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5 Considerations for Renting Photo Booths


Image by: Sara Shuman

Like all other mums, we wanted to have keepsakes of special events like birthday parties, get-togethers and other family occasions. And, photos would surely serve as the best keepsake. But, if you’re too busy making things go smoothly, the best option might be to hire someone to do the job for you – like a photo booth.

If you’re thinking of using a photo booth at a special family event, and why wouldn’t you? They’re perfect for all sorts of functions and it’s safe to say most people like them. Before you go on and hire one though, take a moment to plan for it. There are a few things about your event which you should consider before renting a photo booth, to make the whole thing work out properly.

In general, everything is in the very capable hands of whoever you hire the booth from, but helping them prepare adequately for the event will make everything work out perfectly. Here are five things to consider when hiring a photo booth.

  1. Think about the guests.

An event that is only catering for about ten people might have no need for a photo booth. Even if it is affordable, the difference between the photo booth being a memory maker and it being an elephant in the room, is definitely made up by the number of people who are available to use it. Sure, it will be fun for about ten minutes, but if that’s all the use you’re going to get out of it then what is the point, really? With photo booths, the old saying of ‘the more the merrier’ stands true. It’s a hit at parties, not gatherings. Also, if your guests are expected to get unruly and smash the thing, have it packed away at a certain point in the evening, the equipment within them is very expensive.

  1. How much space do you have?

Since the booths are not camera men with legs, they’re not overly portable. But then they are booths so they’re not supposed to be. You could check every shop for photo booth hire in Sydney and not find a very portable one, there just aren’t any; but that would be missing the point, they’re booths. If it can’t fit inside, can it go outside? If you weren’t otherwise planning on using the outside, there’s always a chance the photo booth will just get left alone outdoors like the only smoker at the party.

There are open planned booths available as well, they’re slightly more portable, take up a little less space and are great for outdoor events. Consider how many photo booths you’ll be using. If it’s a corporate event, you could end up needing a few. If this is the case, make certain your venue can accommodate them, they are quite big.

  1. What type of venue is your event at?

Are you having it indoors or during night time? It doesn’t matter. Most photo booths come with high tech flashes and other gadgetry to sort all of that out for you. Is it outside, however, consider the weather, is it near water? I think what I’m saying here is that, like a gremlin, it shouldn’t get wet. Also what about power points, where can you plug the booth in where it will still be visible and accessible to your guests. If you’re linking the photo booth up to the internet for social networking reasons (yes they can do that) you’ll want to make sure there is a reliable internet connection at the venue.

  1. The duration of your event.

Photo booths are stalwart and don’t bore easily, because they’re not people. It doesn’t matter how long your event is taking, hours or days, the booth will tire slower than the camera guy, and your guests will tire of the photo booth slower than they do the camera guy too. They’re great for weddings which generally take the whole day and go long into the evening. You can get Nan’s polite wishes for the future at 12pm and then her less edited opinion of marriage later at 12am. They will happily stay and snap your event all day long if they have to.

  1. The theme of the event.

This particularly refers to events like your kid’s birthday party. By default, photo booths usually come with the rental company’s’ branding on them and are a standard, boxy design. But there’s no need to accept that if you don’t want to. You can get a fully customised booth based on the theme of your party. You could kit it out in white and doves for a wedding, or make it glittery for a get-together. You can even use the photo booths to make theme appropriate souvenirs and memorabilia.

Photo booths are wonderfully customisable and great for giving any event a personal touch, so if you can use this to your advantage, you definitely should.

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