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Revolution Mother

Turning Your House into Your Dream Home

Turning Your House into Your Dream HomeEveryone has their version of a perfect home. While you may not be able to live in a castle, or buy that beach side property, you can add elements of your vision to the space you live in. Incorporate different luxurious design elements to transform your abode into your dream home.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Add Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the height of luxury and means you can spend those hot summers in a cool, relaxing home. There’s nothing worse than taking an ice cold shower and stepping out into a sauna. Far more effective than buying a multitude of fans that slow down and burn out, air conditioning systems come with a warranty, and companies like PAC have emergency repair teams working around the clock.

Install Underfloor Heating

Alternately, there’s nothing worse than getting out of your cosy, warm bed and stepping onto a cold floor. Installing underfloor heating not only makes winter mornings more bearable, but you can get rid of those chunky, ugly radiators. Underfloor heating will also reduce your carbon foot print and can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Get Cosy

A fireplace is a central focal point in a living room, and sets the tone for your decor. Whether you favour a Victorian surround, a log burning stove, or a modern central suspended fireplace, a feature fireplace is the perfect way to add luxury and create your dream home.

A Weekend at the Spa

Think of the bathroom at the best hotel you’ve stayed in. Picture marble tiles, a roll top bath, and a walk-in shower with hundreds of jets and nozzles. There’s no reason you can’t have your own luxury bathroom at home. If you don’t have space for a cast iron bath and a glass shower enclosure, then don’t worry; the spa experience is in the details. Install a fancy light fixture and a heated towel rail. Buy fluffy white towels, candles and bath products. Then play some relaxing music, sit back, and soak in your tub.

It’s All in the Finish

Luxury outdoor furniture and soft furnishings and accessories can instantly transform your home from drab to dreamy. Whatever your style, adding cushions, luxurious bedding, flowers and rugs, adds personality and a sense of design.

Everyone deserves to live in their dream home. And it’s easier than you think to transform your bland space into your perfect pad.

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