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Get More Out Of Your Garage

A garage used to be a kind of afterthought. It was something that would be tacked onto the side of a house. Its uses were functional. It was where you parked the car. If it was bigger perhaps it incorporated a workbench. Tools were stored in it and that was about it. These days garages have become ever more closely linked to the house in more ways than one.



A garage today is virtually another room in your house. There’s a lot you can do to utilize your garage as a family friendly space, as well as using it for many other purposes. So whether you are refurbishing your property or building from scratch, here are some great ideas for getting the most out of your garage.

Thinking about the floor.

At its heart a garage is still the prime space for vehicle or boat storage. So you’ll want your floor surface to be functional and easy to clean. At the same time, as you’ll be using the floor for any number for projects, it will make sense to have a good smooth and level platform. A good self-levelling concrete finish on the floor should be acceptable. Polishing the floor will give you an ultra smooth result. Ideally any garage floor will be at the same level as the house. This will make the transition and moving of objects easier and smoother.

Open up the possibilities

Have a think about how a garage could incorporate other functions. For example it could take on the role of your utility room. Washing machines, sinks and dryers can easily be incorporated into the space. That means you may well be able to free up space inside the house. Other items that work well inside a garage area include freezer and spare fridge options. Again using the garage for this function frees up space inside the kitchen.

Apart from the obvious tool and bench facilities, have you thought about creating a spare room or space for hobbies in the back of the garage? If you have the space it might be practical to erect a stud wall and make a separate room. This space could make an ideal home office, or used for any number of activities.

Due to their functional nature, garages have in the past been sidelined as cold spaces. But there is no reason why a garage could not be insulated and even heated to some degree. Wall insulation simply means erecting a simple timber stud on the inside wall and lining it. As soon as you have created an effective barrier to the outside wall, the area will instantly become warmer.

Storage solutions

As the garage tends to be the leftover area, it can quickly become cluttered and difficult to negotiate. Using clever storage solutions on the ceiling and walls can take a lot of pressure off the area, allowing it to be a more functional space. For instance, both kayak and mountain bikes can be stored effectively on wall racks. These are easy and quick to install.

Getting in and out.

The modern garage also lends itself to a side entrance to the house. Therefore you want to ensure that it is secure. As the garage effectively is seen as a part of the house, it is essential to ensure that it visually integrates with the rest of the building. Stylish and secure garage entrances by Silvelox, are a great compliment to any house and garage design.

Garage doors have come along way from the sparse metal pull up and push down varieties of previous decades. It is now possible to have design incorporated with security. This means that you can have a garage that looks visually stunning as well as offering you security and peace of mind.

As the garage becomes an entrance in its own right, it makes sense to consider having a pedestrian door incorporated into your design. That will make it much more convenient to use. You won’t have to open the entire garage up to have access to the house.

Space above

If you are looking at building a garage then it makes sense to think how you could incorporate any space above it into your design. It might be possible after all, to add another floor and link that area back into the house. That could give you further living and sleeping areas. They could even become separate and self contained accommodation in their own right. You could form a guest unit or even fulfil the romantic idea of a garret above the garage. Perfect for the budding artist in the family.

With a little bit of forethought and planning, it can be possible to turn the idea of a garage around. Whether you are renovating or designing a new build, your garage could offer you a myriad of fascinating possibilities.


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