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Top Tips for Long Train Journeys with Children


Many parents might curb to the idea of holidaying with kids and dread how long journeys on a train might make go mad. But if planned out properly and thoughtfully you can turn long, tiring train journeys into a fun and interesting adventure eventually creating an enriched experience. While travelling with the whole family, opting for rail can be a safe, affordable and comfortable choice if planned in advance.

There are several factors, which have created long train journeys fun, interactive and exciting. Thanks to games, family-friendly seating, picnics and several things to see through the window as the train journeys through luscious hills, meadows, villages and much more. Here are some tips to consider making your next train journey fun and engaging:

Waiting at the Station

  1. Promote your child’s natural curiosity

Begin your train journey by installing a sense of adventure and exciting exploration in your child. Make an effort to reach the station a little early before the train arrives so that your children can explore the station, look at big signs, look at trains that arrive and depart, check the tracks, catch on some quality time with you while they sit on benches and wait for the train.

  1. Include Fun Approaches In Order to Keep Children Close & Safe

It is unlikely children will listen to you if you scream and shout at them to stay close to you. Use friendlier and innovative approaches to practice safety. For instance, Heather Greenwood Davis of Globetrotting Mama suggests the ‘sandwich rule.’ This includes the parents to act as the bread and the kids can choose the filling they want to be. In this way, parents can make their children understand that the filling always remains within the bread.

During Your Train Journey

  1. Bring along fun and entertaining indoor games

Provide a variety of fun and engaging activities to your children so that they do not get bored easily. Games such as Uno, regular deck of cards, puzzles in zip-loc bags, board games such as scrabble, game of life, articulate and many others all are great options to pack with you.

  1. Be considerate to other passengers

Always remember that while travelling in a train it includes shared space. Therefore, make sure that your children maintain quietness and avoid creating tantrums during any game or activity. You can also carry a laptop and headphones and let each child take their own turn to play online games or watch movies.

Eating & Drinking During the Journey

  1. Pack a Picnic

Although train journeys have food available on board, but it is an affordable option to pack lunch for your children and yourself. Plus you can include having a picnic as one of the activities on the train, which will keep your children entertained and engaged. Packing a lunch for the trip allows you to include healthier options for your children.

  1. Book in Advance for a Table

While travelling with the whole family it always safe to plan well in advance and book your train ticket early, this will not only save money but also give you the option to select a table for groups of 4 so that your family remains together on board and not in separate rooms and tables.

Travelling Overnight

  1. Select a Sleeper Train

If you plan to travel overnight, consider selecting sleeper train that have sleeping compartments or couchettes for a comfortable and smooth journey during the night.

  1. Book Sleeper Compartments or Sole Occupancy

This is only possible if you book in advance. It is always best to book an extra ticket to avoid the single-gender rule so that you can experience more privacy, room and fewer disturbances while on your journey.

At Your Destination

  1. Be Prepared to Leave

Make sure that all your belongings are packed before you reach your stop. It can be chaotic when you start packing everything while the train nears the station, you might also miss the stop if you don’t get off on time. Get the children prepared and ask them to help you with the packing.

  1. Countdown to your Destination

Have a map or itinerary printed beforehand so that you can point out the fun things to do along the way as you countdown the stations on your journey.

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