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Safe-proofing your child’s room

When you’re decorating your child’s room, it’s not only design and comfort that you need to keep in mind. As they get a bit older, they’ll be spending a lot of their time in their bedroom, very often unsupervised. This stage between toddler and teen is when they gain real independence, but to give yourself some peace of mind – it’s best to continue to safe-proof the space to a reasonable level and here are some basic tips for doing just that:

Think carefully when deciding where to put the bed

It’s easy to prioritise other factors such as maximising space or whether there will be enough room for a bed side table, but safety is paramount. Don’t place it near the window, where it becomes within climbing distance. You never know when an excitable boy and his friends will want to experiment with throwing action figures out the window, so put in some means of prevention in now. Never put a bed directly next to a radiator, or below a shelf or unit that they could hit their head on or knock things off.

Secure windows

Back to windows, if possible it’s best to fix them with latches that prevent them from opening fully.

Avoid heavy pictures or mirrors

Some framed pictures can be quite hefty and it’s nice to start adding some personal touches when they’re old enough to have a favourite pop star or film. However, hanging them above a bed or in other areas under which your child might sit could result in a nasty accident if it were to fall. The same goes for mirrors or any other hanging feature.

Secure freestanding units

Tall, heavy furniture should be attached to the wall using anti-toppling devices like fixing brackets. A chest of drawers may seem sturdy but if someone is feeling mischievous and pulls out every drawer, it’s thrown off balance and can easily topple. A small wardrobe with its doors flung can present the same risk.

You may be thinking ahead for ways to adapt your toddler’s room, or perhaps you’ll be starting from a fresh canvas in one of the brand new home developments in Winchester. Either way, it is important to ensure your child is safe in their bedroom.

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