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Money Saving And Heat Efficiency Benefits Of Modern Electric Radiators


As autumn and winter approaches with its colder temperatures, it is time to turn the heating on that you probably left off for most of the summer months.  However, it may be that you are actually thinking of changing the way you heat your home, either because of the cost of your current system or because of its ineffectiveness.  Could electric heaters be the answer?  In the following article we will look at how at the benefits of modern storage heaters, despite the misconceptions you may have heard about this type of heating.

Larger Surface Area For Better Heating Capacity

Most people tend to think that all electric heaters are the same and that they are all 100% efficient.  However, compare something like a 1 kW steam iron with a 1 kW heater.  They both have the same level of heat, but if you try to warm up a room with a heater and then an iron, although they will both cost the same to run, because the surface area of the heater is larger, it is better at heating the room.

Targeted Heating

Have you ever noticed a draught in your house somewhere and not been able to find its source.  It could be that a radiator you have is either in the wrong place or is the wrong size.  As a general tip, no room should have a part that is over 13 ft away from some form of heat.

Though you may think that central heating solves this problem; there are downsides.  Unless you spend the whole day and night adjusting each and every radiator in your home, the thermostat(normally located somewhere central like your hallway) is what controls the temperature of all the radiators.  This means that often there will be radiators in bedrooms during the day that are heating them and costing you more money than necessary, if you spend most of the day in your kitchen and living room

With this in mind it makes more sense to have separate storage heaters from West Country Heating.  That way, as there is no need for a thermostat,you can just heat the rooms that you are in when you are in them.

Cost Effective Heating

Although when you compare electric radiators to mains gas, you find that gas costs less initially; things look a bit different when you examine the cost over time.  Gas boilers need to be replaced every 10 years, which is not particularly cheap and even before that they need to be regularly maintained and serviced which also can cost a lot of money as time goes on.

In addition, when you look at how much heat is lost from the flue in gas heating systems and the general inefficiency of gas boilers, you see how much better electric storage heaters are.  If you do choose West Country Heating, when you are given a heating survey of your home you will also be shown how to properly read your energy bill and how you can save money b 20% and how to keep it low.  This is obviously of great interest as most people have difficulty reading energy bills because they are laid out in a complicated fashion.

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