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Tips for Saving Money on Your Monthly Bills

There are so many things you need to take care of and manage as a parent. You need to look after your children, provide clothes, food and other important items for your children, including arranging for their education, whether you send them to school or educate them at home. You also need to fulfil your marital/relationship responsibilities, go to work and look after your home. arrange schooling for your children, go to work, look after the home. All of these responsibilities, although hard at times, are all part of the deal of being a parent and member of a family.

However, there are parts of owning a home or even renting and being the adults in a family that, although necessary, are tedious and can be quite stressful. One of those is the monthly bills you always have to stay on top of. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t pay quite as much? Well, in the following post we are going to give you some great tips for shaving those bills a little.

Bundle Your Internet and TV Together

A big percentage of your monthly spending undoubtedly goes on your television and internet packages. You could save some money, if you haven’t already, by bundling your television and internet packages together. Many companies offer savings when you take out more than one service with them.

Assess How Much Water Your Household Consumes

Another huge part of your monthly or even yearly expenditure will undoubtedly be your water consumption. Although there is no way of avoiding having to pay this bill, there are a number of things you can do to reduce it. This includes:

  • Avoid leaving your taps running to rinse dishes
  • Don’t use your toilet as a waste bucket, as each time you flush you are wasting between five and seven gallons of water, for smaller pieces or trash and tissues
  • Be careful with how often you use your dishwasher, if you have one

Consider Switching Your Telephone Services

Telephone bills, in a similar way to the above, often can contribute to those costly monthly bills. If you think your telephone bills therefore, are what’s keeping you in the red, you need to look for alternatives to your current contract. is a service that provides you with both local and international phone calls to mobiles and landlines from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. More than 40 countries are currently supported for the service. The only downside we can see with this is that calls are restricted to just four minutes at a time, but you are able to make new calls every 10 minutes. Plus, there’s the fact that they are completely free.

Check Your House for Problem Areas

It is much more effective, both in terms of the actual process and the cost, to solve and fix a problem, rather than paying to repair it when it gets worse. It is therefore a good idea to check your property for any weak spots. The windows are a great place to start, as windows that have damaged or cracked seals can allow heat to escape your home and cause you to pay for energy you aren’t even benefiting from. It is also a good idea to check for draughts around doors and other cracks and damages to walls.

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