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Keepsakes from Your Wedding

Wedding on a Ranch

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. While it will always stay fresh in your mind, there will be certain keepsakes that you will want to save so you can look at them and think of your wedding day. These keepsake items can vary, depending on your wedding ceremony and your tastes. No matter what keepsakes you choose to keep from your wedding day, it is important to care for them properly so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Photographs And Videos

Photographs and videos of your wedding ceremony will be some of your most treasured possessions someday. These reminders are some of the most popular things saved from weddings. Hiring a professional photographer and videographer to capture the ceremony and special moments during your wedding or reception will ensure their quality. Store your photos in albums or display them in frames on your walls.

Wedding Dress And Accessories

Many brides save their wedding dresses and have them preserved so they last longer and can be displayed or stored long-term. Other accessories that make good wedding keepsakes include garters, cuff links, jewelry and wedding veils. You can have these items professionally preserved and displayed, so they always look their best. Many women save their wedding dresses and pass them down to their daughters or granddaughters to wear at their own weddings.

Most couples make a CD of their favorite songs to play at their weddings. You may someday want to listen to that music or play it for your children or friends. You may decide to make your own CD or have one made by a DJ. By saving your wedding music as a keepsake, you can hold on to a special part of your wedding for many years. You can make several copies of your CD in case you are afraid that you might damage or lose the original.

Guest Book

If you want to remember all of the people who attended your wedding or reception, you can place a guest book at the ceremonies. Guests will write their names and sometimes contact information in the book. You can look back on the book and remember everyone who attended your wedding. Many people keep their wedding guest books as a keepsake and either store it in a safe place until they want to look at it or display it, like on a coffee table, for everyone to see and enjoy.

You will put a lot of time, money and emotion into your wedding day. While you will never forget that special day, it will be nice to have a few keepsakes that you can look at, watch, or listen to whenever you want to reminisce about your wedding ceremony. You may choose to save one of these popular keepsake items, or you may have different things that you want to keep as a memory of your wedding day. Regardless of what items you choose, make sure they are properly cared for, preserved, protected and stored, so you will always have them in their original condition. You may some day choose to pass your wedding keepsakes on to your children or grandchildren for their wedding day(s).

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