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Revolution Mother

Clean Out the Clutter and Make Some Money


The thought of cleaning out some clutter passes through our minds every spring but getting it done isn’t always as simple as it might first appear.

If the thought of spring cleaning your home isn’t as enticing as it should be maybe you need to find a way of making some money while clearing out your unwanted stuff.

Sell Your Old Phones

One of the easiest ways to earn some cash with your clutter is by selling any old mobile phones you have lying around. The recent amazing advances in technology mean that many of us now have a number of older generation mobiles lying around that we no longer use. Instead of just leaving them in a cupboard or wherever, you can sell them online and get some money for them. Sites like make it easy to cash in your old phones quickly and without any fuss at all. Even if you have a broken or really old phone there is nothing to stop you getting some money for it as well as clearing out some space. Why not check around and see what unwanted mobiles are lurking around your house while you give it a spring clean?

Sell Your Old Clothes

You unwanted mobile phones aren’t the only things you can sell online as you carry out your spring clean this year. It is also possible to get rid of some old clothes in this way too. You could start off by putting an advert on a classified ads site, to see if you get any takers in that way. Otherwise, you could look for a site where they simply buy the garments off you for a set price. This could also give you the perfect excuse to have to buy some new clothes for the warmer weather on its way. It is easy to build up a big collection of old clothes without even trying, which makes is more difficult to add new items to your wardrobe. Selling some will get you some extra space as well as bring in some money, so what’s not to like?

Find Old Music and Videos      

As strange as it might seem, the old music and videos that are taking up space in your home could be worth a decent amount of money. Of course, you need to be really lucky to find a rare collectible item worth a fortune. However, even if you get a more modest amount for each item it could soon add up. For instance, a lot of people now collect old vinyl records and pay decent money for them. If you have a pile of them that you have no intention of ever listening to again then why not sell them? You might want to do some research first of all, just in case any of the records you own is worth serious money. The same applies to video tapes, although it could be that they increase in value over time as they become ever scarcer.

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