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Reasons to Spring Clean You Hadn’t Thought About

With springtime in full swing, have you started cleaning your home? There are many great reasons for giving your house a good clear out and clean just before summer. The decluttering and clearing out of rubbish can allow you to make better use of the space available in your home, while also helping you to have a clearer mind. If you intend on putting your house up for sale any time soon, a good deep, spring clean can help improve the kerb appeal of your property and encourage greater interest.

These are the most common reasons for spring cleaning your home, you were probably aware of already. There are, also a number of other benefits you can get from putting the effort in to give your London property a deep clean – that revolve around pest control, explains Mickala from Best Pest Control.

Sealing Entry Points

While you spring clean and declutter your home, it makes sense to check the structural quality of the property. Checking the doors and windows in your, gives you the opportunity to identify any gaps that are ideal entry points for small pests. Sealing these gaps is generally very easy and just involves using caulk to fill in the gaps.

Eliminate Attractive Leaks

Most pests that enter your home uninvited, need to find water so they survive long enough to bug you. If there are any leaks in your home, they are likely to find them before you. Unless, as part of your spring cleaning schedule you make time to go around and inspect all the water pipes and sources for any leaks. Even if you can’t find the leak itself, you can find the effects of the leak in the form of built up moisture on the walls, ceiling, and flooring around those sources of water.

Removal of Sources of Food

If you are not in the habit of wrapping up opened food containers and packets, it may be time you started. Open food containers and boxes are like a huge jackpot for hungry pests. Ants and rodents are particularly bad for finding ingenious ways of getting to open food sources.

When you are doing spring cleaning, therefore, it is vital you deal with any opened packets, boxes, and containers. Get rid of the old and out of date stuff and use lidded containers instead or bags that can be easily clipped or sealed shut.

Removing Clutter Means Removing Hiding Places

Pests love cluttered houses, because there are lots of places for them to take up residency without being found. Insects and small rodents like mice and rats find these kinds of areas especially appealing.  When you are spring cleaning, do you take the time to go through any piles of old magazines or boxes with an assortment of items that haven’t been looked at in months?

When you do, you will not only benefit from a tidier and less chaotic household, but one that is not potentially the new home for unwanted animals.

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