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What to Remember When Throwing Your Next Birthday Party for Young Children


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Can you remember the birthday parties you had when you were young? I can. Of course, that’s because my mother has pictures of them plastered all over the walls. Still, those memories are as clear as day. For some reason, the thing I remember most is smashing my fist into the birthday cake. It seems I did that every year, right up until my eighteenth.

My parents used to love throwing those birthday parties. They can be a stressful time for some, regardless of the fun you’ll have. Birthday parties for the young don’t have to be difficult. They also don’t have to be mega expensive. Around 9% of parents spend at least £800 on their children’s parties! We guess you’re not operating to that kind of budget. (You’d have to be insane, right?) Getting the basics right for your children’s party is the best way to guarantee success. With that in mind, here’s our list of the little things to remember for your next bash.


Getting the right invitations is easy as pie. Today, most supermarkets stock a wide range of party invites. They’re often gender specific, which can be a problem, but they also come in themes. They can tie into your party’s whole atmosphere if you like. Our advice isn’t on what kind of invites to buy, but on the importance of remembering them. You need to double and triple-check your guest list. Nobody wants to miss someone off. It’s easy to overlook children that your kids may have forgotten. Ensure everyone who should be there gets an invitation.


We can’t all take our kids to a theme park or a fancy restaurant for their birthdays. In fact, most kids would relish a party at home. It’s a chance for them to relax in their environment. You can make your home into a fantastic party centre with little fuss. Great party games can have everyone involved in the silly fun. Just make sure the adults don’t get too competitive!

Finishing touches

If you’re having a party at home, you’ll need to decorate. We don’t mean anything fancy. Just put up some streamers and banners. That will show your birthday boy or girl that it’s their special day. Balloons are another great way to add a party atmosphere. Themed balloons are available at, so look out for those. Another great tip would be to buy some party poppers – they’re fantastic if you’re having a surprise party! We do warn you – they can be messy to clean up and a little loud for younger children.

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The cake

Ah, the piece de resistance! Unveiling the cake is the high point of any party. Make sure your cake suits your child down to the ground. Today, you can get birthday cakes in almost any style imaginable. You can even try baking a cake yourself. That’d be perfect for that little special sparkle.

These simple tips will help you to make your child’s day extra special. Just remember to relax and enjoy the day when it arrives. No party is any fun with a stressed-out parent half asleep in the corner!


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