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Hobbies for mums to relax and to fill their spare time


For new mothers the concept of having spare time to spend on hobbies and interests of your own can seem absurd. The good news is that as children grow older, start school and most importantly, become more independent; you will have much more time spare time.

In fact, many mums soon realise that they have more time on their hands than they have ever experienced before and some struggle, at first, to find ways to fill the hours between cleaning away breakfast and preparing tea.

If you are starting to notice that you have more spare time but cannot decide what you should be doing with it, here are some suggestions from some experienced mothers who have devoted decades of their lives to mastering the arts of pottering around, pursuing hobbies, socialising and generally keeping busy when there is little to do.

Be sociable

The most important first step is to become social early. Many mums have a very active social live when their children first start play school and go to primary school, however, as children become independent many mums find that their social networks start to wane.

To overcome this, arrange coffee mornings with old friends; start by hosting one yourself. Rather than buying in products, bake some cakes and bread for the home cafe party and learn to make real coffee with a grinder and espresso or filter machine. Hopefully, other mums will offer to do the same in following weeks and you will soon have something to occupy a whole day.

Evenings are often hardest for women; men have their pubs and many are happy to take a solitary walk to the local pub to sip ale all evening and chat with other locals. Many women find greater pleasure in joining social clubs such as the Women’s Institute, where ladies gather together to talk, discuss current affairs, teach each other crafts and sometimes receive guest speakers from all walks of life.

For an evening that is similar to a pub atmosphere but still has a focus on the social aspect, which women are in need of a trip to the bingo is a fantastic idea. Many women meet up with old friends at the bingo each week for some socialising. Some women that can’t or prefer not to go out use online bingo sites such as Mirror Bingo to get their weekly bingo fix.

There are fewer traditional bingo halls these days and many women live too far away from one to visit regularly. If you cannot get along to a bingo hall you should check out, the games are great fun and there is opportunity to chat to other bingo fans. Many younger mums are already using online bingo rooms to relax and pass the time; this really is a great place to meet like-minded people.

Pursuing hobbies such as playing Mirror Bingo can be a rewarding social activity. If you have spare time on your hands use it to follow old creative interests. Whether it is writing, art, embroidery, music or making crafts, there are many cheap courses on offer where you can learn with like-minded people and make some new friends.

The key to filling your time is to find several different things to do with a variety of people. Weekly visits to relatives, attending craft classes, taking the time to read favourite books and taking more time over cooking delicious meals and cakes will all quickly fill your time. Before you know it, you will feel rushed off your feet again!

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