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Healthy Meats Your Family Should Eat

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Eating healthy does take planning, but when you make good choices about your protein, you can feel good about what you eat. Here are some healthy options that you can add to your diet for better nutrition, lower fat, and fewer calories. Make sure to cook them in a healthy manner with less sodium and oils, but lots of flavor from herbs and spices.

Seafood Options

Salmon is a versatile fish rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. It can be quickly broiled or grilled without extra oil for a fast meal. Cook extra to take for tomorrow’s lunch because it’s also very tasty when served cold on a salad. The American Heart Association states that shrimp and crayfish may have more cholesterol than other types of fish, but they are a good choice because they have less saturated fat than most meats or poultry.

Tuna offers high protein, vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids. Like salmon, it can be grilled or broiled. Tuna is often served raw, as in sushi, but make sure you get it from a reputable fishmonger who knows that you won’t be cooking it. Children and pregnant women are cautioned against eating a lot of tuna, because it may contain methylmercury, a neurotoxin that can be harmful to the brain and nervous system.

Red Meat Options

According to Berkel Sales and Service, just because you’re trying to eat healthier, doesn’t mean you have to give up red meat. A filet mignon is very lean cut of meat that is also very tender and contains nutrients like iron that you need. Buffalo is another red meat that is very lean. With only 84 calories and less than two grams of fat per three ounce serving, you can indulge without feeling guilty.

A pork tenderloin stacks in at 122 calories for a three ounce serving with only 3 grams of fat. If you’re looking for deli meat, go for lean roast beef. Check the sodium content on the package. It might be as high as 25% or more. Ostrich is the only red meat endorsed by the American Diabetes Association. It is lower in fat grams than even skinless white meat like chicken or turkey. A three ounce serving offers 97 calories, 22 grams of protein, and only three grams of fat. It’s high in iron, making it a delicious component of a healthy diet.


According to Berkel Sales and Service (, turkey may be the national bird at Thanksgiving, but it can be part of a healthy diet year-round. A three ounce portion of white meat, no skin has only three grams of fat, 135 calories, and vitamins B3 and B6. Just like with red meat, if you’re purchasing pre-cooked meat, check the sodium content. White meat chicken has only a few more calories at 140 per three ounce serving.

Other Lean Protein Sources

Quinoa is sometimes referred to as a grain, but it’s actually a seed. It has 8 grams of protein per cup, with other essential amino acids that your body requires.  Two cups of beans have around 25 grams of protein, without added fat or cholesterol. If you’re using canned beans, rinse them before heating them up and they’ll taste better. You’ll be adding fiber to your system. Tofu is another protein source that adds nutrients without piling on calories and fat. One slice of tofu has around 55 calories with only two grams of fat.

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