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Bathroom Design Ideas For The Whole Family



Bathrooms must be functional and attractive spaces. That is sometimes difficult to achieve in modern homes when the rooms are so small. It is also a room that can add value and saleability to your home if you fit it to a high standard. It is in demand in the mornings when the children are getting ready for school and the adults for work, and it is the cause of many arguments at that time.

If you are about to refit your bathroom, there are some great ideas here that will make the most of it for the whole family. I hope there is something here that you can use.


A family home can suffer much damage from water if you don’t decorate the bathroom in the correct way. Tiles are the order of the day in this space. Use them from the floor to ceiling on every room and on the floor. The current trend is to use large tiles with a stone effect. The choice of colour is a personal one, but marble is as popular today as it was back in the days of the Roman empire.


If you are going to install a bidet, do you think people will use it much? Young boys would benefit more from a small urinal mounted at the best height for them. Think about it; no more splashes on the toilet seat. Boys are always in a rush because it interrupts they play. Urinals are perfect for the job.

Vanity Units

It has become common practice to install twin vanity units in modern rooms. If you have space, why not for three? It might solve the problem of overcrowding in the mornings, particularly if the toilet is in a separate room. Don’t forget to place a cabinet above each unit with suitable LED task lighting from or any other trusted seller.

The Bath

The bath must be big enough to wash two or more little children at a time. They prefer to bathe and have fun together, and it makes your life easy too. Keep all of the little blighters where you can see them! You have a wide choice of baths, as you will find out when you go online, or visit the showroom. Will you choose a model that goes against the wall, or  would you prefer a freestanding roll top unit. Maybe a corner bath will be your ideal.


Fit a double shower cubicle if you have room. There might come a time where you need to get into the shower to help one of the kids to wash, but it is nice to have some elbow room when you shower, regardless of that.


Be sure to fit an extractor fan in the bathroom. If the atmosphere is constantly moist, it will provide excellent conditions for the growth of mildew and other bacteria. Before you know it, there will be black spots on the seals around your bath and vanities, and the grout between the tiles will become dirty.

Is there something here that you would like to include in your room? It is a hive of activity, so make it into an efficient space with some of the ideas above and you can’t go wrong.

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