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Tips For Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Child

When it comes to creating a bedroom for your child, it can sometimes be hard to know how to go about it. No matter how old your child is, their bedroom is their own personal retreat. So it is important that it is a place that they love and are happy to spend time in.

If you want your child to sleep in their own bed, instead of your bed, it’s also important that they feel safe in their bedroom. In can be hard knowing the best way to go about decorating your child’s bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be.


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To help make decorating your child’s bedroom easier, here are our top tips:

Opt for a themed room

Kids love having themed bedrooms, from football to Frozen bedrooms, all kids love a theme room. Even though you might think that you know your child’s favourite theme, it’s always best to ask them first.

Sit down together and ask them what type of bedroom they would like. Ask them directly whether they would like a themed bedroom, and see what they respond. Sometimes kids can be crazy about a TV show or character, but don’t want them plastered all over their walls.

Instead of opting for traditional wallpaper, consider using contact paper instead. It’s a form of wallpaper that can be easily, applied to walls and taken down, without leaving marks on the wall. This is ideal if your child is likely to change their mind about the type of bedroom they want, as it makes it easier to change the design.

Give your child space to be creative

If your child loves to be creative, make sure that you give them a space to do that. Adding a giant chalkboard to your child’s room is the perfect way to allow them to get as creative as they like.

You could fix a chalkboard to the wall, or you could paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. That way, your child can draw as much as they want, and will never run out of room.

Make their bed comfortable

Don’t make the mistake of buying your child a novelty bed, as they aren’t always comfortable. Plus, your child will probably grow out of it incredibly quickly. It’s better to buy a simple single bed, and use bed linen to brighten it up.

As well as thinking about the bed you want to get your child for their new room, it’s also important that you get them a new mattress. There are various companies you can buy mattresses from, but one of the best is John Ryan Contemporary. This is because there are various mattress types and sizes to choose from. The more comfortable your child’s bed is, the more likely they are to sleep in it all night.

Incorporate lots of storage

Children have lots of toys and other bits and bobs, and so, they need lots of storage. That’s why it’s so important that you incorporate lots of storage into their bedroom; this can be built-in or added in.

Creating the perfect bedroom for your child can be tricky. However, by following the tips and ideas in this guide, you can make it easier for yourself.


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