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Revolution Mother

Gifts to Give Your Mom Who Is a Writer


The best thing your mom will love for her birthday is definitely your ‘time’. Make it even more special with gifting her a birthday present that tells your mother how much she means to you. The best way of doing so is by picking a gift that seems just made for her. And if your mother happens to be a writer, she is sure to love unique antique gifts. You don’t want to go with last minute flowers and chocolates this year, when you have so much to choose from for a woman of words.

Antique Gifts are not always Expensive

It is not really necessary for you to spend a fortune on buying a sophisticated gift. All you will have to do is to come up with something unique and apt for her. Finding a distinctive antique gift for her has just become the easiest thing to do with Premier Gifts, which offers “perfect gifts for that perfect someone.” Its unmatched quality and intricately designed items with the perfect antique appearance come at the most reasonable rates too.

Bring out the classic writer in her

What can be a better gift for a writer than a classy pen? Looks like a faux pas? Give a vintage twist to it by giving her a writer’s palette. A beautiful antique looking palette with a French finish is what you need. You have wooden styluses with brass nibs, just like the ones used by the classic writers of yore. Pick one that comes with hand made porcelain ink cups, having different colours of ink, for her to add some hues to her writings. This could be a perfect gift for a creative mind.

For a bookworm mom

Having a writer mom is equal to having heaps of books around the home. A unique antique gift would be book ends with an old French vintage look. Picking bookends with a antique appearance will add a touch of antiquity to her room. Celestial and terrestrial globes on the sides that resemble the ones found in the 16th century adorn this bookend, making it an absolutely sought after piece.

Light-up her life

Remember ancient surveyor’s tripod lamps you saw in period films? Not a surveyor though, but your mom does need a lamp for the evenings she spends exploring her creativity. Gift her handcrafted lamp that stands on a tripod from online gift store like Premier Gifts. You can even choose this classy lamp in a black and ivory combination or you can even pick a traditional wood and brass tripod.

The best part about these antique gifts for her, other than being just perfect for your writer-mom, is that you don’t really have to learn the art of picking antiques from auctions and sales. These look as unique and beautiful as the rare age old antiques from the past.

If you are looking for some more options other than writing inspiring gifts then you can also check out these amazing birthday gift ideas for your mom. You will find a lot of options there that I am sure you would love to gift your mom.

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