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Revamp Your Child’s Room With These Awesome Decorating Ideas

One of the main reasons for not investing in an expensive nursery is that it won’t be long before baby grows up. And when they grow, they are likely to want to redecorate. Quite possibly with a pen, paints and other substances I don’t want to think about plastered all over the walls when you aren’t looking.

It’s at this point that you probably want think about giving their room a makeover. But, having been stung before, how can you make their room nice, but safe from their artistic desires? This little guide should help.


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Get Them Involved

All children draw on walls – it’s an essential part of their development. However, getting them involved with decorating can help them to understand the differences between a nice room and some random scribbles. It’s important to put them at the heart of the process. Take them with you when you are looking for new furniture, or ask them what colours they like. By giving them ownership, you are also giving them responsibility. Hopefully, they will embrace it!

Painting Or Wallpaper?

The choice of paint or paper all depends on how old your child is when you redecorate. There is little point in splashing out on another expensive roll of paper if you suspect their graffiti days aren’t quite over. Paint is probably the better choice of the two, as they can help you when it is time to get the brushes out. They will also be fascinated by the choice of colours – although some helpful guidance may be needed here!


Lighting tends to be forgotten when theming and designing a child’s new room. This is odd because the right brightness in the right places can give it such a lift. Think about dimmer switches, too, especially if your child struggles with the dark. If you live in a warm home, think about installing a fan alongside your lights to keep your little one cool during the summer. Kichler light fixtures could be a good idea here. Some of them they come with inbuilt fans and their designs will still look nice as your child grows up and, inevitably, paints the walls black when they hit their teenage years.

Wall Stickers

There is a huge range of amazing wall stickers that are every exciting for young children. You can stick up trees for a forest effect, or even go for a group of animals that will, without a doubt, be a source for many imaginary games. Stencils are another good idea and it will be a lot of fun painting over them with the little ones. You never know, you might have the next Banksy on your hands.


And now, the boring bit. Storage is so important, and without it, all your lovely work will be ruined in a single rainy afternoon. Go for bright colours or animal shapes to try and entice your child into the art of tidying. The earlier you encourage tidiness, the less work there will be for you in the future, and the more relaxed your home environment will be.

Have a great time redecorating your child’s room with them!

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