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Keeping Your Volunteers Interested

When you want to be a Volunteer English Teacher in Thailand or reap the rewards of volunteering in some other field, what factors will ensure you really do enjoy the fruits of your labour and drive you to continue volunteering?


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Here’s what organisations should be doing to really engage their valuable volunteers.


Organisations need to understand their volunteers – what their needs are; their expectations and what skills they possess or could enhance. Such understanding will help to create truly meaningful volunteering opportunities. It’s also important to offer a range of opportunities.

Creating the Bigger Picture

Volunteers like to understand how their contributions will fit into the bigger scheme of things which helps them to gain better understanding of what they’re doing and why.

Be Grateful for Your Volunteers

Whether someone is a Volunteer English Teacher in Thailand or working with the community in other ways, they’re not only offering their time for higher recognition. By simply thanking them for their hard work and dedication, you show volunteers that they are appreciated, their work is acknowledged and they will feel better valued.

Engaging the Community

By helping volunteers to engage their communities, you show support and the desire to ensure their efforts not only don’t go unnoticed, but also have the ability to keep on going. Help volunteers by providing avenues to engage the community and get people talking about their efforts. This can be done via word of mouth, social media and local newspapers and radio stations.

But don’t just rely on volunteers, donors and current members to spread the word. Use community channels, local online platforms and reach out to your community with your needs, your mission and how they too could become a Volunteer English Teacher in Thailand.

Making New Friends

Volunteers, and even donors, don’t just live in a volunteering vacuum. They too have families and friends and their own communities, so why not help them to reach out and engage with their special people – those who likely share interested and passions. Social media, and helping volunteers to stay in touch can open up your organisation to an entirely new audience who might just want to get involved – be it donating time, funds or innovations or even resources and expertise. Simply encouraging your volunteers to keep in touch and letting them know their friends and family are important can help encourage volunteers to be better, work harder and stay involved.


Image by Suzanne Schols [flickr]

Promoting Volunteer Work

Many volunteers, especially today’s youth, could be scared off by reams of contact forms or bustling fairs. While most people know which cause they want to support, or have always wanted to be a Volunteer English Teacher in Thailand, they may not know how to turn their burning drive into action. Find ways to advertise active needs within your organisation and communities in a non-threatening manner and make the sign up process really simple.

A Call to Serve

Emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye and arranging staff and volunteers timeously can be quiet the challenge. By having elements like a phone tree and emergency plan in place, as well as social media, volunteers can be rounded up as quickly as possible. But don’t just contact them when you need them, engage them regularly, appreciate them and keep them interested. Encourage their friends and family, too, to keep in touch and sign up in the event of an emergency and keep striving to expose more community members to your mission.

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