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Lesser Known Sink Solutions for Smaller Bathrooms


If you want to maximise space in a smaller bathroom, you’ve probably already been told to install a pedestal sink, but what if you just don’t want one? Luckily, there are plenty of other sink solutions which will help your bathroom feel twice the size. Here are just a few.

Install a Corner Sink

Pedestal sinks are perfect for freeing up floor space, but they can still project a little too much to make walking through your bathroom easy. If that’s going to be a problem, you can always pick a corner sink instead. This will be out of the way, and corners often make more effective locations for storage since larger shelves can be installed from wall to wall without breaking up the space too much.

Opt for a Trough Sink

Pedestal and corner sinks might not be your style, especially since they’re more suited to traditional designs. You still have plenty of options, though, and one of them is installing a trough sink. These are long and thin, and work wonderfully in tight spaces. As well as fitting into confined bathrooms with ease, their elongated appearance helps make the room itself feel larger. Trough sinks generally work well with modern, minimalist styles.

Fit Wall-Mounted Taps

Fixing the faucets to the wall means that you can opt for a narrow sink, with the edge coming right up to the wall itself. This is a design choice usually made for modern bathrooms, but it works well with any style. You’ll also find the sink easier to clean without having to work around taps.

Choose Options with Round Corners

Whatever type of sink you choose, try to find one with corners which are as rounded as possible. This will help provide the room with a more flowing appearance, but it also makes it harder to injure yourself. Tight spaces and hip-high sharp corners do not typically make for unbruised bodies, so look for rounded styles as much as you can.

When it comes to sinks for small bathrooms, there a plenty of ways to make the right choice. Take this guide into account, and you’ll swear your bathroom stretched itself out overnight


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