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Which Sofa Style Should I Get if I Have Kids?

If you have children, you may be worried about what havoc they may cause if you thinking about buying a new sofa.

 You need a sofa that fits into your lifestyle, as well as your family home. So it’s important that you consider all the sofa options when making your decision.

When thinking about the style of sofa to choose, here are some handy tips:


 A leather sofa not only looks great, they are also child proof, to a degree. Leather can be easily wiped down if there is a spill or a stain, meaning you only need to get a damp cloth to it if the unavoidable happens. Leather is also very durable, as well as looking sophisticated however, it is not immune to damage and mishaps – it still beats fabric hands-down. One sofa that really looks the part is the Leather Chesterfield sofa.

 Dark Colours

 Another handy tip is to buy a dark coloured sofa, because even though a pen mark may wipe off most leather sofas, a dark coloured sofa will hide a stain a lot better in case the worst should happen. A black sofa may look a bit harsh in some homes, but you can get some striking green and blue sofas that should compliment your family home nicely.


 If a solid dark colour isn’t for you, maybe you should look at patterned sofas. I’d recommend you try and stay away from white or very light colour schemes for the reasons outlined earlier.


 You should also consider the style of sofa you want for you and your family. Is it the big corner sofa you desire or is it a traditional three piece suite that would be better for your family? Do you want your own space or something that the whole family can descend on?

 It’s not just the size and shape that you should consider. Sofas have a variety of styles, such as high and low backs, differing shaped arms, is it a flat back, soft or firm filling.


 Another element that you should consider is space. Space, not just for the sofa, but for the kids to play in. It’s this space that could avoid little mishaps occurring in the future. They say prevention is better than cure.


 The frame is the backbone of the sofa, so you will need to ensure that the sofa offers the best quality of frame to withstand the constant use of both adults and children.


 Often overlooked, but very important, especially if you have young children in the house. The feet on sofas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as material. Some classic leather sofas have tall, strong wooden legs that can jut out causing a risk to young children within the household. Other sofas may have concealed feet that may be more appropriate to your household.

 There is plenty to think about, but once you’ve considered everything you’ll have a sofa that is great for you, and the children in your house too.

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