrong, it can often be hard to know which way to turn.

As a new mother, you will have to buy hundreds of things. In the end, it can be tempting to buy whatever’s in front of you, just to avoid having to spend more time shopping. There are certainly instances in which that is a fine philosophy. After all, it’s better to spend time with your child rather than standing around in the supermarket wondering which type of bib would suit them best. But there are other times when it’s worth thinking through a big purchase and spending that extra bit of cash in order to get some peace of mind.

And there are often times when quality is supremely important. In many cases it can be worth investing that extra bit of cash in order to get this vital quality assurance. And perhaps the best form of quality assurance comes from knowing that your new purchases have been handmade.

Handmade items have a load of different advantages to them. First of all, you know that the materials will be safe and healthy for your child. With plenty of knock-offs and cheap imitations rolling off of the assembly lines abroad, many of them use materials that are unsafe for children.

If the item is handmade then you know someone has safely handled it before, and you also know that they company making it cares about their materials. Powell Craft stockists, for example, will have more information on their products than your average discount supermarket will have. Using this information, you will be able to make sure that the items that your child uses every day are completely safe.

You should also be thinking about durability. Obviously your child will be growing a lot over their first few years. Many mothers take this to mean that they should be buying anything too expensive, as it will simply be grown out of in a month’s time. But there are items, such as cribs, that are worth investing in. A handmade crib will last an extremely long time, and will often have an extensive or lifetime guarantee. As a bonus, you will also be able to pass it on to other mothers when it is their turn.


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Handmade toys will also have a certain charm to them. They will be simple and timeless. They will also be completely free of all of the choking hazards that often make it through safety checks in modern toys. As a further bonus, toys such as this are likely to last a very long time. This means that as your child grows up you will have a few mementos of those first happy years.


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