Stop the Excuses: Finally, a Family Planner That Works!

Do you find it hard to keep a track of everything you and your family need to do over the course of a week or month? Perhaps all it takes for you to get off track with any schedule you design is one missed appointment or the kids feeling ill and being off school for a day. While you may think this is only a problem you and your own family are experiencing, take heart to understand that this actually happens to everyone.

No one’s perfect and no family made up of imperfect people are ever going to get it 100% right 100% of the time. You need to have reasonable expectations. But, if you are really interested in being more in control of your life and having a schedule that works, the company My Organiza may have the perfect product for you. The Magnetic Fridge Calendar, Chore Chart, and Chalkboard Family Set.

What is the Magnetic Fridge Calendar, Chore Chart, and Chalkboard Set?

This is an incredibly practical and easy-to-use scheduling tool that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. It is basically a three-in-one planner for your whole family, that can be stuck on your fridge doors along with the magnetic chalk markers, so you never lose them or have no excuses that you or your kids forgot about particular plans, appointments, or anything else.

Let’s look at each component separately.

  • 6 Full Weeks Calendar Planner – a calendar is a must for any busy household where different individuals have different appointments, play dates, study sessions, school, work, socializing, and other activities. Rather than featuring pre-determined time slots, it is just left blank with 31 squares to fill in with all the details of what your family is up to over 6 weeks. In each slot, there is also enough room for everyone and because it comes with five different colored chalk markers, so everyone in the whole family can be assigned a color.
  • Zero Excuse Chore Chart – It is so easy to avoid doing the things you should be doing, whether it’s around the house, in the garden, or something else. Rather than just amble along aimlessly, why not add a touch of accountability to your plans with this chart. It has space for all the chores that need to be completed.
  • Catch The Rest Black Blackboard – For everything else you need to know from a day to day or week to week basis, there is this excellent blackboard. When you have a family, it’s not always so easy to just tick boxes or do things in a specific way. Sometimes things happen, plans change and when things go awry, then you can use the chalkboard to note reminders, messages for members of the family, or even just a quick shopping list as you are looking in the fridge. This is possibly the best dry erase board for fridge door use we have come across.


Although it’s true not everything in life goes exactly the way you want it to, especially when you are in a family. However, when you have sufficient plans in place and make use of an effective aid like this magnetic three-in-one time-saving chart, you reduce the chances of things ever completely derailing.